Huang Xiaoming had a sudden illness, and Weibo exposed the cause: people still can't indulge themselves.
Huang Xiaoming had a sudden illness, and Weibo exposed the cause: people still can't indulge themselves.
Only by learning to exercise restraint will it be possible for life to avoid more pain and get better.


Huang Xiaoming posted a group of "admission photos" on Weibo on Oct. 6.

and the article: "people still can't indulge themselves."

in the photo, Huang Xiaoming is on an intravenous drip, and the hives that spread to the whole arm look quite frightening.

it turns out that just the day before, Huang Xiaoming released poison late at night.

11:30 in the evening, in front of him is full of roast sea sausage, wild wonton, hundred flowers snake grass water. A lot of Qingdao "hard dishes".

while enjoying a lot of food, he also interacted enthusiastically with netizens: "roast chicken heart is the most delicious", "I ate a big bite", "I was also hurt to lose weight".

after being teased by fans, he said "just one bite of the same".

anyone who knows something about urticaria knows that the disease can be mild or severe.

mild skin wind mass and angioedema, severe involvement of digestive tract and respiratory tract, and even life-threatening.

therefore, Huang Xiaoming exhorts everyone to protect themselves and deeply regrets that he has not been able to control his appetite.

French gourmet Briya Savaran has a famous saying:

"Animals eat, people eat, and only people with style know how to taste."

the gap between people can sometimes be seen at a glance in their attitude towards desire.

indulgence and restraint are not only two ways of life, but also two completely different lives.

I have seen a street interview with 1818 Golden Eye.

when the reporter pointed the camera at those beautiful young people and asked them whether they would go for a medical examination and whether they dared to look at their own medical examination report.

62.6% of the young people surveyed said they were under great stress and were afraid of problems with the physical examination, while 63.6% had the experience of being afraid to read the physical examination report.

when you ask the reason again, you will get these answers: stay up late, stay up all night, eat and drink.

the unhealthy lifestyle has gone deep into the bone marrow, and they would rather cover their ears and become the ones who pretend to sleep, rather than give up those "happy days when they are drunk today".

Neil Bozman said in Entertainment to death:

"what destroys us is not what we hate, but what we love."

Jiangxi Metropolis Channel once exposed a story.

Xiaohai, a 21-year-old college student, due to loss of appetite and vomiting. Go to the hospital for examination.

I thought it was just a glitch, but after going to the blood test, the doctor was shocked. Nearly half of the bottles were oily blood lipids.

the diagnosis is diabetes.

Xiao Hai and his family can't believe it.

under the repeated questioning of the doctor, the truth was revealed.

although Xiaohai doesn't smoke or drink, she has bad eating habits.

usually do not like to eat fruits and vegetables, do not like to drink water, but also often drink cola, drinks as water.

the family is also a little worried as the child continues to gain weight.

but I feel young and don't take it too seriously.

so Xiaohai drank more and more, and became more and more serious.

writer Liao Yimei wrote in the Flower of pessimism:

"if you don't believe that restraint is the key to happiness, indulgence is certainly not."

allowing material desires to flow freely, even if satisfied, is not satisfaction, but a kind of self-exile.

there is a very famous experiment in behavioral economics.

19 chimpanzees from the Animal Research Center and 40 students from Harvard University were divided into two camps by researchers to launch a "competition".

the researchers gave chimpanzees two servings of grapes and two portions of chocolate and other tempting delicacies for humans.

contestants can either eat 2 servings of food immediately or be patient for 2 minutes to get 6 servings of food.

the results were surprising. 72% of chimpanzees chose to wait, while only 19% of the students from Harvard were willing to wait.

this is the classical hyperbolic discount theory.

when a person is driven by desire and seduced by immediate interests, he will lose greater gains.

you may have read Liang Shiqiu's famous saying: "Don't eat is to eat."

in his later years, Mr. Liang had certain taboos on sweets because he suffered from diabetes.

once, he had dinner with his friends.

smoked fish, Fried Rice with Meat and Vegetables, rock candy elbow.

these were once the great loves of Mr. Liang.

but when they were served one by one, Mr. Liang remained motionless.

everyone understood that Mr. Liang had become an "insulator" of sugar.

unexpectedly, when the last Eight Delicacies Rice came to the table, Mr. Liang ate unexpectedly.

everyone was puzzled. Mr. Liang explained with a smile:

"I didn't eat so many delicacies before just to leave the quota to my favorite Eight Delicacies Rice."

Smart people can distinguish between priorities and what are immediate pleasures and what are long-term interests.

because lower desires may be acquired by indulgence, but higher desires can only be possessed by restraint.

I still remember the picture of Professor Yang Baoxue's daily schedule after the 1960s of Peking University, which was brushed on the screen last year.Is it?

get up at 5:21 and wash

prepare breakfast at 5:28 and 60 push-ups

breakfast at 5:43, watch Wechat

5:59 shower, dress

leave for work at 6:11 and listen to the radio


then, revise the manuscript, hold a group meeting, etc.

11:20 Chinese food

start work at 12:25

finish dinner at 17:40

18:25 fitness

rest at 22:45

the time of day is accurate to minutes and is fully scheduled.

netizens were also dumbfounded, some expressed admiration, others expressed skepticism and found it too difficult to implement.

some netizens even disdained and said, "what is the meaning of life when you turn people into machines?"

but when everyone looked at Professor Yang's resume, he was speechless for a moment.

Professor, doctoral supervisor and dean of the Department of Pharmacology, School of basic Medicine, Peking University.

A total of 17 SCI articles (Science Citation Index) have been published, with 11 patents.

that schedule appears in class because he is teaching his students the experience of time management.

as long as one does not indulge in "short-term happiness", he is sure to make a lot of money from long-term self-discipline.

Mr. Lu Yuanjiu, pioneer of China's space industry.

although 101 years old, he is Hale and hearty.

when the reporter asked him what he firmly refused to eat, Lu said:

"now I basically don't eat all cakes and so on, so I can't walk if I'm too fat."

when he was 100 years old, the old man also wrote:

"No hurry, no annoyance, no laziness, no greed."


stick it on the door and discipline yourself.

in this world, there is no natural good health and good life.

some people only restrain their desires and redouble their self-discipline where others can't see them.

Shi Tiesheng once said: "Man is desire itself."

eating color, sex is also.

if one wants to control one's own life, one can only rely on self-control.

what is self-control?

is the ability to do these two things to the extreme.

first, don't do what you like but shouldn't do.

I have seen such a cartoon.

suddenly the phone lit up, he picked it up and took a look at it, and then put it back.

after a while, the phone lit up again, and he picked it up again.

then he kept brushing it and never put his phone back.

Man is a very contradictory animal. He knows what the best choice is, but he is often willing to fall because of his inner preference and the laziness of human nature.

that's why Gorky said:

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"even a little restraint from yourself can make a man strong and powerful."

second, do what you don't like but should do.

some people say: "the history of human progress is a history of desire restraint."

but at this time, some human beings jumped out of the "comfort zone" and began hard farming and animal husbandry. Then came the farming civilization.

in life, there is no one who doesn't like pleasure.

but only by learning to exercise restraint will it be possible for life to avoid more pain and get better.

like a paragraph very much


low desires (happiness) can be obtained through indulgence;

Advanced desires (happiness) can only be obtained through self-discipline;

the top desire (happiness) can only be obtained through suffering.

encourage each other.