Everything I meet in my life is here to ferry you.
Everything I meet in my life is here to ferry you.
Every arrangement you encounter is made by God to ferry you.


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in this world, some people lament that they were born at the wrong time.

some people mourn their lack of talent, while others complain that God has treated themselves unfairly.

in fact, God has always been fair.

God gives you karma behind the people and things you meet in your whole life.

when these four situations occur in your hit, it means that God is crossing you, don't believe it.

the trough is a change for the better

"normal people do their best, those who are high also fall, there will be divorce, and those who live will die."

the world is changeable, where there is joy, there is sorrow, and where there is glory, there is trough.

when you are at a low ebb and there is no way to retreat, it actually gives you a turn for the better.

there is such a story:

A donkey fell into a dry well.

seeing that there was no hope of rescue, the owner had to bury it in the well.

when the dirt fell on the donkey for the first time, it gave a desperate hiss.

but it wasn't long before the well became quiet.

it turned out that more and more soil had accumulated in the dry well, but it became the mat of the donkey's feet, and finally sent it safely to the ground.

everyone has such a "dry well" moment when he is alive.

there is a good saying: "Destiny gives you a trough, you should regard it as a rising place."

when you encounter difficulties, never complain about the injustice of heaven.

use the trough as nourishment, and it will be the best value-added period of your life.

at the end of the Qin Dynasty, Xiang Yu led tens of thousands of soldiers to confront hundreds of thousands of men.

outnumbered by the enemy and us, Xiang Yu's subordinates were demoralized and depressed.

seeing that he was about to lose the battle, Xiang Yu decisively smashed the boat and cooking utensils, leaving everyone unable to retreat. On the contrary, he aroused the courage of the soldiers and won the battle with great efforts.

when the mountain and water are exhausted, it is not only the perseverance that will never give up, but also the courage to deal with suffering.

Eagles cannot spread their wings until they are reborn, and iron can only be tempered into steel.

people who have not experienced great ups and downs will always lack a pair of armor to withstand the wind and rain.

the collision and suppression of life and fate, from another point of view, is a God-given opportunity.

all things have yin and yang, and when they go down to the extreme, they must rebound.

when a man is in a desperate situation, no matter how he comes, it is a new beginning.

when you are at a low ebb, no matter how you go, you are going uphill.

as the ancients said, "the ice of the abyss is three feet thick, and the fish is shallow at the bottom."

when people are in the trough, they learn from the swimming fish hidden under the glacier in winter.

Don't worry about probing your head, but calm down and wait for the spring to bloom.

Don't be afraid no matter how difficult life is. As soon as the sun comes, the darkness will disperse. When you break through the desperate situation, you will be reborn.

suffering is a God-given growth

you can't make everyone like you in this world.

some people welcome you, some people reject you; some people please you, others torture you.

in the face of people and things that embarrass you, treat them optimistically, that is to help you grow.

to be negative, it can only hurt people's heart and can't be defeated.

on the way of life, those who come to torture you, give you suffering, and do everything possible to make things difficult for you will only make you stronger.

hundreds of years ago, Kangxi celebrated his 60th birthday and hosted a "banquet for thousands of people".

dinner, he raised his glass and said, "this glass of wine is to my opponent."

for Kangxi, whether it was Aobai, Wu Sangui, Zheng Jing, Gaerdan, or Prince Zhu, Kangxi was forced to embarrass him several times, but it was they who made Kangxi successful.

those who have fallen once will see clearly where the pit is, and those who have suffered a loss will understand that the heart is unpredictable.

experienced these near-death, but also forced you to break the cocoon into a butterfly.

Please remember that all the people who come to torture you in life are sent by God to transform you, to cross your reverse Bodhisattva.

when you encounter scenery, it is a warning from God

in the Southern Song Dynasty, there was a man named Chen Ziqiang, who came from a poor background and wanted to get ahead.

by chance and coincidence, he was finally able to enter officialdom, and from then on his official career prospered, becoming prime minister all the way to the position of prime minister.

Chen Ziqiang, with boundless scenery, is surrounded by flattery, and he is naturally complacent.

as a result, Chen Ziqiang ignored all the official documents sent without gifts.

however, if the sky is crazy, it will rain, and when the man is crazy, there will be disaster.

Chen Ziqiang, who has accumulated a lot of wealth, instead of waiting for a rich and peaceful old age, the scandal was exposed and all his property was confiscated.

in the end, he died in a foreign country.

the source of all pain and tragedy lies in a high word.

when you stand higher and more beautiful, God will let you hear all the flattery and flattery;

make you complacent, act arrogantly, and eventually lead to natural and man-made disasters.

only when we wake up in time, keep our feet on the ground, and keep a low profile, can we move forward safely.

under the wind and frost of 2000, there is a well-preserved terracotta warrior in the terracotta warriors: kneeling terracotta warriors.

thisWhy is that? The reason is its posture.

the center of gravity is low and its stability is naturally strong, so it is fortunate to be in good condition so far.

Confucius has a saying: "A gentleman is not arrogant and does not honor his merit."

only when a person lowers himself, does not show off in the scenery, and is not complacent when he is complacent, can he know himself correctly, take fewer detours, and remain safe and sound all his life.

when you get help, it's a gift from God

everyone goes through a moment of helplessness and darkness, when the person who appears around you is the one God has sent to you.

he is not related to you, but he is willing to help you out of difficulties and despair.

when you meet such a person in your life, you must be grateful and know how to return.

have seen such a story:

the boss is bankrupt and wants to make a comeback.

so he called his former subordinates one by one and asked them out for dinner.

he believes that everyone will come, after all, he has given them countless support, whether it is a high salary or to start a business on their own, he is generous to help.

however, when he waited until the food was cold, no one showed up.

this is the way life is. There are many icing on the cake around you when you are successful, and there must be people around you when you are frustrated.

in this world, everyone is carrying their own sufferings. It is your duty to have someone to help you, and it is your duty not to help you.

in the midst of the world of mortals, I am lucky to meet someone who is willing to spend money and effort to give you a hand. Please cherish it with your life.

remember that the person who held an umbrella for you in the heavy rain, don't forget to return his kindness to you.

people know how to be grateful, and heaven must be blessed.

as the saying goes, heaven only transports those who are destined for it.

who is the right person?

that is, no matter where you are and no matter who you meet, you can go from the middle to the five flavors of life, and maintain happiness from the inside to the outside.

in this life, come to this world to take a trip, and the people and things you encounter are decided by God.

the trough is a turning point; torture is growth; scenery is a wake-up call; help is a noble person.

every arrangement you encounter is made by God to ferry you.

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, may each of us conform to God's will and become different ourselves under God's blessing.