Guan Xuan divorced! The actor used up his fortune for his wife's medical treatment, married for 18 years, but was "abandoned" at the age of 60.
Guan Xuan divorced! The actor used up his fortune for his wife's medical treatment, married for 18 years, but was "abandoned" at the age of 60.
Love yourself well and live your life well is a lifelong task for everyone to learn.




recently, the second season of the tear gas show Goodbye Love begins.

A Hong Kong star couple has attracted everyone's attention-Ai Wei and Chen Meiling.

Ai Wei is a veteran actor in Hong Kong and a gold medal supporting role in TVB. He can be seen in many Hong Kong dramas. His wife, Chen Meiling, was born as a beauty champion.

the two have always been model couples in the entertainment industry.

they were barren after 18 years of marriage and raised a puppy together.

Chen Meiling once died of uterine fibroids and complications. In order to take care of his wife, Ai Wei was so thin that she almost spent all her savings, and was even willing to donate her liver and kidney.

is such a couple who have known each other for 31 years and married for 18 years, but choose to separate and divorce after sharing hardships.

on the show, Ivy admitted that it was a bold act to make the choice of divorce at the age of 60.

in the face of the divorce, Chen Meiling still burst into tears and seemed unwilling to face it.

what happened to the most touching couple in the entertainment industry?

in 2014, Chen Meiling Lisa's belly was getting bigger and bigger. When she went to the hospital for examination, she found that her uterus had a tumor weighing 12 jin.

but Lisa is reluctant to undergo surgery, and her procrastination has led to more serious diseases-polycystic liver, hepatoascites and so on.

at that time, Lisa, who was seriously ill, almost died and underwent three surgeries in two months. Ai Wei spent all his family's millions of savings.

also told her not to worry, if necessary, he would donate his liver and kidney to her.

in this way, after a lot of hardships, Lisa was pulled back from the dead door.

Ai Wei stopped all her work and stayed in bed to take care of her.

although her health has improved, Lisa has a family history and both of her brothers died of liver disease.

so she often worried that she would die at any time, and sometimes she would cry to Ivy in the middle of the night and say:

I don't want to die. "

and Ivy would take her by the hand and say:

"you won't die if I'm here."

Ivy went to sleep holding Lisa's hand almost every night before the two decided to separate.

in the face of her husband's giving and love, Lisa once said sweetly: it's hard to find a husband like you again, and I hope I can meet you again in the next life.

program, when talking about the two men's first acquaintance, Ivy recalled with a smile that he fell in love with his wife Lisa at first sight.

when asked who the couple chased whom, Ivy also said proudly, "of course I chased her."

when Lisa mentioned her husband Ai Wei, he kept praising him for being a very nice person.

even though the two have been separated for two years, Lisa still looks like a young girl in love when she sees Ivy again after a long time.

as soon as they meet, they care about each other's bodies. "are you in good health?" and "are you warm enough?" every word is about each other.

from the way they get along, you can still see the true feelings between them.

for such a couple, it is hard to imagine why they would choose to separate.

Lisa is still emotional when it comes to the decision to separate.

she said that since she separated from her husband, she had no "home".

in the first month, she washed her face with tears every day. She didn't understand why two people who were so in love separated because of a trifle.

Aiwei also said that he also wants to live in peace and tranquillity. After all, he is in his sixties, but divorce is the only solution he thinks.

during the dinner session, someone asked them, what on earth is the reason for the divorce?

Ai Wei's answer surprised people-- playing mahjong.

even Ivy himself said that this reason is not ridiculous.

it turns out that Lisa began to go out to play mahjong a year after the operation.

at first, Ivy supported his wife's hobby and would pick him up in person every time.

but gradually, Lisa, who suffers from hepatoascites, is addicted to mahjong.

I often didn't answer the phone and didn't go home until the middle of the night. For the longest time, she went out from 11:00 in the morning and didn't go home until the next day.

worried that Lisa's long illness could not bear it, Ai Wei discouraged her many times not to indulge in it, and the two made an agreement that she should go home at 11:00 every night.

but Lisa said yes, but still didn't do it. The two men discussed and quarreled more than a dozen times.

Ai Wei, who finally couldn't stand it, issued an ultimatum:

if you play mahjong again, I will divorce you.

after Lisa stopped for three months, she calmly said to Ivy, "I'm out playing mahjong," and then went out.

since then, Ai Wei decided to divorce his wife, packed all his things and moved out of the home where the two had lived together for 18 years.

in the program, Ai Wei mentioned this matter, still in a difficult mood, he questioned his wife again and again:

"I told you once in the evening that I would get divorced if I played mahjong again, and I mentioned it again the next morning."

"have you ever thought that you would divorce me if you went out?"

"do you ever regret it?"

while Chen Meiling listened quietly to Ai Wei's question and hesitated to speak, she said,

of course there are regrets.

Ivy asked her again,

what on earth did you think then? Did you forget? I really want to know.

Lisa was silent for a long time and finally burst into tears. She never said what she really thought.

then the show asked Lisa why he didn't explain it to Ivy.

Lisa said he had too much pressure and never told Ivy, and he didn't want to contradict him in front of everyone and make him lose face.

even at this time, Lisa is still taking care of Ivy's face.

even though Ai Wei questioned her in the manner of the adjudicator mercilessly in front of the crowd, she still tolerated grievances to save his face.

even if she has been married for 18 years, she does all the housework at home, just because Ivy doesn't like it, she can tolerate everything about him without complaining.

and Ivy doesn't love Lisa?

"I don't know if you've ever been in bed, but it's a very tiresome thing. It is only your love for him that will keep you going. "

and Ivy's repeated questioning of his wife also shows what he really cares about.

what he cares about is not Lisa going out to play mahjong, but his weight in the heart of Lisa. What he cares about is whether it is important for Lisa to pay for so many years.

as Sun Yi said, "it is because I love you that I will give with all my heart; if you love me too, don't let me suffer again."

when others heard them sleeping hand in hand, they all sighed, "so you still love her very much."

Ivy said bluntly, "Love, I never said I didn't love."

for Ivy, divorce is just a means he tries to solve the problem, not evidence that he no longer loves her.

the two have been separated for two years and have yet to sign a divorce.

Ai Wei said that the reason for not signing is that he is worried that Lisa or he will leave at any time, and he always needs someone to deal with his own affairs.

Ivy once told Lisa that he wanted her to go first before he left. Because he hopes to help his wife arrange all the affairs, he can leave at ease.

but Lisa and Ivy have the opposite idea, she wants the other party to go first, she can take care of him.

it is said that those who are left behind in their old age are the most miserable, and there are only memories and thoughts left in life. But they are willing to be the one who is more painful for each other.

they never say the word "love", but their behavior is full of love.

of course, they all have problems that hinder the continuation of the marriage-perhaps the desire to control, or the ability to communicate, or the ability to control themselves, and so on.

"playing mahjong" is only a superficial reason, but there may be cumulative problems and contradictions behind it.

this is the case with the breakdown of many relationships, and the trigger is often a trivial matter, but in fact, the crack already exists.

but it still doesn't stop them from being the most moving star couple I've ever seen.

it is difficult for us to see in an elderly couple that there is still light in their eyes, tenderness and concern for each other, and affection for each other.

maybe their mood is like Lin Yilian's song "words don't reach meaning":

Your best choice of long white graduation dress to show your unique sense of style. The confidence that you inspire will amaze you.

I can't communicate myself

where to start

how to translate I love you


I also want to build a bridge with you

establish a tacit understanding

but the words do not reach the meaning

in today's era when love has become a luxury, thanks to Ivy and Lisa let me see that "love" still exists.

indulging or regretting is of no use. Only loving yourself and living your life well is a lifelong task for everyone to learn.

, bless them.