It's not that you have a bad life, but that the pattern is too small.
It's not that you have a bad life, but that the pattern is too small.
For the rest of my life, I will live a small life with a big pattern in mind.


have you ever had such an experience:

always feel that life is full of villains and that everything is targeted at work;

know that it is a matter of sesame and mung beans, but you can make yourself out of breath.

watching others cheering towards happiness, only I seem to be fooling around every day, but there is nothing I can do about it.

in the middle of my life, I wanted to turn my life into a poem, but it was full of chicken feathers.

do not realize that the reason why a person suffers is not that he is living a bad life, but that the pattern is too small.

most of your anxiety about life stems from the pattern gap

painter Lin Di Huan once realized when he was painting:

is not high enough, all we can see are problems; the pattern is too small, and what is entangled is trivial.

this sentence also points out the root of the more a person lives, the more passive he becomes.

writer Robert Kiyosaki has a journalist friend who is anxious because he can't sell any of the books he has written.

she said to Kiyosaki:

"obviously, the articles I wrote before are very popular with the readers, but now I can't sell the books, so I can only live a tight life holding the iron rice bowl of the newspaper."

Kiyosaki listened and advised her to study marketing. Anyone who ever thought of a female reporter was annoyed.

she accused Kiyosaki of not confusing her with the salesperson because she was a writer and how could she get involved in such a simple job.

the two broke up in discord, but Kiyosaki only felt that it was a pity that if she could enlarge the pattern and master the ability to operate the market, her own book would open a market accordingly.

Kiyosaki always believed that patterns originated from experience, so he studied international trade when he was a sailor.

when I was at Xerox, I mastered the management skills;

when giving lectures everywhere, he built a wide range of contacts.

as Kiyosaki said: "the pattern is like a chessboard crisscross, since it is a situation, we need to make overall arrangements, and the real master will never work hard, but seek new changes and break the situation through thinking."

pattern is the basic logic for a person to understand life.

people with small patterns only have broken birds and dogs in their eyes, and their life is full of meticulous efforts, following the trend, and getting more and more anxious day by day.

people with large patterns, even if they are as low as dust, can look up at the starry sky in chicken feathers, experience themselves, and grow upward.

it is the pattern gap that makes the difference between cloud and mud in life.

No one is easier than anyone in the adult world.

if you cling to the needle and thread all day, it will be as if you are facing a big enemy.

if you go on like this, you will only be trapped in an inch of land and confined to trivialities.

people with real patterns will live more and more thoroughly in life

there is a sentence in "pattern determines the ending":

"people cannot stand without a pattern, and things cannot be done without a pattern; how big the pattern is, how big the problem can be dealt with.


people will inevitably encounter a lot of difficulties in this life, and how to face it often depends on the size of the pattern.

economist Liu Run once shared one thing.

A young man cried to Liu Run about the darkest moment of his life.

it turns out that she was deliberately smeared by her competitors in the process of starting her own business and making a brand.

the other side sent a water army disguised as a customer to give bad reviews, and even tore off the formal labels of her products, affixed other irregular labels, and then took photos and posted posts, trumpeting that they were fake and shoddy products.

after listening, Liu Run advised her to say:

"if the pattern of a person is too small, it will be very difficult to tolerate people, let alone trouble. They are all petty accounts of their parents, and there is no broad increment."

compared with those who are accustomed to staying in the present and are easily entangled by appearances, people with large patterns tend to live thoroughly and freely.

even in the lowest circumstances, you can live to the highest level.

the reason is not that they are gifted or intelligent, but because they know:

instead of wasting yourself on unimportant people and things, it's better to do people well and do things right.

when you jump out of your limitations and focus on improving yourself, even thorns blossom.

in the second half of life, magnifying the pattern can change the ending

as the saying goes, the pattern determines the outcome.

the so-called pattern is the height of one's thinking, the depth of cognition, and the breadth of one's heart.

if you feel that life is getting heavier and heavier, you might as well enlarge the pattern and extricate yourself from the quagmire of life.

rational attribution, breaking through the barrier of thinking

in psychology, there is a word called "rational attribution", which comes from the attribution theory put forward by social psychologist Hyde. He believes that there are two reasons for everything:

one is the internal cause, that is, the self-cause, and the other is the external cause, that is, to find the cause from external objects or others.

people with small patterns have a single way of thinking and are used to ascribing good results to themselves and bad results to others.

or rest on their laurels, or drift with the tide, blindly complaining, unable to rushBreak your own thinking barrier.

keep reading and improve your awareness

Peter Brown, author of Cognitive Nature, once said: cognition is not only the essential difference between people, but also creates the pattern gap.

to improve the pattern, we not only need the support of thinking, but also need to keep learning and jump out of our own cognitive circle.

Bai Yansong once revealed that many years ago, in order to do a program, he could not eat well and could not sleep, and nearly collapsed.

and the last thing that got him out of trouble was reading.

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he said in a speech: "if you read too many books and read wisdom, you can always face all kinds of sudden sufferings well and correctly."

A person who does not read books is often self-righteous and difficult to break through his inherent knowledge.

only in the process of reading can we gradually find the antidote to life and solve all kinds of problems in life.

I have seen an excellent analogy: books are the stepping stone to the promotion of cognition, and knowledge is the stepping stone to magnify the pattern.

if you feel hopeless in life, don't be a pain in the neck, calm down and read.

stop internal friction and open up the inner pattern

A fable about a chicken is told in the book Rich Dad and Poor Dad.

on the farm, the animals are longing for love and basking in the sun, but the chicks keep turning around the barn, shouting: "the sky is falling, the sky is falling."

in reality, there are many alarmist people like chickens who spend all day with anxiety and self-consumption.

like the poor father in the book, he is always in a panic because of a little bit of wind from the outside world.

and rich dad dares to break the situation, constantly change himself, and gradually complete his rebellious life.

as the saying goes, the world is like a new chess game, and those who enter the game need to pay attention.

because one or two words are entangled repeatedly, one or two setbacks worry about gain and loss, and one or two unsatisfactory little things are unfounded.

over time, it is easy to fall into internal friction and lose the original expectation of life.

only by getting rid of ineffective internal friction, and then opening up the inner pattern and finding your enthusiasm for life, can you meet a better self.

Yu Qiuyu once said: "as long as the pattern of people is large, they will not sink in the trivialities of life."

in this life, there are both joys and sorrows.

people with small patterns are unhappy all the time and everywhere.

only above the pattern, all you can see is the scenery.

May you and I not only laugh at the clouds and clouds in the sky, but also have no fear of blooming and falling before the court.

for the rest of my life, I will live a small life with a big pattern in mind.