If you love someone again, if you don't have the chance to be a husband and wife, do so.
If you love someone again, if you don't have the chance to be a husband and wife, do so.
On the way to love, we may all have loved and let go.

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"you say you love someone you shouldn't love, and your heart is full of scars."

listening to the sad melodies and sentimental lyrics in when I wake up, I can't help feeling.

for love, we were all full of expectations, and we once fantasized about being with our loved ones, knowing each other and growing old forever.

but in fact, not everyone is so lucky to be able to partner with the person they like.

in real life, there are always too many people who can't help it. If you love someone again, if you don't have the chance to be a husband and wife, do so.

keep the distance

it is hard to forget people who have loved wholeheartedly.

but knowing that there is no fate for each other, but also determined to chase, never die of entanglement, will only erase the once beautiful, at the same time, also let oneself into a deeper pain.

in this world, stories of love but not love are going on all the time. No matter what causes us to separate from each other, since we are destined not to be together, don't torture each other any more.

it doesn't matter if you can't let it go for a while. It always takes some time for feelings to come out. You don't have to force yourself to forget. Keeping a distance is the best way to get along.

there is a saying:

"if you are estranged for a long time, the love will be gone, and as time goes by, your heart will fade."

refrain from getting in touch, control the frequency of seeing each other, no longer regard each other as the center, and no longer pay attention to each other's lives.

when time goes by, the state of mind changes, and when I think about it one day, my heart will not be so sad.

A person's state of mind will change with time, and the deep love between men and women will eventually run aground.

since there is no chance in this life, don't disturb it any more. Keeping a distance is the best respect and accomplishment for each other.

learn to let go

it is often said that life should know how to make a choice, and in many cases, we should not only learn to let go, but also learn to let go.

because only when you learn to let go can you really be free and relax in your heart.

in the face of fruitless feelings, the best way for adults to deal with is not to fight, but to turn around properly.

sometimes, persistence is a kind of courage that you never forget, but if you still struggle when you should let go, you will only get yourself into a quagmire.

you know, some people show up in your life just to teach you a lesson, and then go their separate ways.

this is doomed fate, there is no need to regret, although no longer have, but at least let you see the appearance of love.

it should be a beautiful thing to love and be loved in the world.

it is best for each other to work together for a lifetime, if not, try to put it down and bless it from the bottom of your heart.

there is still a long way to go, each has its own track, and we have to look forward eventually.

live hard

for love, there are always many deviations between reality and ideal.

people who love deeply may be caught off guard at the wrong time and in the wrong place, but they can't come together when they give a piece of truth.

the heart is unwilling, but unable to change, this is the normality of feelings.

if you fall in love with someone you shouldn't love, don't trap yourself in a cage of disappointment, but live harder.

remember Chen Guo said:

"if you like a butterfly, don't try to chase it. You should plant flowers. When the spring flowers bloom and the grass grows and warblers fly, there will naturally be many butterflies coming for you."

although you can't choose to meet each time, you can choose to be yourself and let all the encounters have no regrets.

if you love someone so much that you can't be together, even if you don't give up, you should pick up your mood and live a good life at present.

years, flowers bloom and fall, what should come cannot be stopped, and what should go cannot be retained. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, it is better to cultivate yourself.

some people, accompanied for a period of time, but can not go to the end; some people, love unforgettable, but have no chance to be husband and wife, this is the most helpless place.

on the way to love, we may all have loved and let go.

but even so, do not lose heart, but should continue to work hard, believing that you will meet the right person in the end.