He who can turn around will never lose.
He who can turn around will never lose.
There is no winter that is insurmountable, no spring that will not come.

Mo Yanzeng lamented:

"the world is like a book, the pages are turned over. People should look forward and dig less into the past. "

in the face of the past, some people indulge in it and come to a standstill, while others can get out in time and cope with the changes of the world.

the difficult problems of life can only be solved by not having mood ups and downs for temporary gains and losses, and not sighing for regret and pain.

on the thorny road of life, those who will turn around will never lose.

turn around in the face of failure

Bai Yansong wrote in Bai Shuo:

"how to face failure is a compulsory course in everyone's life."

ups and downs are the norm in a person's life.

in the face of frustration, some people doubt themselves and fail to recover, while others can accept it calmly, and the more frustrated they become, the more brave they become.

Zhang Weili has encountered Waterloo twice in her boxing career.

in the boxing match last April, she was confidently beaten by Ross in just 78 seconds.

this defeat not only lost the golden belt, but also directly put an end to the legend of 21 consecutive victories.

there was an uproar on the field, Ross was ecstatic, and she was drowned out by mockery.

the coach advised her to keep a normal heart in the competition, but Zhang Weili turned a deaf ear.

day after day of hard training, not only did not improve the technology, but increased the psychological burden.

she became worried about gains and losses for fear of losing to her opponent again.

in the match, with a lot on her mind, she was so worried about boxing that Ross caught the flaw and lost again.

walking off the field, Zhang Weili said with emotion, "when you are afraid of losing, you will be afraid of your hands and feet, but you are more likely to fail."

she adjusted her state and focused on each boxing technique. When there was no progress in boxing and restless, she practiced meditation to calm her mood.

slowly, she came out of the shadow of failure, and the rest of the game was a triumph.

the more you experience, the more you understand that it is an accident to get what you want in life, and it is normal for things to go against your wishes.

if you are bitter about a disappointment, the frustration will become a knot, and when you encounter a similar situation, the shadow of the past will influence our judgment and lead to a repeat of the failure.

most of the time, it is not the setbacks themselves that trap us, but the self-remorse that is difficult to dispel after experiencing setbacks.

there is not a winter that is insurmountable, not a spring that will not come.

as long as you can turn around in time, wave goodbye to the dark past, and live the life in front of you without distractions, you will eventually break through the siege and forge ahead.

turn around in the face of achievement

recently, "Hidden into the Dust" exploded, and the figure of Haiqing wrapped in a headscarf and standing in the yellow sand brightened the eyes of many viewers.

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after all, most of her on the screen is the image of her mother in a small dress and short hair.

starred in this play, in Haiqing's words: "this is a good opportunity to break through yourself, and we can't miss it."

after arriving at the destination, Haiqing was completely dumbfounded, with yellow sand all over the sky, rows of shabby adobe houses, and not even toilets.

the broker backed down and advised Haiqing to go back, but Haiqing stayed firmly.

in order to perform Guiying's staggering posture, Haiqing walked six kilometers askew every day to scoliosis before she had a lifelike performance in the movie.

Hai Qing was not satisfied with the wedding photo shoot for two weeks. "my performance marks are too heavy," she said. His eyes are bright, unlike Guiying. "

looking wrong, she repeatedly looked back at the video for inspiration and practiced in front of the mirror until her eyes were sour and her smile was full of bitterness.

within a year, Hai Qing seemed to be ten years older, his hair dishevelled and his back bent.

many people lamented that it was not worth it, but she laughed and said, "that's right. I have to get rid of my previous acting experience in order to play Guiying well."

her efforts paid off, and the film made a counterattack at the box office, making it the only Chinese-language film to be selected for the Berlin Film Festival this year.

in life, many people's growth path is opened and stranded because of achievement.

when the laurel is added, I can't help being complacent and showing off everywhere is boring;

when he was in the lead for a while, he thought everything would be all right, lost his ambition, and was finally overtaken by others.

if you dwell on your past achievements, you will inevitably lose the motivation to continue to forge ahead.

writer Ono wrote in extremely simple Force:

"if you return yourself to zero at the right time, you will continue to pursue excellence."

keep the mentality of empty cup and bid farewell to the prosperity of the past, so that you can continue to work in the new soil and reap more results.

turn around in the face of injury

there is a good saying: injury is like being hit by an arrow. all we can do is turn around in time and never hit the second arrow.

in "it must be you", the story of job seeker Hao Qingxi makes people sad.

Hao Qingxi is a senior executive of the company with a stable income and a comfortable life.

when his daughter is about to be born, he wants to earn some extra money to support his family after work.

after he became aware of the matter, he advised him to invest in the project at hand and pat his chest to ensure that he would make a steady profit..

without hesitation, Hao Qingxi handed over all his savings to Fa Xiao.

who would have thought that after receiving the money, he disappeared, leaving Hao Qingxi with a debt of only 750000 yuan.

the house missed all night's rain when he received the news of layoffs in the company.

unemployment, debt, both mountains fell on his shoulders.

in order to pay his debts, he travels around to do odd jobs. At the age of 36, he is already gray at the temples.

hearing this, Tu Lei could not help saying, "he made you suffer so hard, don't you hate him?"

Hao Qingxi's eyes turned red, but he shook his head and said, "my life is very difficult. I don't have time to hate him." Finding a new job is the most important thing. "

several bosses applauded him one after another, and one boss said bluntly, "after listening to your story, I admire you even more. I am willing to give you a chance and believe that you will survive."

Lu Xiaoman wrote in "moving forward with the Day": there is no one in this world without injury.

in a person's life, there will always be a few people who pay their hearts wrong and a few heartbreaking things.

if you open the books of hatred again and again and count each injury, you will only make yourself fall into a sea of misery and make your life worse.

the best way to protect yourself is to close the ledger and stop entangling with bad people and bad things.

to turn around in the face of injury is not to compromise with the enemy or to reconcile the wrong, but to pull your heart away from the quagmire of resentment.

Life is originally a spiritual practice, we should learn to put aside the devastated past and re-find the beautiful scenery of life.

turn around in the face of regret

there is such a story in the Muslim Funeral:

Liang Yiqing and Han Ziqi master and apprentice are highly skilled jade carvers. At the end of his later years, master Liang Yiqing received the jade carving business of Zheng he nautical Chart.

this picture is already a masterpiece. If it can be carved into a treasure ship, it will cause a sensation.

in order to do a good job in the treasure ship, the master put off all his work, started work before dawn, and did not rest until midnight.

after three years, the treasure ship has been gradually carved, and the master and apprentice are looking forward to the finished product.

seeing the treasure ship destroyed in his own hands, Liang Yiqing was so heartbroken that he could not bear the blow that his previous efforts had been wasted, so he vomited blood and died in a fit of anger.

Han Ziqi burst into tears when he saw the master's tragedy and vowed to finish the master's unfinished work.

under the support of this belief, he forgot his regrets and started all over again, carving day and night regardless of cold and summer.

another three years passed, the treasure ship was reborn in his hands, and the master's name was engraved on the bottom of the ship, which will be handed down forever.

Zhang Zao has a wonderful saying: "when I think of the things I regret in my life, the plum blossoms are all over Nanshan."

in this life, there are not as many surprises as regrets.

perhaps it is the people who get separated before they have time to say goodbye, or the things that fail with all their strength. These erroneous arrangements make us regret and sad in retrospect.

in countless midnight dreams, I can't help thinking: if I had worked harder at that time, would the outcome have been different?

but we all know from the bottom of our hearts that correcting some mistakes will not help, and some people can only watch and go far no matter how reluctant they are to give up.

instead of struggling with regret, it is better to accept irreparable regrets and try to make up for what can be improved.

when you get out of the shackles of obsession, you will find that losses that were once unacceptable will come back in another way.

in the face of regret, between twists and turns, you will be reunited with luck.

there is a good saying:

"when you encounter an insurmountable hurdle on the road of life, it is not for you to stay where you are, but to teach you to turn around and find a smooth road again."

when failure comes, bravely turn around and not be bothered by anxiety;

when honor is added, you should turn around soberly and expand your territory in new areas.

when you get hurt, turn around calmly and stay away from the bondage of grudges and grudges.

after experiencing regret, turn around and live a bright and leisurely life.

, for the rest of our lives, may we all have the wisdom to turn around, walk calmly in the rugged world, and meet the new beauty unexpectedly.

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