Hu GE's "recent situation" went viral, frightening 300 million netizens: he stopped pretending at all.
Hu GE's "recent situation" went viral, frightening 300 million netizens: he stopped pretending at all.
Where our time and energy is spent, your future and direction will be there.

Hu GE, the "missing person" in the entertainment circle, was bumped into by netizens.

is in a parking lot.

I thought such a big star must be driving millions of luxury cars.

unexpectedly, Hu GE, dressed in casual clothes and wearing a mask, went straight to a mini tram with an environmentally friendly plastic bag.

he unplugged the charging head and drove away.

the whole process is done in one fell swoop, and it seems that this is his daily routine.

I checked that he drives an electric car of one of our domestic brands, and the price is not expensive.

seeing Hu GE driving such a popular scooter, many netizens in the comment area were shocked by Hu GE's low profile:

"the fantasy Hu GE should be driving a Harley Land Rover G, actually opening a generation of cute little girls."

"low-carbon and environmentally friendly car, Hu GE is great."

unexpectedly, Hu GE, who had kept a low profile for a long time, appeared in front of the public in this way.

obviously has the status of a big star blessings, travel, life and other aspects, can be to a higher level, take a more advanced and more comfortable luxury car.

Hu GE, who doesn't shoot a movie, is just like any ordinary person.

cars are not required to be luxurious, as long as they can walk.

dishes do not need delicacies, just home-cooked dishes.

in my opinion, Hu GE no longer cares about these externalities. In his heart, there is a rich and powerful spiritual world.

when it comes to Hu GE, he can't get around his teenage success and the car accident.

if "Xianjian" makes Hu GE famous in his early twenties, he tastes of fame and fortune.

so the car accident pulled down Hu GE, who floated to the clouds, and reshaped his soul.

the false fame and ecstasy that we used to pursue are suddenly not worth mentioning in the face of the great meaning of life.

he said in an interview later:

"this car accident is like a gift from heaven, so that I can not calm down to think about learning suddenly have time to recharge."

he wrote a column in a magazine to record his mood changes after the car accident.

word by word, it's all true.

in the article entitled "looking in the Mirror", he wrote: if the skin is difficult to repair, fill it with your mind.

in the most difficult time, he listened to the "hundred pulpit" and watched Bo Yang's books.

these books and words have been integrated into his bones and blood and become a part of his spiritual world.

that year, paparazzi suddenly revealed the relationship between Hu GE and Jiang Shuying on Weibo, and directly @ the two.

he thought Hu GE would jump, but onlookers were waiting to see the show.

as a result, Hu GE only replied: the wind rises suddenly and wrinkles a pool of spring water.

in fact, this poem comes from Feng Yansi's "paying homage to Jinmen" in the Southern Tang Dynasty.

here is another small allusion. when Feng Yansi finished reading this poem, the emperor made fun of him: what is the matter of blowing a pool of spring water?

responding to paparazzi with this poem reflects Hu GE's attitude: whether you fall in love or not is none of your business.

the books he has read have enriched his spiritual world in his mind, and even the confrontation with paparazzi is so good.

he always keeps the habit of reading and takes books wherever he goes.

when he went to the hotel and the airport, many fans found him reading a book seriously when they came across him.

that dedication and piety make people dare not come forward to disturb.

he said:

"those days when I didn't act, I would throw myself into the pile of books, as a reader, just like an actor."

he really likes books, and during the holidays, other stars give gifts to friends, all giving their own endorsement products, or snacks, etc., while Hu GE gives books.

that year, he won the Golden Eagle Award for the most popular actor, and his speech is still fresh in his memory.

he said:

"the fact that I hold this trophy in my hand today does not mean how high I have reached, but that I have just hit the road.

this is not only a road of innovation, but also a road of inheritance. Art needs to be innovated, but the spirit of pursuing art and dedication needs to be inherited. "

every award ceremony, Hu GE's speech always makes people feel like a spring breeze.

it's not a stiff feeling of writing down lines in advance. Those words, like they are printed on his mind, can pour out whenever he wants to express them.

Hu GE's spiritual world is more charming than his bright appearance.

when he is not on the show, he will disappear.

maybe under some snowy mountain, he saw the untidy he was picking up garbage.

in places where the public does not pay attention, he is quietly doing public welfare to help poor children go to school.

some people will say, why bother? With so much money, isn't it good to enjoy life?

in him, the status of a big star is just a job.

he is willing to spend more time to feel the meaning of life and to bring as much help as he can to those in need.

his spiritual affluence has long exceeded his material needs.

"now that I have survived, I will not live in vain."

that's what Mei Changsu said, and that's what Hu GE wanted to say.

too many people, in the pursuit of fame and wealth, gradually lose their desire for material things and forget the original purpose of our coming to the world.

it is gratifying that in this era of fast food, there is still a person pursuing a life of slow stew.

once saw an interview about Chen Daoming.

at that time, he filmed Fortress besieged and played Fang Hung-chien. In order to figure out the psychology of the characters, he visited Mr. Qian Zhongshu several times.

he said that at that time he felt quite impetuous, but in the process of chatting with Mr. Qian, he felt particularly pitiful-- even in front of learning.

because Mr. Qian's life is completely different from the luxurious and enjoyable life that others seek.

Mr. Qian's home is very simple.

No VCR, no TV, no telephone, only a room full of books.

Chen Daoming said: do you know what is the only thing ringing in his house? Medicine pot.

the medicine pot pops as soon as it's time.

other than that, there is no interference.

in Qian Lao's home, you can smell the smell of books, enjoy the real silence, and feel what calmness is.

"all of a sudden you feel like you are nothing in front of that culture!"

this story touches me a lot.

Old Qian at that time was already a master of literature and an excellent writer.

he is fully capable of enjoying a more expensive life, buying high-end household appliances and living in a bigger house.

but he doesn't want those.

for him, they are all dispensable things outside the body.

what he needs is only books, an undisturbed space, which is enough to enrich his inner and spiritual world.

the world is busy with its business, constantly adding to its own life.

want more money, beautiful clothes and jewelry, a bigger house and a better car.

but will those who have all these things be satisfied with their hearts?

there will be people who have bigger and prettier houses, better cars, more expensive clothes and jewelry than you.

once the valve of desire is opened, it is difficult to stop.

this is also the reason why it is difficult for many of us to be happy.

We have been looking for material satisfaction, but we have forgotten the prosperity of the spiritual world.

in fact, we should do some subtraction in life and think clearly about what is really needed.

from the main road to simplicity, to control complexity with simplicity.

as Wang Yangming said:

"to reduce one's desire is to regain one's sense, how light, free and easy, how easy it is."

people live to the extreme, that is, plain and simple.

in the book minimalism, there is a sentence:

"minimalism does not mean that you have nothing, but that you cross the ocean of matter and find what is really important."

do you still remember Wei Dongyi, a math sweeper of Peking University?

the photo of him holding a steamed bread and a mineral water bottle attracted attention.

but his resume shines brightly:

won two gold medals with full marks in the International Mathematical Olympiad; four gold medals and one all-around prize in S.T. Yau Mathematics Competition; sent off Peking University and rejected Harvard; became an assistant professor of Peking University at a young age.

in theory, such a young and promising person should, like many young people, enjoy life and pursue material abundance.

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but Wei Dongyi won't.

three meals a day, either steamed bread or a meal at the economic window of Peking University's restaurant, and a plate of rice with green vegetables will solve the problem.

some netizens sent him a water cup, which he used to use. He still took his own mineral water bottle to drink, and the water was still picked up in the teaching building.

A sportswear and cloth shoes is his daily dress.

monthly expenses, no more than 300 yuan.

No TV, no Wechat, no short videos on social platforms, etc.

because he has won numerous awards and the salary of an assistant professor at Peking University, Wei Dongyi is actually an invisible millionaire.

but he doesn't value external things at all.

as one of his teachers commented:

"he just doesn't care about what we care about. Everything he cares about is in the mathematical world, and mathematics brings him more fun than what to eat, what to drink, what to wear."

minimize material desires and have more time to create spiritual wealth.

when one becomes rich in heart and full in spirit, he will not be bound by material desires.

where our time and energy is spent, your future and direction will be there.

Thoreau said this paragraph in Walden:

"you need to plunge deeply into life, suck the bone marrow of life, and live a solid and simple life.

get rid of all the contents that do not belong to life neatly, forcing life to a dead end, the most basic form, simple, simple, again simple. "

and if you want to do this, you have to learn to subtract your life.

the first thing is to reduce your desires.

think about it, do you often look at a closet full of clothes and yell that you have nothing to wear? do you feel like you want to buy jewelry bags recommended by others?

but do you really have to have these?

secondly, reduce useless socializing.

it takes too much time and energy to maintain a relationship, and there are often only a few who can help you when you really need it.

spend all your time on meaningless socializing, but forget that the one who needs company most is the family.

late-night wine is not as good as early morning porridge.

partying every night, it's better to have a long talk with your family and read at night.

only by freeing up these spaces can we have some peace of mind.

"I think people's mental maturity should be a process of gradual elimination. Know what is most important to you and what is not important.

then be a simple person. "


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