It's really different who you marry.
It's really different who you marry.
In a sense, marriage is a lot like a bet.


I saw this paragraph backstage yesterday:

"Marriage, I have tried it for you. If the other half of your life makes the wrong choice, every step of the way will be wrong for the rest of your life. You will taste all the human suffering and choose a dilemma."

so it's really different to choose who to marry.


if life is a spiritual practice, then marriage is a very important part of it. If you choose to get married, then only the right person can make you get twice the result with half the effort and blossom along the way.

the wrong person may even make you doubt and disappoint the world.

so, I hope our future marriage can start with love and end well with love.

in the noisy and turbulent world, people who love each other live peacefully and grow old forever.

speaking of which, what is the experience of marrying the right person?

some time ago, Tang Yan, who had not been seen for a long time, began to appear in the public eye.

to many people's surprise, Tang Yan appears more beautiful than before, her girly feeling is more obvious, and her haunting sense of happiness is also stronger.

although she has become a wife and mother, today's sugar, like its name, is like a sweet jujube soaked in a honeypot, sweet and delicate, gentle and brilliant.

I saw many netizens say that it seems that she and Luo Jin really married the right person.

Luo Jin really loves her and protects her well.

"A woman's happiness in marriage can be seen on her face.

A happy woman, her smile is sincere and moving, and from the bottom of her heart.

it is really a particularly lucky thing in life to meet the right person, start a family with him, have children, and live a long life.

to be able to live with such a person, no matter how difficult the times are, you will have the courage and strength to move forward.

when he sees all the scenery in the world, tastes all the flavors of life, and wants to stop and have a rest for the rest of his life, he will lend you his shoulder.

someone will stand with you at dusk and ask if your porridge is warm.

everyone has a beautiful vision of marriage.

it's a pity that not everyone can get what they want and meet the person who can go to the end once they meet.

in reality, more people, their marriage is a chicken feather, such as treading on thin ice, suffering from deep misery.

in the final analysis, marriage is like a kaleidoscope. All living beings are in love. Some people love each other. Some people drive to see the sea at night, while others lose their enthusiasm in the wind.

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there is a young couple around me. They have only been married for more than a year, but there are so many situations during this period that they almost divorced several times.

A boy is an independent person, so he has to ask his parents' consent for everything.

before getting married, they agreed not to have children for nearly two years, because both sides are on the rise in their careers, and girls don't want to sacrifice their jobs in order to have children.

but the boys' parents say they are old and want to have grandchildren early.

they often quarrel about this.

Boys secretly brought back pregnancy-inducing medicines from their parents' homes several times, falsely claiming to be tonics and deceiving girls into drinking them.

not only that, boys also have no sense of responsibility and sense of responsibility, and they just avoid things.

when they got married, they didn't buy a house. The girl's parents said that if the boy's family made a down payment after marriage, they would pay all the rest of the money.

the boy promised well at first, but now more than a year has passed and there has been no movement at home.

every time he talks about this issue, he always puts off three or four things, and there are thousands of reasons why he can't come up with money.

when marriage is mixed with fuel, rice, oil and salt, when it comes to material and money, you will be better able to see the true face of your loved ones.

when you fall in love, of course, you don't have to worry about your daily life, just dress up and go on a date, but this state is always a castle in the air and unrealistic.

if you want to keep your feet on the ground, love must fall to the ground from the clouds, take root in such trivialities as one vegetable, one meal, and sleep and clothes.

can withstand ordinary daily polishing and test, two people can go farther and farther.

Marriage is, in a sense, like a bet.

and you don't know what the result will be, and you can't predict winning or losing in advance.

if the opponent is too strong, it will make you tired and out of reach.

if your opponent is too weak, it will also make you tired, because many of your ideas, as well as your ability to deal with people, are not at the same level.

when marriage becomes the destination of love, I hope you can open your eyes, stay rational and sober, and entrust the rest of your life to someone who can be trusted.

maybe his appearance is not particularly outstanding, maybe his family conditions are not particularly superior, but he is kind, mature, stable, understands and tolerates you, and pays attention to you in everything.

in the coming decades, it is most important that he will be able to love you and accompany you as always.