Hate a person, the most advanced way of dealing with
Hate a person, the most advanced way of dealing with
Your life is always in your own hands.

two days ago, my friend Xiao Li went to a classmate reunion and came back to say that she had met the classmate she hated most when she was a student, but they said hello with a smile.

I was surprised because they had a lot of trouble at school, and everyone knew it.

she smiled and said:

"what's with this? I'm used to it. Anyway, I will meet some annoying people who have to get along with me everywhere. "

Yes, as Mr. Yang Jiang said: "alive, there are always things you don't like, and there are always people you don't like."

when we are alive, we can't avoid meeting annoying people. We should learn how to correctly deal with our dislike and make our life more comfortable.

by doing the following three things, you can deal with annoyance in the most advanced way and make the annoying people around you more pleasing to the eye.


take it calmly, that is, do not argue.

there is such a story:

one day, Confucius' disciple Zi Gong was cleaning the yard when a man came up and asked, "are you a disciple of Confucius?"

Zigong replied, "Yes, what can I do for you?"

the man said he wanted to ask a question and put forward a condition: the wrong party should kowtow to the right party three times.

both agreed. He asked a question about time: how many seasons are there in a year?

Zi Gong blurted out: "four Seasons."

but this man thinks that there are only three seasons in a year, so the two argue endlessly.

Confucius heard the sound and came out of the house, and the two let Confucius decide.

Confucius first observed for a while, and then replied, "there are only three seasons in a year. Zi Gong lost. Let's kowtow quickly."

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Zi Gong saw that the teacher had said so, so he had to go forward and kowtow three times. Seeing this, the man laughed and left.

Zi Gong doesn't understand. This is different from what the teacher used to teach, and there are indeed four seasons in a year.

Confucius replied:

"the man was dressed in green and insisted that there were only three seasons a year. He was clearly a grasshopper.

Grasshoppers live in spring, die in autumn, and have never seen winter.

if you don't go along with him, even if you argue for three days and nights, there will be no result. "


think about it:

if the two people don't get the answer they want, so they keep arguing, and each one persuades the other, or even gets angry about it.

you may end up regretting these results.

Schopenhauer once said, "getting angry at other people's behavior is as stupid as losing your temper with a stone."

when we clearly know that it is impossible to agree with each other, what we should do at this time is not quarrel, senseless quarrel can only block ourselves.

it can be described as "summer worms can not talk about ice". It is the best way to deal with people who do not argue with annoying people and take it calmly.

take it easy

A sister, Xiaomei, who is in high school, feels that her friends are alienating her recently. She told me about recent events.

it turned out that Xiaomei found that there was a girl around her who spoke ill of herself. She thought it was very bad, so she didn't continue to play with this girl.

Xiao Mei told other friends about this. She thought that other friends would alienate the girl as she did, but she didn't.

everyone knows about this, but it seems that only Xiaomei takes it as a thing.

Xiaomei began to stare at the girl and kept telling her friends what bad things the girl did today and what bad things she would do tomorrow.

things became more and more serious. One day Xiaomei saw this girl talking with another girl who had bullied her. She thought the two of them were speaking ill of her.

she told her friend about it, and the friend said something to her:

"you don't realize that you have been prejudiced against her, so you fall into self-doubt, speculate on others maliciously, staring at her every day, trying to find evidence, but so what? you've made a mess of your life."

Yes, because she hated this girl, Xiao Mei always held prejudices against this girl, fell into infinite anxiety and doubt, and gradually became not like herself.

Open your heart, put aside your prejudices, be able to afford it, let it go, and face the people you hate calmly.

it can be said that "a gentleman is magnanimous". It is the best way to deal with people who are not prejudiced and treated calmly.

all of a sudden

have seen a question: how to be angry with the people you hate?

here is a high-praise answer as follows:

when he doesn't exist.

does not exist, it will suddenly take care of itself.

Wang Anshi wrote in climbing Feilai Peak: "I am not afraid of floating clouds covering my eyes, because I am at the top of the mountain."

if you stand tall, the clouds will not cover your eyes. Similarly, if I am open-minded and live my life happily, there will be no annoying people.

my friend Xizi has recently been in an internship. After the internship was over, Xizi, whose original advantage was not very obvious, succeeded in getting a job.

Xizi interns with two other interns in the company, one of whom is special.She likes to do some little tricks behind her back. Heizi and another intern don't like her very much.

as a result, another intern often quarreled with her, and the two pointed at each other.

and Xizi ignored her initial small moves, but tried to do her job well.

Heizi said:

"at first, it was because I knew what I wanted, so I didn't care about that annoying person, but later I figured out that only I am good is really good."

the reason for that girl's little tricks is also because she wants to get the job, but Xizi got the job through her own efforts and improved herself better.

looking at another girl, she felt comfortable at first, but in the process of hating each other, she accidentally trapped herself in the same place and forgot what she wanted.

it can be said that "take a step back", cultivate your heart well and suddenly take care of yourself, which is the best way to deal with it.

as Oscar Wilde said: "to live happily is the best revenge."

there will always be people who don't like it, but he is just a passer-by in your life, and you are the resident. The most important thing is to live your life well.

your life is always in your own hands, and as long as you are strong enough, you can decide when people you don't like are out.

I hope everyone's life can be better and better, so that annoying people become "pleasing to the eye".