If you have a good temper, you will have a good luck all your life.
If you have a good temper, you will have a good luck all your life.
The heart is like a mirror of a lake, all things invade without being stained; if the heart is not bitter, a thousand heads are full of delight.

have read such a sentence:

"the real practice is to cultivate the mind, to cultivate one's own restlessness, a heart that changes 72 a day."

savor it carefully, indeed.

obviously trivial things, but some people are restless and restless;

it is obvious that life is already very good, but some people keep complaining about it.

it is obvious that you can raise your hand and leave a line, but some people haggle over everything and block the way back.

Life will give you candy as well as bitter fruit. People with peace of mind will slowly swallow the bitter fruit and enjoy the taste of sweetness after suffering.

as Wang Yangming said, "the more difficult it is, the more time it is to cultivate the mind."

people with good fortune all carry the three golden keys to spiritual cultivation: don't get angry, don't complain, don't care.

Don't get angry

some people say: "people with a bad temper will always allow the spark to start a prairie fire and wantonly hurt others and themselves without knowing it."

people with a bad temper often don't know how scared the people around them are because of him every day.

A psychologist in the United States told a story.

Gordon, 38, is a successful plastic surgeon.

after he and his wife were married for six years, his wife wanted a divorce, and he tried his best to retain him.

the wife said, "if you don't get rid of your bad temper, I won't consider it." Your sudden bad temper and relentless reprimand every day make me shudder. "

Gordon also knows that he is grumpy, but he just won't change. He thinks his wife is making a mountain out of a molehill.

shortly after his wife left, Gordon nearly lost his life because of a rage that caused an acute myocardial infarction.

some people are used to their bad temper and are easily angry and angry.

people who are so angry that they don't know how to control their bad emotions end up paying the bill with marriage and health.

therefore, people who are often angry not only hurt others but also hurt themselves, just like touching the dominoes of fate, which will make life into a vicious circle.

A wise man in life will control his emotions. When you are angry, you will be silent for 12 seconds to regulate your emotions so as not to let your anger affect others.

the warmer the temper, the deeper the blessing; the purer the heart, the smoother the life.

the smarter people are, the more they know how to calm down, build a good temper, and get good luck all their lives.

Don't complain

Adult life has its own difficulties. Your mood depends on your state of mind.

Liu Tong once said, "it is better to carry a lantern than to complain that you are in the dark."

Video blogger

@ Weyland

shared her story.

the Weyland-speaking husband sees that his friend's business is growing, but he is stagnant and often complains about his unfair fate.

on one occasion, Weyland finally received a big order, which was lucrative, and the customer's requirements were a little more demanding.

my husband complained to Weilan: "there must be no one willing to do this kind of work. It's stupid of you not to raise the price and offer a discount."

after listening to Weyland, she comforted her husband: "there is no need to be picky in this situation. It would be nice to have a job to do."

my husband is nagging while working.

Weyland works day and night. She just wants to do more work to get on with her life.

once, my husband was greedy for high profits and was induced by swindlers on the Internet to invest all the money he earned.

the husband who is bent on making quick money is cheated out of his savings and owes more than NT $100,000 in debt.

my husband has been complaining ever since and never recovered.

Weyland comforted her husband and said, "it doesn't matter if the money is gone. As long as people are all right, we will have a chance to earn the money back."

she also invited her husband's friends over to chat with her husband and relax.

my husband finally woke up and decided to go to takeout to subsidize his family.

Life tends to be hasty and unattainable. When you slow down and settle down, life is quietly accelerating for the better.

two years later, they not only paid off their debts, but also bought a new house in their hometown.

instead of complaining, it is better to reflect on yourself and face the problem.

Adult life, no one is not difficult, encounter ditch Kankan, those who cross the past will go very far, but those who have not crossed the past are standing still.

Sanmao said: "people and things in the world come and go

with its time, we just need to make ourselves look our best, and then wait quietly. "

instead of being trapped by complaints, it is better to pass by yourself and hone a strong heart in the midst of suffering.

less complaining and more action. May you be a firm person in your heart, build a positive heart to the sun, and naturally have a broad road under your feet.


Zhou Guoping said: "the great wise will be modest, and the great good will be tolerant."

only the little wise man is aggressive, and the little good man will haggle over everything. "

watched a heart-warming video.

Huang Wanlu, a single mother, was hit by a cleaning car when she was waiting for an interview with a file.

Huang Wanlu saw the marks on her clothes, thought about the importance of the interview, smiled and said, "it doesn't matter, you pay attention to safety."

the cleaning lady took a rag and scrubbed the floor hard while shouting accusations to the people around her:

"what if one of you put nail polish on the floor?"

everyone saw the eldest sister of Baojie messing around and avoided her one after another.

Huang WanLu saw her anxious appearance, did not argue with her, took the initiative to come forward, took out the essential oil, squatted down to help her wipe the ground clean.

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A girl covered her mouth and laughed at her and said, "that aunt should apply for cleaning." Others echoed.

in the face of ridicule, Huang Wanlu didn't bother to worry about it, sorted it out and rushed to the interview.

when it was her turn for an interview, the personnel assistant told her to come back at eight o'clock the next morning.

she was a little lonely when she heard this, but she smiled and thanked her.

Huang Wanlu came to the company at eight o'clock the next day, and the director stood at the entrance of the elevator, welcoming her to join. She looked at a loss.

it turns out that it happened yesterday, and the boss happened to see it.

the boss thinks that in order to do a good job in sales, people must be tolerant and magnanimous, not entangled in trifles.

other people's opinions and sarcasm are all ashram to hone your mind.

in the face of unsatisfactory life, we must learn to treat it with a normal mind in order to fulfill ourselves and win more opportunities.

Tu Lei said: "one's true happiness is not to get more, but to care less."

the key for many people to succeed is to ignore the immediate gains and losses and have a state of mind to see through and not to tell.

Don't be angry with villains or worry about trifles, then you can live freely and easily.

instead of spending your energy on others, you should be kind to yourself, cultivate a leisurely and ordinary mind, and concentrate on your own affairs.

each has its own difficulties, hardships and injuries in life.

only by keeping a good state of mind can you be comfortable in a busy life and at ease in a difficult environment.

"Cai Gentan" says: "put aside the dust atmosphere of the world, eliminate the stinginess of the heart."

not affected by all kinds of miscellaneous thoughts in the world, eliminate the despicable and vulgar in the heart, open your mind, you can often see the bright moon and feel the breeze coming.

things change with the heart, and the environment is born from the heart; if the heart turns to the sun, the flowers of the four seasons bloom.

if you can not be angry when something happens, there is no hurdle that you can't get over.

if you can stop complaining when something happens, you will open the door to happiness.

if you can stop haggling when something happens, you will open up a new realm of life.

the mind is like a mirror of the lake, all things invade without being stained; if the heart is not bitter, a thousand heads are full of delight.