Eight months after the divorce, Angelababy smoking went viral. Netizens: "No wonder Huang Xiaoming doesn't want you!"
Eight months after the divorce, Angelababy smoking went viral. Netizens: "No wonder Huang Xiaoming doesn't want you!"
Our lives must be in our own hands, and who we are must be defined by ourselves.

"she looks like a nightclub girl"

now the direction of the popular search terms for internal entertainment is getting weirder and weirder.

Angelababy recently posted an one-minute video of smoking, which immediately sparked a heated discussion among netizens, and the popularity quickly climbed to the top of the list.

back to the origin of the matter, Angelababy smoked at a friend's private party and was secretly photographed.

afterwards, the store was also actively refuting the rumor.

but this treatment is simply not enough for netizens to discuss. Weibo Square has long been high, and most people hold four attitudes--

1. I hate smokers for both men and women;

2, smoking at private parties, there is no need to scold it;

3. People who take pictures secretly are more annoying than smoking.

4. Smoking by public figures is harmful to their image.

there is a saying that these are all discussions within the normal scope, and everyone expresses their own views, but your uncle is speechless that some people have raised the personal habit of smoking to the personal morality of women, and even denied her whole life--

"Women who smoke are all dirty. What a head!"

"good women don't smoke. Angelababy is the little girl in society."

"No wonder Huang Xiaoming wants to divorce her and doesn't want her!"

"this woman is not simple. Her beautiful appearance is full of evil."

Evil souls are so funny.

if this group of people can have such a perception, then their basic logic should be like this--

Angelababy smoking is disgusting, →. She's too young. → No wonder Huang Xiaoming doesn't want her!

there is a saying that smoking is indeed a bad behavior that will affect your health, which is not advocated, not advocated, and not recommended to imitate.

but this unhealthy behavior is aimed at everyone, not just women.

it is obvious that Angelababy can cause an uproar of public opinion this time, precisely because:

she is a woman. She smokes.

A woman who smokes at a friend's party is a bad woman. You deserve a divorce? As for the total negation of her character and life?

gender stereotype and double-label behavior of different genders are really thoroughly played by this year's Internet users.

but this time, Angelababy really doesn't deserve this kind of scolding.

Cyber "soak pig cage"

if you have to decide whether this is right or wrong, it may be that there is something wrong with Angelababy as a public figure.

but we can never condemn her morally.

for both men and women, smoking is essentially a problem of living habits. We can say that this person's living habits are really bad, but there is no need to raise the moral level and say that this person really sucks.

but there are always people who are too hard on women, entertainment star PC is caught, some people will wash white in the square; female stars are secretly afraid of smoking, some people will strongly condemn!

because Angelababy smokes, Huang Xiaoming doesn't want her-- this kind of remark is funny even when my uncle writes it.

as A-list stars in the entertainment industry, marriage and divorce have shocked the Internet and have long been accustomed to high winds and waves. Even so, some people want to cover them with the foot-binding cloth of the old tradition.

even put on Angelababy the moral shackles of exclusive women--

A woman's behavior must be in line with social discipline, otherwise her private morality is at a disadvantage.

in the case of Angelababy smoking, it is:

how can a really good woman smoke? She must not be a good woman.

this is the robber logic common to women, and we've seen it a lot over the years.

Bai Baihe was photographed by paparazzi having a close interaction with a male model, and the media accused Bai Baihe of having an affair with a finger.

although it is later proved that Bai Baihe and Chen Yufan divorced a long time ago, and Bai Baihe's affair is even more nonsense, Bai Baihe's public image has been completely destroyed.

Bai Baihe disappeared for nearly four years when people insulted her.

people will not remember that Bai Baihe has excellent professional ability, and they don't care that she used to be a movie queen.

after Bai Baihe's comeback, such voices still linger in his ears.

people are fond of imagining a woman's private life, framing her private degeneration, and putting a false label on her.

is defined as a bad woman whose private morality is corrupted, then people will have no psychological burden to blame her, and any foul language can come out.

the times have progressed, and the pig-soaking cages are gone, but the pig-soaking cages still exist in people's hearts. People who are trapped in the private morality of women on the Internet are essentially no different from watching women being immersed in pig cages a hundred years ago.

Big Sister Da Ning has also been advised to be a "good woman" because of a sexy dress.

female stars cannot escape, nor can ordinary women.

after the popular tune of a girl in Chengdu was exposed, she was found to have transferred to several bars in one night.

Our elegant collection of bridesmaids dresses light pink will catch everyone attention. Pick our superior quality and fantastic options at low prices.

without saying a word, she became a "peripheral" and "rotten crotch" in people's tongues.

by a small matter, rise above aesthetics, life and conduct, but for privateThe final definition of moral corruption always lies in whether she is a good woman or not.

Private moral media always seem to be more critical of women.

this makes the uncle ask questions--

Why is the stigmatization of women's private morality so fanatical?

behind the slander of women's private morality

in Zhang Ziyi's film "No questions about the West", she was slandered by her wife for having an affair with her teacher.

after the fox's label was affixed to her, she could not hide in the face of women's violence.

people will not pay attention to the truth of the matter, nor will they care that she is still a student, only that this fox seduces a man and is a bad woman.

Wang Minjia (Zhang Ziyi)'s life is almost ruined.

but violent people don't care, they just punish a woman who is immoral.

as mentioned earlier, the soaking pig cage has never disappeared, but the form has changed.

from physical immersion to spiritual immersion.

similarly, the chastity archway has become a cyber award.

you must have heard such words on the Internet--

"this girl must have done something before the man did it, right?"

"if this woman wasn't so strong, why would he go out and raise a mistress?"

"Girls, you must be proud. Otherwise, how can you keep men?"

A female image of "Wen Shun Xian Hui" emerges, which is most suitable for rewarding an archway.

all of the above is the greatest poison brought about by traditional stereotypes.

this is also the reason why people are keen to slander women's private morality. In the final analysis, this mentality--

"Why doesn't she fit my image of a woman?"

the most classic example is a girl who shared a video of her graduation from Oxford, but it was questioned.

she was asked to take out the information on the official website.

she gave it happily.

she was asked to do a problem.

she finished it in an hour.

it looks funny, but it does happen.

people don't believe that a woman is capable, but rather believe that she is vain and worship money.

this thing typically starts with rumor-mongering, thinking that the girl is academic fraud, and then rallies to attack it.

people are always keen to define women, draw a circle for women and tell them to stay in it at ease.

but who stipulated that the voice of a woman is in the hands of others?

once the right to speak is in the hands of others, it becomes a chapter from the definition of your private morality to your life.

therefore, women can no longer live in the past and live in what people call "women".

our lives must be in our own hands, and who we are must be defined by ourselves.

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