Henan is the most powerful "nail household", threatening not to tear it down even if it is worth 10 billion. Expert: his house really can't be demolished.
Henan is the most powerful "nail household", threatening not to tear it down even if it is worth 10 billion. Expert: his house really can't be demolished.
For this persistence and inheritance of the original intention, like.

in the eyes of secular people, demolition means getting rich overnight and being able to lie down and win in the rest of life.

many people dream of becoming demolition households, but some people are unmoved by the high demolition subsidies and would rather be nailed households than demolition households.

for example, Ren Jinling in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, the real estate developer repeatedly raised the amount of compensation for him: "We can give you 100 million, as long as you agree to demolish."

that's 100 million!

with this money, what kind of house can't be bought?

Don Jinling can be unmoved, no matter how the real estate developers negotiate, he just won't let go.

is it Ren Jinling's stubbornness, or is there something else? what secret is hidden in the house?

one day in 2007, Dongshima Village in Henan Province ushered in a new news: due to the needs of urban construction, the village will be demolished and rebuilt.

this news is nothing more than a pleasant surprise to ordinary villagers.

after all, after demolition, in addition to the allocation of new houses, they will also get a lot of demolition subsidies.

and this expensive subsidy is enough to bring about earth-shaking changes in the lives of ordinary families.

the villagers rushed to tell each other, gathered around happily, and actively signed the consent form for demolition.

but when it came to Ren Jinling, the owner of Ren's courtyard, the real estate developer hit a brick wall.

Ren Jinling does not agree to demolition. The real estate developer offered: "Ren pops, we'll give you 30 million compensation for the demolition money."

but Ren Jinling refused in a tough manner.

the real estate developer came to the door again: "Don't you just want more money?" The special application for compensation will be increased to 80 million. "

Ren Jinling still shook his head, but no matter what decision he made, ten cows could not be pulled back.

but the real estate developers do not believe in evil, and they think wishfully that if someone does not agree to demolition, it must be that the money is not in place.

in order to make the demolition proceed smoothly, they decided to set a precedent to feed the appetite of nail households.

but unexpectedly, when they increased the price of the compensation from 30 million to 100 million, the Don simply refused, and there was no room for negotiation.

Ren Jinling was annoyed. As soon as he saw the group, he shook his broom and tried to drive them out.

"wait a minute, pops, if you think the compensation is small, we can increase it to 100 million, and you'll think about it."

"I will not agree to demolition!" My house can't be torn down! Even if you give me 1 billion, 10 billion, I won't agree! " The Don said excitedly.

"you don't agree. What about your family?" Don't they want the compensation of 100 million yuan? "

this group of people are still persevering, vainly trying to contain Ren Jinling with family affection, so that Ren Jinling can not be refuted.

"they won't agree, let's go! Let's go! " Ren Jinling waved a broom and drove them out.

seeing Ren Jinling firmly disagreed with demolition, many villagers also came to persuade him:

"have you thought this through? 100 million yuan, with this money, children and grandchildren will not have to worry about the rest of their lives. "

but Ren Jinling said that the neighbors were speechless:

"100 million yuan can indeed buy a lot of things, but some things are priceless, and once they are gone, they really can't come back."

what he called "something that cannot be bought back with 100 million yuan" is the Ren family compound.

seeing that Ren Jinling could not be persuaded, the real estate developers simply adopted the final strategy and directly started construction, so that the nail households would become an "isolated island" in the demolition area.

the water and electricity in Ren's courtyard were cut off, and there was no electricity, so the Don had to buy candles for lighting.

there is no water, so Don can only dig his own well.

without the phone line, Don bought a mobile phone for the first time to keep in touch with the outside world.

sometimes the ancient tiles of the old house will be secretly taken away by the builders, and Ren Jinling is extremely distressed.

without fear, he approached the real estate developer for a theory, and even prepared to sue them. It was only then that the people on the construction site reined in, and the ancient tile was no longer lost.

this incident made Ren Jinling pass nervously for some time, fearing that if he didn't pay attention, the old house would be destroyed.

after all, Ren's courtyard is his weakness.

my daughter loves Ren Jinling: "Dad, why don't you move out?"

Ren Jinling refused: "I can't leave the compound. I've moved out, and they're going to tear it down."

although the daughter was anxious, she also understood her father's mood of guarding the old house.

because my father used to say, "this old house has been passed on for a hundred years, and I can't let it be destroyed."

the Ren family has a deep affection for the old house in Ren's courtyard.

the old house has a history of more than 200 years since it was built during the reign of Qianlong in 1775.

some of the Ren family members who have lived in old houses have been court officials and some have been businessmen.

those exquisite carvings and collections have also been hidden by the Ren family, and the old house is now obscure and even somewhat decadent.

in order to preserve the old house, the Ren family of all ages can be said to have exhausted their painstaking efforts.

my father held Ren Jinling's advice on his deathbed.Pass:

"the family motto of the Ren family is' Poetry Rites, Budeshien'.

be sure to protect Ren's compound at all times. "

Ren Jinling remembered his father's last words. He has lived in the old house since he was a child and spent most of his life in the old house. He can't let the old house be cut off in his own hands and the roots of the Ren family.

in Ren Jinling's mind, this house is not only the inheritance of its own family, but also the inheritance of national culture.

the real estate developers sighed all day long in the face of this old man who did not enter the oil and salt. They did not expect the old man to be so stubborn.

"Sir, what on earth are you looking for? This is the only dilapidated house that is not worth 100 million. "

Ren Jinling heard an explanation like a protective calf:

"although my house is dilapidated, it is a cultural relic handed down from our ancestors.

if you don't believe me, get an expert to have a look. "

the real estate developers were skeptical. They wanted to see the old man make a big joke, so they called in an expert to determine whether the house was worth anything.

the appraisal experts came to investigate and identify Ren's compound when they heard the news.

Ren Jinling did not stop it and said to them, "come with me."

I saw a large plaque on the gate of the courtyard, which read "Wangzhongrucheng", which was reengraved by later generations, and the original plaque has been lost.

the eaves are engraved with words such as "Emperor's grace is mighty" and "the son of Heaven is ten thousand years", which have been identified as the authentic works of famous calligraphers.

he led the experts and staff into the house. As soon as he entered the gate, he pointed to the two exquisite stone carvings on both sides and said, "these are all things of the past."

after Ren Jinling's explanation, everyone knew that the plaque was written by Emperor Daoguang of the Qing Dynasty and was given to Ren Derun, who had been a member of the second grade of the Ren family.

Diaolianghuadong, brick walls and ancient tiles, every part of the old house reveals delicacy and a sense of age.

you can see that the people who built the yard in the first place devoted a lot of painstaking efforts.

there are even agricultural supplies and old objects of different ages in the courtyard, such as looms and old dustpans, from which we can vaguely see the historical development of the past few hundred years.

after appraisal, the expert sighed with surprise:

"this is not an ordinary old house! This is clearly a museum with the value of historical relics! "

Ren's family kept the dilapidated appearance of the old house in order to prevent the cultural relics from being stolen and damaged, but there was a universe inside.

many cultural relics were sealed with mud by their families so as not to be destroyed.

in order to continue to protect Ren's compound, Ren Jinling finally decided to apply to the Provincial Bureau of Cultural relics for the construction of a private museum.

in 2017, after many applications, Ren Jinling was finally approved by the Henan Provincial Bureau of Cultural relics. Ren Jiayuan has since been named "Tianxiang Museum".

this has also become Zhengzhou's "Dahe Daily Little reporter Research Base" and a business card for Zhengzhou's cultural tourism.

Ren Jinling has become the curator, caretaker, caretaker and commentator of this private museum. His greatest pleasure every day is to show tourists around for free.

in order to make the compound better and more fully displayed in front of tourists, Ren Jinling decided to renovate the old house with his own hands.

he re-reinforced the courtyard wall, trimmed the tile and brick floor of the roof, and installed cameras around the courtyard wall.

he picked up the carpenter's craftsmanship he had learned in his youth and knocked on the mending in the yard every day.

during the holidays, Ren Jinling and his family hung red lights and affixed couplets and lucky words to the compound.

Ren Jinling leads his family to trim the flowers and trees in the yard every spring and summer.

nearby schools often organize students to visit, and some tourists who are interested in traditional culture also come.

Ren Jinling will enthusiastically explain the history and family instructions of the Ren family, as well as all the cultural relics of the old house.

these inanimate cultural relics have come alive after the explanation of Father Ren.

if Ren Jinling had been moved by 100 million compensation and sold his old house, there would be no Tianxiang Museum today.

if Ren Jinling's sons and daughters wanted to do the "demolition of the second generation" instead of supporting him in guarding the old house, there would not be the tourism splendor of the "Tianxiang Museum."

if Ren's family loves wealth and possessions, can't resist the temptation of money, and pawn these famous calligraphy and paintings and antique porcelain, then these cultural relics will be lost, causing irreparable losses to the country.

Ren Jinling said: "being able to keep the old house handed down from my ancestors is the greatest happiness of my life."

now that Ren Jinling and his wife are old and unable to explain their work, the management of the Ren family compound has been handed over to his daughter-in-law.

Ren's family is passed on from generation to generation, inheriting the legacy of their ancestors, well protecting everything in Ren's compound, and showing these green bricks and ancient tiles spanning two hundred years of history in front of today.

this is also in line with the old saying: even if there is Jinshan and Yinshan, it is difficult to buy cultural heritage.


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, like this original intention of adhering to and inheriting.