If you don't want to work, check out the vegetable market in Beijing at four in the morning.
If you don't want to work, check out the vegetable market in Beijing at four in the morning.
Work hard, make money, and live into a stubborn and golden wheat.

A few days ago, CCTV entered the vegetable market in Beijing in the early hours of the morning and recorded the most real scene inside.

at 4 o'clock in the morning, Beijing Fairview Land Wholesale Market is brightly lit and there is an endless stream of night stall owners selling melons, fruits and vegetables.

Sister Wang, 52, from Anhui, has been working at night for 20 years and is busy from 2: 00 a.m. to 7: 00 a.m. Every day.

"hard work, it must be hard work, but everyone goes his own way and is free!"

Boss Chen, who sells pork, has been working since 01:00 in the morning, and the action he repeats most every day is to cut the meat with his knife.

"Hey, it tastes good, but when it's cooked, it smells good!"

and Zheng Yong, a young post-90s stall owner, often sleeps in his van for two hours after pulling the food back at 2: 00 in the morning.

when the market opened at 04:00, he began to move in and put the yards in the booth.

Zheng Yong's mother told reporters that, for example, if cabbage is wholesale, it will only earn 10 cents per jin, which is very hard.

looking at the whole vegetable market, everyone is so busy that they don't see any tiredness or complaints.

at 4: 00 in the morning, you think the city is empty and everything sleeps, but there is such a group of people who start fighting with life early.

if you are tired or tired one day and don't want to go to work, go to the vegetable market in the early hours of the morning.

you will understand that the world will not slack off because of the coming of night.

you will understand that no matter when and where, there is no shortage of people who are busy in order to live in this city.

2022, please cherish your work

at the end of August, Dongguan Aigao Electric Co., Ltd., which has been operating for 36 years, issued a notice of closure:

"in recent years, the investment in new products for transformation is huge, and the company has suffered heavy losses for many years in a row, making it difficult to sustain.

the company has tried to seek support from all sides, but it has been struggling for months, but it has not been able to reverse the decline and has now decided to formally suspend business. "

speaking of Aiko, which is familiar to many friends, it is the earliest and largest DVD manufacturer in China, with an annual income of nearly 6 billion yuan at its peak and a total of more than 10000 employees.

with the sharp decline in consumer electronics demand in recent years and other reasons, the company went downhill one after another, finally overwhelmed and declared bankruptcy.

you see, how many people have lost their jobs to make a living, and every working day that they are tired of in ordinary times has become an extravagant hope.

sometimes we feel that it is too difficult for us to live. We are busy every day, gnashing our teeth with a heavy burden on our backs.

think about it carefully, in such a fast-changing and difficult environment, who lives easily?

on the highway late at night, tired truck drivers begin to slap themselves in the face when they feel sleepy.

because he is not only carrying goods, but also the livelihood and hope of the whole family.

in July this year, the secret connection of a migrant worker in Gansu was put on a hot search, and every word was sad.

he makes a living by doing odd jobs. He spends four days either waiting for work in the labor market or staying in a rented house. Lunch every day is steamed bread without exception.

A female worker stands in a clam pond in Putian, Fujian province, turning her body back and forth as a "blender". Ice water passes half of her body.

there is no job that is not hard, no job is unaggrieved, and there are always people who are more difficult than you.

but if they are still trying to live, who are you to shout tired and want to give up?

hard work is the antidote to life

the other day, I was chatting with an old friend I haven't seen for a long time.

he has been working for a real estate company since graduation, working step by step to the middle level, with a handsome salary and a good small life.

Middle-aged unemployment, two children under the age of 4 and 8000 monthly school district mortgages hammered him mercilessly.

finally, there was no way out, so I simply signed up for an account and started a ride-hailing.

Yes, the bitterness of work is visible and can be endured and overcome.

the bitterness of life is invisible, but it is a critical blow and there is nowhere to hide.

there is a hot topic on Zhihu: what are people like running Didi in the middle of the night?

nearly 1000 responses, behind each one are people who work hard and force a smile for their lives and their families.

one of the drivers said that so far, he has run more than 5000 singles, and New Year's Eve has not had a rest at night.

his old mother couldn't get out of bed because of diabetes, and his old father worked in Fujian. In order to save 100 to 200 fares, he had to ride a motorcycle home for 27 or 8 hours.

as a result, it was foggy at night, and the next day the old father was found lying in the trench by the passing driver, the pot and ladle bowl scattered all over the floor, and the old man was still holding the handle in his dead hand, and the place was only four kilometers from home.

for many people, one or two hundred noIt's just a meal and a bottle of wine, but for some people, it's the weight of life.

We are all old and young, and behind us are parents who are aging faster and children who are crying for food.

what I fear most is that when your family needs you to protect yourself from the wind and rain, you have nothing but tears.

I know that many people just suffer at work and never feel happy.

but work is never for happiness, it is your capital and dignity to settle down, life sometimes has to suffer.

either there is enough balance in the bank card, or keep your mouth shut and work hard.

the world of adults is a vast ocean, and work is the boat we swim across.

Don't be pretentious when you can make money

I remember watching a video of "magic selling roast sausage" on the Internet.

the young man of the post-90s shook his whole body exaggerately while shouting at the top of his voice: "Roast sausage!" Roast sausage! Roast sausage with pebbles. "

and almost called himself to lack of oxygen.

I almost laughed at first, but then I couldn't help feeling sore.

the young man also responded sincerely:

"because you want to make money and you have to eat, you can earn an extra 300 to 400 yuan with such a yell."

Yes, for adults, it is necessary to swallow grievances, swallow sadness, and strive to do a good job in order to achieve the greatest decency.

the worst fear is that you will only laugh at other people's efforts, but you are still in the same place.

the end of last year,

The versatility how to make a boring dress interesting provides you is unmatched in any other style. There is no collection like ours.

@ takeout boy Xiaojun

posted his payroll.

effective total order is 1905, midnight snack is 34, rider allowance is 97 yuan, high praise reward is 60 yuan, deduction of insurance is 145 yuan.

these projects make up his total salary of 9348 yuan.

some people envy: "now it's so profitable to be a takeout boy."

but what you can't see is that on average, they send more than 60 orders a day and run non-stop for 13 or 14 hours before they earn nearly 10,000 yuan.

all efforts will be rewarded eventually.

so don't lie down when you can still fight, and don't be hypocritical when you can make money.

No matter what business you are in, what you are doing now is paving the way for your future.

remember, everyone is the cultivator of his own life, as long as he takes every step in a down-to-earth manner, he will eventually get the gift of time.

in the recent hit movie "Hidden into the Dust", there is a saying:

"what can wheat say when the wind blows back and forth?"

what can wheat say when it is pecked by flying sparrows?

what can wheat say when he is eaten by his own donkey?

what can the wheat say when cut off by the summer sickle? "

once upon a time, we were the heavy wheat in the wheat field.

condensation of the hottest tears and bent spine, deeply rooted in the soil, through the cold and hot frost, only to give birth to the fullest golden fruit.

indeed, there are moments in life when you feel the work is hard and the pressure is so great that you can't help but want to give up.

but as Hemingway said:

"Life always makes us black and blue, but in the end, those injured places will certainly become our strongest places."

, work hard, make money, and live into a stubborn and golden wheat.

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