In marriage, the man does not give you these two things, the husband and wife can not walk to the white end.
In marriage, the man does not give you these two things, the husband and wife can not walk to the white end.
The best relationship is to be happy at first sight and never get tired of it for a long time.


Qian Zhongshu said in besieged Fortress:

"No matter who you marry, after you marry, you always find that you are not married to the original person, like someone else. "

from romance to chicken feathers, from lovely and amiable to hideous appearance, some partners can't stay, and some are cold.

the man who can accompany you to the white head will often have the following two performances.

normal heart

Marriage itself is a kind of spiritual practice, and even if it is a match made in heaven, it may not be worth the triviality of firewood, rice and salt.

so Goethe says this:

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those who can find peace in their families are the happiest.

being able to be content with plain and light true taste, not paralyzed, not bored, but steaming hot, and being able to take care of each other as carefully as when we first met, is the best appearance of marriage.

after they got married, they lived in a simple and warm courtyard. Liao Cuifeng likes to talk, so Lin Yutang sat in her chair and listened quietly.

if his wife is angry, he won't answer back. he thinks that when husband and wife quarrel, they have different opinions, and one more word in anger is nonsense.

Lin Yutang sometimes helps wash dishes after meals, but he is clumsy, and it is common for him to break dishes. Although Liao Cuifeng is frightened and scared, she won't say much, leaving her husband to show his skills in the kitchen.

Liao Cuifeng runs the house, and Lin Yutang never interferes too much. no matter what food his wife cooks, he eats it with relish and is never picky.

the best relationship is to be happy at first sight and never get tired of it for a long time.

everyone can grow up through marriage, understand how life is feathered and trivial, and understand what is meant by tolerance and what is not strange.

in marriage, we need to tolerate each other's imperfections and ailments, be considerate to each other, and support each other in order to walk through the ditches and ridges of life together.

Marriage begins with love, lasts longer than companionship, from blending with milk and milk to respecting each other, the ordinary heart is the best business wisdom.


it is the weakness of human nature to like the new and hate the old.

A new dress, a new toy, I couldn't put it down when I first bought it, but after a long time, I lost interest and no longer cherish it.

A long-term marriage needs not only love, but also a sense of responsibility. A marriage without a sense of responsibility is destined to be empty.

before becoming famous, Ang Lee had six years to cook at home, pick up children and be a full-time "cook".

with the support and encouragement of his wife Lin Huijia, Ang Lee concentrated on his movie dream and finally won two Oscars.

in an interview after becoming famous, Ang Lee said: if my wife can smile at me, I will relax a little bit and feel very happy.

the host thought his wife was very strict, and Ang Lee hurriedly explained:

"my wife is a lovely woman.

but just because I have become a father and a husband does not mean that I can naturally gain their respect. You still have to earn their respect every day, and you have to meet a certain standard. "

A responsible partner, despite the vicissitudes of life and decades of life, still does not change his mind. I hope you will be happy.

I have heard a saying: "what brings hope to a woman is not love, but responsibility."

A long stream of water cannot be achieved by wishful thinking. A person who has a sense of responsibility to his family is willing to participate closely in each other's life process, so that there are more smiles than sorrows every day.

Life is not long, choosing who to be with is really different, and this choice is really important.

you are here, I am here, love is in, home is in, two people are sitting idle, the lights are amiable.

when you meet, cherish it, change your heart with your heart, and leave him a place with the same weight in your heart.