From your shoes, I can see that your life is very accurate.
From your shoes, I can see that your life is very accurate.
If you can't start over, remember to love yourself.


in the movie the Life of the Shoemaker, there is a story:

one day, Max, the shoemaker, stumbled upon the secret of the old sewing machine left by his father.

No matter whose shoes are repaired by this sewing machine, when Max wears them on his feet, he will look like the owner of the shoes.

put on crocodile shoes, he becomes a black brother;

put on his father's shoes, he became a father and did the last dance with his mother;

put on high heels, he will become a graceful woman.

every time Max changes a pair of shoes, he can experience a different life, which not only adds a lot of fun to his insipid life, but also brings him profound feelings.

shoes are the things that accompany us all our lives.

as it is said in the Story of the World:

"from the first pair to the last pair, between the two pairs of shoes, askew, deep and shallow, is your whole life."

Life is like shoes, different shoes expose different attitudes towards life.

you can see all kinds of life in a pair of shoes.

shoes have a price tag, people have value

A pair of shoes costs only a few dozen yuan at the grocery stand. In shopping malls and specialty stores, the price rises to hundreds of dollars in an instant.

people. If you find the right place, the value will double.

the ancient Roman poet Oweid said: "knowing yourself and finding your place is the premise of life's brilliance."

it is difficult to succeed if the platform is not right, progress is difficult if the direction is not right, and the path is not right.

it is useless for a person to have even the best talent if he cannot see himself clearly.

heard a classic story:

the young monk often felt confused and asked the Zen master, "what is the greatest value of my life?"

the Zen master thought for a moment and said, "go to the garden and pick up a stone and sell it in the vegetable market."

if someone asks you the price, don't talk, hold out two fingers.

if he makes a counteroffer to you, don't sell it, just bring it back. "

after hearing this, the little monk took the stone to the market early the next morning and did it.

A peasant woman saw his outstretched finger and immediately offered twenty, but the little monk didn't sell it.

then the young monk took the stone to the museum and the antique shop, with bids of 2, 000 and 200000 respectively.

the Zen master touched the young monk's head and said:

"just like this stone, it's worth only $20 in the vegetable market, $2,000 in the museum, and $200000 in the antique shop!"

sometimes finding the right platform is more important than hard work.

the greatest wisdom of being a man is to choose the right platform and gain a firm foothold while improving your skills.

writer Mark Twain tried business and inadvertently lost it all.

finally, he turned to the field of writing that he was good at, exhausted his lifelong talent and effort, and finally became a generation of famous experts.

so, the direction is wrong, no matter how hard you try, everything is in vain.

the greatest sorrow in life is to draw a circle on the ground as a prison.

only by going all out in the most suitable position can we give full play to the real value and find the opportunity to turn the market against the wind.

"Li Ji University" said: "Gou Rixin, every day is new, and every day is new."

shoes will be discounted if they are not refurbished, and people will be eliminated if they do not make progress.

never be trapped by a "dead end". Get out of the well as soon as possible, break through self-restrictions, and you can get a new life.

A person's best state is to become more and more sophisticated in the right position, constantly break the situation, keep updating, and transform into a better self step by step.

there are thousands of shoes and people have hundreds of faces

Rain shoes are waterproof, sneakers are convenient for running, and high heels can be raised.

people are the same. Although the world is different, it has its own advantages after all.

Hemingway wrote in True Noble:

"it is not noble to be superior to others, but the real nobility is to be superior to who you used to be."

always thinking about comparing with others is really asking for trouble and is meaningless.

all wise people know how to lay their own foundations and walk freely in the right rhythm.

there was a young man who was fired because of poor grades in high school and later became a bus conductor. He was fired again and again because of poor math and poor mental calculation.

others mocked him for being useless.

as the saying goes:

"maybe you are useless in some fields, but that doesn't mean you are a worthless person. There is always a place waiting for you."

everyone has their own value and specific location, and everyone has their own development time zone.

there is no need to belittle yourself, everything will come on time in the time zone arranged for you by fate.

Don't envy others, wait for you to find a rhythm that suits you, and you can achieve extraordinary life by yourself.

I quite agree with Maupassant's sentence:

"people will be much happier if they can stick to what they think, don't keep up with the comparison, don't follow blindly, don't be influenced by others, and concentrate on living their own life."

in the second half of life, manage your strengths and cultivate your abilities, and the flowers will bloom naturally.

shoes should be wear-resistant, people should be resistant to frustration

writer Li Qian once said"God will test you by turning into a devil before giving you a gift."

the real strong is a soldier who is thrown to the bottom by fate and still wants to be an armored charge.

some time ago, thanks for the graduation thesis of Chen Shixin, a Liangshan student, were brushed across the network, which immediately sparked a heated discussion.

when he was in junior high school, in order to save money, he cycled more than ten kilometers between school and home every day.

in those winters, his feet grew frostbite and his hands were chapped. In summer, after being caught in the rain, his clothes and schoolbags could only be dried slowly by body temperature.

all kinds of difficulties failed to break him, and he made up his mind to get out of the mountain and change his fate by reading.

the surrounding mountains blocked his line of sight, and the hard life tempered his will.

but knowledge opened his eyes, and he cherished the hard-won opportunity to study more than others.

I can only go home twice a year, and each time I have to cross the mountains by bus for 37 hours to get home.

when he was in college, he worked hard while studying hard. He not only graduated smoothly, but also knocked on the door to further study.

behind all extraordinary things, there is a soul who grits his teeth and insists on it.

Life is full of mud and sand, how much wind and rain you can withstand, you can see how beautiful the scenery is.

there is a line in Kung Fu Panda: "the beginning of your life story may be full of ups and downs, but it doesn't affect who you become.

the key depends on your later life, and you choose how to go on. "

Wisdom comes from bitter water.

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fight with fate, how much hardship you can endure, you can do as much as you can, and you can stand a lot of training before you can keep the clouds open and see the moon.

shoes wear longer, and people are stronger if they can withstand setbacks.

when you go through the darkest moments, you will find that all the tribulations you have experienced are not a bad thing, they have led you to a better self.

put on your own shoes and go your own way

Schopenhauer said: "one of the most special weaknesses of human nature is that we care about what others think of us."

how many people are used to finding their own way with other people's maps;

wear other people's shoes and find your own happiness.

the older you get, the more you understand that the really advanced way of living is to put on your own shoes and go your own way.

Yuan Quan won the Best Actress Award at this year's popular Film hundred Flowers Award.

Yuan Quan started Beijing drifters's career at the age of 11, won numerous awards at a young age, and was inducted into the "Centennial Hall of Fame of Chinese Drama".

unlike other actors, Yuan Quan spends most of his time honing his acting skills on the drama stage.

Huang Bo, who worked with her in the play "alive", once described Yuan Quan as "one of the best actresses of our time."

Yuan Quan has always maintained a clear understanding of his halo.

in order to play well as the flight attendant in Captain China, Yuan Quan went to the Sichuan Airlines simulation module for training three months in advance to consult and learn from the character prototype.

even when I get home, I don't forget to train to "keep the feeling of my career on my body."

after the broadcast of "Chinese Captain", a reporter asked about the actress's midlife crisis.

Yuan Quan replied confidently: "I don't have any so-called crisis."

while other actresses are anxious about age and care about other people's comments, she is calm and calm, focusing on what she loves and living at ease.

never be affected by the noise of the outside world, and you don't have to live in other people's comments, let alone evaluate other people's lives in order to reap good times.

as a friend in moments wrote:

"their lives are not easy, their demands are different, and their positions are different. Do not practice yourself in the hearts of others, and do not force others in your own hearts."

the so-called "wakefulness in the world" probably means

tailor yourself, concentrate on living the present, and walk through this life with a clear conscience.

the variety of shoes hides the philosophy of life.

writer Bi Shumin once said, "Don't just covet the luxury of shoes and wronge your feet.

what others see is shoes, but what they feel is feet.


in the coming days, please stand in the right place, do what you like, get along with people who are in tune, and live the life you want.

do not please others, do not worry too much, do not fear the wind and rain, learn to take care of their own emotions, take care of their own feelings.

if you can't start over, remember to love yourself.

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