Just after the official announced that he had been married for a month, the spoiled wife collapsed! The whole network is loving his wife.
Just after the official announced that he had been married for a month, the spoiled wife collapsed! The whole network is loving his wife.
Now that you have set up a "good man", you should prove yourself with your actions.

what are the most popular male stars in the entertainment industry?

the answer cannot escape the word "good man".

if you are a married male star, it is even simpler: a good husband and a good father, double blessing is enough.

but it is also the most likely to collapse a house.

some time ago, du Chun suddenly opened the mode of crazy show of love.

there are several hot terms in a row, and the image of a good husband and father appears on the paper.

but the reaction of netizens is quite different from this sweet atmosphere--

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"speechless, show all day long, the more you show, the less you like."

"Please erase the previous history before you set up a new person, will you?"

"how dare you buy this kind of hot search and brag yourself and laugh to death, as if we don't know anything?"


watching him rise a tall building, watching his building collapse.

which step did du Chun take on the road of "becoming a good man"?

on January 1, 2021, the official announced his marriage.

in February, when du Chun broadcast the Reality Show show starring his wife, Wang can stepped forward, and the two also started the husband-and-wife mode.

before and after, du Chun and Wang can put on three variety shows, and during each program, they will steadily export some "dog food."

program, du Chun looks like an "old woman slave":

give hot water to his wife to serve medicine every day;

always talk about "wife".

even with daily updates, he will stick to the theme and do a good job of cp after-sales work.

even the topic is brought by the main body, who read it without a word of effort

it can be said that he fed the "sugar" to his mouth and set up people in front of his eyes.

but netizens just can't get high, and even have the impulse to lift the table.

Why? Because we're not blind.

while pretending to be a "good man", du Chun went bungee dancing crazily on the thunderspots of netizens.

during Wang can's pregnancy, insomnia was very serious and he often had a bad rest.

du Chun ate wine and sang with his brothers late at night, and even though Wang Chan urged him several times, he was only perfunctory.

(the mystery of the ages: how long is the "moment" in a man's mouth


du Chun hardly showed up for his wife's pregnancy test, so much so that he didn't even know that his wife was at risk of giving birth prematurely.

because the shooting of the program coincided with the date of the pregnancy test, it was the first time.

basic companionship is impossible, let alone care.

he doesn't know why his wife in the third trimester took medicine and what medicine she drank.

he doesn't understand what pregnant women should and shouldn't eat.

after several times, Wang can looked helpless and had no choice but to ask du Chun to help peel an orange.

you can't take the initiative to understand your wife's needs, can you follow the instructions and act? What's more, if you peel an orange, a child can do it.

but what about du Chun? First, he refused Sanlian: "I don't like peeling oranges. I don't even eat oranges myself because I'm too lazy to peel them."

then he peeled it off reluctantly, but ate it while peeling it, and half of the orange went into his own stomach.

can someone tell me what he is doing? He tasted soy milk, Youtiao, tea eggs and oranges, but Wang can hasn't eaten anything yet.

more ironically, when Wang can said that he wanted him to create some romance, du Chun said decisively:

"it's all fake and boring."

"I am an activist, and I will tell you with my actions that I am good to you."

the so-called "activist" is to leave the wife with insomnia during pregnancy, talk about loving his wife in front of his brother and the film crew, and show his determination to spoil his wife.

the so-called "be good to your wife" means not doing any homework, accompanying your wife to the antenatal examination, but being offline all the way?

speechless choking.

whether du Chun's actions moved Wang can or not, I don't know, but he did shock netizens all year.

who gave du Chunli the courage to be a "good man"?

maybe it's a broken basic disk.

aside from those scum men who are whoring, cheating and domestic violence, what are the images of husbands we see on the big screen?

Nie Yuan in "Men who do housework 3" seems to be the "head of the family", but in fact he is not too much of a "giant baby".

Yilai reaches out his hand--

I couldn't find my clothes when I got up, so I asked my wife to help him prepare his clothes, trousers and shoes.

after going out, I found that I was wearing less, and I had to call back to blame my wife:

"are you wearing less for me?"

Open your mouth after dinner--

at ten o'clock in the morning, the wife and her mother prepared the meal, but Nie Yuan didn't wake up.

after round after round of wake-up service and repeated hot dishes, Nie Yuan still didn't wake up.

it was not until two o'clock in the afternoon that Nie Yuan sat at the table with an impatient look on his face. Facing his wife and parents-in-law, who had been waiting for him for nearly four hours, he said not "thank you" but "there is nothing to wait for."

after dinner, he left a messy table and left unrestrained.

as for housework? Occasionally washing dishes and waiting for help in a hurry can be regarded as a "good man plus point".

what's more, he has created a special set for not doing housework.Logic.

do you still remember Wei Wei KK in "Goodbye to Love"?

in his eyes, cooking is just a simple thing;

the reason why he doesn't cook is to leave this "opportunity" to his wife:

"it's not that I can't cook, what will she do if I cook?"

A cold knowledge: wives can rest.

in his heart, housework is a way for his wife to express her love to him, and he can't bear to take it away, and this is the way of love communication between the two people.

what's the reason? Love has always been two-way, there is no understanding between you and me, unilateral demand, how to talk about the exchange of love?

does his wife really feel his love? Obviously not.

and the reason why Wei Wei KK boasts that "is it so difficult to cook" is all because he has not tried to prepare three meals a day, let alone how valuable his wife's efforts are.

can really poke the pain point of the uncle is--

whether du Chun, Nie Yuan and Wei Wei KK, they are just the epitome of countless men.

when Wang can cried about his own antenatal examination, someone in the barrage shared his experience:

"I also have an antenatal examination."

"I went to the antenatal examination after 30 weeks, and that kind of feeling is really sad."

Nie Yuan and Wei Wei KK, who enjoy the care of their wives and parents-in-law, are not the "fathers", "uncles" or "husbands" around us?

it is precisely because we have seen too many "shopkeepers" that our definition of "good man" is so loose.

but the standards set by "good men" should not be so low.

Yuan Hong also took part in "Men who do housework," and Yuan Hong gave a textbook demonstration.

get up early to prepare breakfast for your wife;

take the initiative to cajole and breast-feed the baby in order to make it convenient for his wife to eat breakfast;

after breakfast, clean the table, wash the dishes and do it in one go.

from the point of view of ease, we can see that this is only Yuan Hong's basic operation.

he does not regard it as his wife's responsibility to take care of the children. He will not only do the housework in his spare time, be considerate of Zhang Xianyi, and help her relax her shoulders and neck.

will also reduce her working hours to provide support when she asks to make a comeback.

despite his mother's opposition, he did not run away, but reconciled with his wife and stood by his wife.

in every disharmonious relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law

is missing a "Yuan Hong"

Yuan Hong is not alone in cherishing his family and being considerate of his wife.

Lee Seung-hyun retired behind the scenes for 6 years, taking care of the daily life of Lucky and Qi Wei, saying that he was not a "spoiled wife demon".

GE Peihao, the father of Mengwa Xiaomi in "Daddy in charge", chose to be a full-time father for four years in order to accompany his child's growth.

with him, the audience knows that there is no need to speak in a wake-up call.

other fathers just know: it turns out that you should pay attention to wipe off the eye droppings for your children in the morning.

not all "good men" are required to be perfect, but beads are in front, and you have to be careful if you want to set up people.

is it time for a man to be crowned with honor and regarded as a "spoiled wife and good man" when he occasionally "helps" accomplish a piece of housework?

how can there be such a good thing?