If you dare to fall out with these three kinds of people, your life will get better and better.
If you dare to fall out with these three kinds of people, your life will get better and better.
When necessary, to turn your face happily is the greatest protection for yourself.


as the saying goes, "leave a line in life so that we can meet each other in the future."

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in line with this principle, we often feel that falling out is the lowest act.

do not realize that many misfortunes in life are precisely due to our lack of courage to fall out.

you know, not all of us deserve a good face.

dare to fall out with the following three kinds of people, and your life will get better and better.

advise you to be magnanimous

in life, we often hear such a voice:

how big it is, just put up with it;

be magnanimous, don't be so stingy;

as an adult, you don't care about children.

it is obvious that you are the victim, but in the end you become the unreasonable one.

A light and magnanimous sentence erases the harm you have suffered.

if you choose to forgive, it will be you who will suffer in the end.


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once shared his own story.

since childhood, she has been left at her grandmother's house by her parents, picked up other people's old clothes, beaten and scolded every day, and never lived a happy day.

when she grew up, she worked hard and gave all the money she earned to her family.

once, she wanted to open a shop and asked her mother for money. Her mother gave her 80,000 yuan and said she had lent it to her.

she was so angry that she quarreled with her mother because she had given her family far more than 80,000 yuan over the years.

relatives advised her that she was her own mother after all, so don't go too far.

No way, she can only earn money by herself and return the money to her mother little by little.

then one year, her younger brother engaged in an online loan, and she lent her brother 130000 yuan.

the following year, just in time for her pregnancy, she was worried that the expenses would not be enough and hoped that her brother would return her 10,000 yuan.

when she was about to have a baby, relatives came to persuade her to be magnanimous, to be open-minded, and to make peace with her parents.

she said that even if all her relatives renounced her, she would not be able to forgive generously.

she knows clearly that after forgiveness, there is only endless squeezing waiting for her.

means that people tend to perceive others according to who they are, rather than according to the reality of the person being observed.

as a result, people often only see the appearance of things.

those who persuade you to be magnanimous without knowing the truth are not really looking out for you.

they will only stand on the moral high ground and persuade you to do what seems to be "right" in the name of justice.

they don't consider your feelings, let alone soothe your wounds.

their kindness is just a kind of false compassion.

as the saying goes, do not persuade others to be good without suffering.

there has never been any real empathy in this world.

We can be truly free only by listening to our own wishes and not changing them according to the will of others.

the person who uncovered your scar

once asked his friend Ye Ye, "what are you most afraid of?"

she said:

"I am most afraid of being exposed. The embarrassment of being shameless makes me feel that the whole world is laughing at me!"

when she was a child, Ye Ye's family conditions were not good, because she could not pay her tuition fees on time, she was often asked by her head teacher to talk.

one day, Ye Ye asked her father to borrow money from rich families in the village to help her pay her tuition fees.

her father told her that after a while the family would be able to pay the tuition fees after the rice was collected and sold.

Ye Ye didn't want to wait, so she quarreled with her father.

in a fit of anger, her father accidentally threw the towel into her face, leaving a bloody mouth.

this matter, only her classmate Xiao Jin knew about it and never thought about it, but she trumpeted it in her class.

when she saw the look of ridicule and disdain in her eyes, Ye Ye was so ashamed that she could not even lift her head, which became a scar that could not be erased from her heart.

many years later, at a classmate reunion, Xiao Jin mentioned the matter again and told it to everyone like a joke. Ye Ye's face turned black on the spot.

after the party, Ye Ye decisively blocked Xiao Jin. She said:

"I'm not the little girl I was then. For those who don't respect me, there's no need to keep up with each other!"

there are some things in everyone's heart that they don't want to mention, maybe some awkward moment, or some painful past.

they are the scars of scabs in our hearts, and they are pains that others cannot feel.

No one knows how they heal, so we are afraid that they will be uncovered again and again.

every time it is uncovered, it is a second harm to us.

many people who uncover scars always boast that they speak bluntly, but in fact they just don't want to think about other people's feelings.

maybe it's because you don't care and don't respect, so if you uncover a person's scar, it just comes out of your mouth.

they don't know that once those scars are opened, they often touch the flesh and blood.

the person whose scar is uncovered has to endure the pain again, and it even takes a long time to re-scab the wound.

you never know when he will uncover your scar, poke at your sore spot and hurt you invisible.

for such people, we must stay away from them.

when necessary, to turn your face happily is the greatest protection for yourself.

people who touch your bottom line

I often hear people say that the most important thing in life is to have a bottom line.

there is no bottom line. Your tolerance, kindness and tolerance are all connivance to others.

in this world, not all problems can take a step back, and sometimes it may be the gain of others.

for those who touch our bottom line, falling out is the most direct way for us to show the bottom line.

Mu Yange, a best-selling author, told such a story.

A girl just graduated from college, through the introduction of others, entered a company to work.

however, the department manager doesn't like her and always tries to make things difficult for her, sending her to do hard work that no one wants to do.

she was so miserable that she wanted to resign, but she had to put up with it considering that it was not easy for her to find a job.

never thought, the manager made it worse.

once, he lost one of his papers and showed up in the girl's office coincidentally, so he took the opportunity to "talk" to the girl.

the girl couldn't stand it any longer and turned her face directly. She said to the manager:

"I hope you won't slander me until I find out the truth of the matter.

first of all, I don't have the time or motive to take your file;

secondly, you have no right to go through employees' belongings without permission;

after her making such a scene, the manager slowly reined in.

since then, the girl has done many high-quality projects one after another by virtue of her own ability. she not only won the respect of the manager, but even the president of the company did not forget to encourage her when she saw her.

Feng Jicai wrote in the bottom line:

"people's self-confidence is based on the bottom line, and there is a bottom line, at least at the 'human' level, to achieve a successful self and a successful life."

the bottom line is not only the criterion of our life and the basis of doing things, but also a critical point that others cannot easily touch.

it is like the water level in a river. if we give in blindly, it will only get us stuck in the mud.

in this society, what determines our value is never how humble we are towards others, but how powerful we are.

so, whatever you do, don't let yourself be a low-cost person.

dare to fall out and keep the bottom line, the world can give us everything we want.

some people say:


in our time, two abilities are the most important. The first is called offensive ability.

the second kind is called flying ability.


what is offensive ability is that the knife is in your hand.

what is the ability to fly? the knife is in the other person's hand, but you have a pair of wings. No matter how much the other person hurts you, you can enter another dimension by flapping your wings.

whether you have a knife or wings, these are the strength to turn your face.

to have these two abilities, the first thing you need to do is to strengthen yourself.

improve your skills

strive to improve your skills and use your skills to "turn your face". Your hard power is your weapon.

broaden your horizons

when your horizons become broad, you can quickly see the whole picture of things, and then help you cut through the mess quickly.

change your mind

the most gripping truth in this society is to be harsh on the weak and tolerant of the strong.

the biggest difference between the weak and the strong is the difference in thinking.

changing your thinking is the key to becoming a strong person.

strong people may not be the smartest people, but they must be the ones who react the quickest, and they will naturally be decisive and determined to solve problems.

some people may say that falling out is a sign of a bad temper.

but for those who persuade you to be magnanimous, uncover your scars and touch your bottom line, falling out is the quickest way for you to solve the problem.

it allows you to state your attitude and position for the first time, and it also allows you to better defend a basic right in interpersonal relationships-to be respected.

May you become strong in the second half of your life, and you can choose to fall out no matter when and where.

at the same time, I hope you can be treated gently by the world!