It turns out that all the "health preservation" is futile, after reading it, it is no longer entangled!
It turns out that all the "health preservation" is futile, after reading it, it is no longer entangled!
Don't let your emotions get sick, it's the best way to treat your body.


it is said in Huangdi's Internal Classic: "all diseases are born of qi."

I am deeply convinced that all my life, people have been paying for their own bad mood.

irritable and grumpy, bad mood, illness attack; optimistic, emotional stability, illness naturally away.

you know: emotional illness is more terrible than physical illness. Many diseases in the world are caused by emotional problems.

there are many sorrows in the world

are all planted by rubbish

Zhuangzi said in "forgiveness": "people are very happy with evil, and they are in Yang; when they are angry, they are close to Yin."

excessive joy consumes Yang Qi; anger loses integrity, harms Yin Qi, and the body is depressed too much, which naturally does no good.

every time you get angry, angry or depressed, it puts a burden on your body.

these rubbish emotions will keep torturing you.

Lin Daiyu in A Dream of Red Mansions has a very serious cough, and her health is getting worse and worse, but she is always compassionate, always thinking about bad places and crying all day long.

there are countless such things in life:

the woman had a dispute with her neighbor and got angry with her heart attack, and she was hospitalized for several days before she was relieved.

the father accompanied his child to do his homework, so angry that his hands and feet twitched, his face turned pale and he could not afford to fall to the ground.

sadness, anger and anger are all venting of rubbish emotions and the source of physical discomfort.

irritability, poor internal adjustment, coupled with all kinds of external pressure, are often the most likely to break a person.

"Health Treasure Book" says: "if you are confused, you will have all kinds of diseases, and if you are calm, you will feel sick."

if the heart is calm, the world is at peace, all diseases can be calmed down; if the heart is irritable, the world is bored, and all kinds of diseases are in disorder.

people live in the world, all pain and joy, physical pain and comfort, are derived from self-emotional regulation.

A man with a quiet mind is calm, not angry about trifles, not worried about trifles.

in the face of anything, know how to self-regulate, the garbage mood will gradually disappear, so that the mental state is relaxed and happy, the body is naturally healthy and carefree.

every pain hint your body gives you

are all distress signals

there is a saying in Huangdi's Internal Classic: "anger hurts the liver, joys and sorrows, lungs, spleen, kidneys."

different emotions attack different organs, which is the biggest cause of physical discomfort.

Don't ignore the huge sores hidden at the bottom of your emotions, ranging from a cold to unbearable pain.

timely adjustment and proper handling can stop the loss in time and maintain physical and mental health.

there is a shopkeeper who sells cloth, who is the richest businessman in the area.

he is always worried that other shopkeepers will exceed his wealth, and even worry that his money will be missed by thieves.

as a result, he often stayed up late to catch up with work and was so hungry that he had a stomachache; in order to grab big clients, he once drank until he had stomach bleeding; he did not have enough hands, so he personally moved the goods and replaced them with lumbar spondylosis.

his wife advised him to pay more attention to his health, but he always quarreled with his wife and blamed her for not understanding him.

in the long run, the rich merchants unfortunately contracted a serious disease and found all the famous doctors, but they were unable to recover.

soon after, the rich businessman died, leaving so much property unmanaged.

once the emotion is excessive, it will affect the health of all kinds of organs of the body and cause body pain.

and physical discomfort will produce negative emotions, thus falling into a vicious circle.

the body will not lie, every pain and discomfort is to give you a hint, ask you for help, let you pay attention to your own physical and mental problems.

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do not realize that anger is driving the body out of control, anxiety is killing the mind, and stress is destroying the will.

and all these will turn into irreversible harm to the body.

be more concerned about your emotions and be keenly aware of the signals sent by the body. only in this way can you reduce the harm to the body.

have a bad mentality

all health care is futile

it is said in Chapter 64 of the Book of morality: "it is easy to hold it safely, but it is easy to plan without warning."

when things are in a stable state, they are easy to control and maintain, and when things begin to go awry and deviate from morality, they begin to restrain.

people. People who are optimistic and peaceful, have no worries and can control their own lives.

people who are often pessimistic and worried are easy to suffer from illness and ruin a short life.

you know, a good attitude is the root of everything.

the state of mind is not good, all the health care is in vain.

once there was a staff member who had a sudden serious illness and was sent to the hospital for treatment.

with an optimistic state of mind, he always thought that he was just a minor illness, so he didn't think about it any more, but the doctor was discussing how to tell him about his critical condition.

when the patients in the same room are depressed and irritable, instead of frowning, he is happy to talk to people.

later, he actually recovered, and when he learned the seriousness of his illness, he could not help feeling that it was a birthday.It worked a miracle.

but the clinical patients were not so lucky. They thought that they had a serious illness and were immersed in the shadow of grief all day. Even though the doctor gave him the best treatment, he still failed to save his life.

people live a lifetime, mentality is the most important, many physical discomfort, they will not die, but can be scared to death by themselves.

therefore, mentality affects not only our lives, but also our lives. Having a good mentality is a life-long compulsory course.

Xunzi once said, "those who are happy and easy live a long life, and those who are in danger often die young."

people with a good mindset will always see the positive and sunny side, live an optimistic life, and naturally live a long and healthy life.

people with a bad state of mind think that life is dark everywhere, so they give up and torture themselves, and life is naturally short.

as the saying goes, "Health first nourishes the mind, and harmony of the mind leads to the harmony of the body."

instead of clinging to expensive care products, it is better to maintain your mood; instead of seeking famous doctors and medicines, it is better to maintain a good state of mind.

Heart disease is difficult to understand, physical illness is difficult to treat, and people who really know how to maintain health can manage their hearts well, so that they will not be disturbed by disease.

writer Zhou Guoping once said:

"God has given us a life and a heart, and the mission of life is to take good care of life and settle down."

the greatest happiness in a person's life is not the wealth of senior officials, not worry-free food and clothing, but a stable mood and an optimistic state of mind, which is the top wisdom of health preservation.

of course, stable mood and optimistic attitude are not inborn, but need to be honed by life and experienced by years.

it is impossible for a person to have everything going well in his life. If you allow negative emotions to accumulate, you will only lose your health.

it is the greatest kindness to the body to lose what should be lost, forget what should be forgotten, and don't let the mood get sick.

, may you and I, at any time, not be happy with things, not sad with ourselves, control our emotions, maintain an optimistic attitude, and live a healthy life without disease or disaster.

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