"Duck sitting" can easily arouse a man's desire? The new cover of the people's Education Edition is exposed: poison textbook, are you done?
"Duck sitting" can easily arouse a man's desire? The new cover of the people's Education Edition is exposed: poison textbook, are you done?
The condensed painstaking efforts and efforts are all leaping on the picture scroll and conveyed to every child's heart.

the result of the handling of the "poison textbook" incident has finally come out.

the illustrations of the teaching materials of the people's Education Edition, which were denounced by the whole network some time ago, can be summarized with three "no".

not beautiful and upward.

is not serious and standard.

not meticulous and accurate.

after the incident, 27 people were punished.

Wu Yong, illustrator of the poison textbook, Lu Jie, Lu Jingren, and his studio, cover designers, are no longer employed.

the illustrations in the new textbook are drawn by a professional team of the Central Academy of Fine Arts.

in just a few months, it has been revised seven times and submitted for trial three times.

the team works overtime in order to finish it in the new semester.

when the finished product comes out, each illustration is much more normal than before.

some netizens said that the new version of the textbook does look a lot more comfortable than the old one.

but some people say that although it is more normal than the previous edition, it is still not good-looking.

the characters are dull and dull, their movements are methodical, and they completely lack the liveliness that teenagers should have.

several illustrations are put together like a set of templates.

some netizens even pointed out that the girl sitting on the cover of the first volume of math in the first grade is too indecent.

this posture is called "duck sitting".

in the two-dimensional culture, the posture of "duck sitting" is given a bad meaning.

because of this, "duck sitting" is easy to arouse the desire of boys.

I think it's good to have doubts about children's textbooks, but it's not necessary to find fault with them.

after all, when you want to pick a bone out of an egg, it means that the egg must have bones today.

I feel that the indecent sitting posture in the illustration is not the indecent illustration, but the indecent person who looks at the illustration.

but this query also illustrates a problem: after the drug textbook, everyone's nerves have become much more sensitive.

textbooks are an important window for children to get in touch with knowledge.

influence their values, and the illustrations influence their American businessmen.

what is an American business?

is to have a sense of good things and to see the beauty hidden in inconspicuous places in life.

some people say that the current textbooks have been changed again and again, but they are still not as good as the old ones.

this is true.

after all, after reading the old textbooks, you will understand why people are so harsh.

the old textbooks were really beautiful.

they combine landscape with poetry, and every stroke is engraved with rich humanistic feelings.

for example, the leap earth map engraved in everyone's DNA.

A simple action, a bright red belly band, a necklace on the neck, and patches on trousers all depict the appearance and appearance of the leap soil vividly.

the leap soil written by Lu Xun has a concrete image ever since.

has been firmly imprinted on our minds even for many years to come.

in "General Harmony", Lian Po takes off his coat and apologizes for Jing.

Lin Xiangru's atmosphere is neither humble nor arrogant, all of which are in the painting.

in "borrowing arrows from a straw boat", Zhuge Liang chatted calmly in the boat, relaxed, vivid and vivid. The straw bags piled up outside the boat were already full of arrows.

artistic attainments, very exquisite.

and this picture of the five strong Warriors of Langya Mountain.

there are cliffs in front and enemies behind.

there is a dead end in front and a dead end in back.

knowing that he was desperate, he would rather die than give up.

standing on the cliff, they held their heads high, their eyes sharp and firm, without a trace of fear, and their hearts were full of righteousness.

then they rushed to the cliff and died calmly without hesitation.

this illustration depicts the ambition and solar terms of the five strong men in Langya Mountain who "would rather die than surrender" on their deathbed.

countless people are in awe of such loyalty and righteousness.

the veterans in the Monument were killed by the blizzard.

his body was frozen and leaned against the bare tree trunk.

he was poorly dressed, but he also gave his cotton-padded clothes to his comrades-in-arms and froze to death in the blizzard.

each of these illustrations has become an unsurpassed classic.

each of them is the work of a famous artist.

although the styles are different, they are all profound and powerful.

with history as the pen and feelings as the ink, they have devoted countless painstaking efforts to these textbooks.

these illustrations not only make the boring text in the textbook more vivid, but also turn the text into a picture, making it easier for us to understand the feelings and emotions.

so-called responsibility.

the so-called responsibility.

the so-called affection.

hide in it and carve it into the soul.

the sunset glow in "Fire Cloud", the clouds in the sky burn from west to east, flaming red, like a fire in the sky.

the huts and poultry under the sunset are the serenity of a paradise.

anyone who sees it wants to go into the painting and live a "yearning life".

this kind of beauty is intoxicating.

We were in Pakistan.In Jin's Sunrise on the Sea, you can see the vitality of the Asahi:

"A red glow appeared where Tianshui met. The range of Hongxia slowly expands and becomes brighter and brighter.

the sun, like a heavy burden, rises slowly, vertically and vigorously.

in the end, it finally broke through the clouds and jumped completely out of the sea, with a lovely red color. "

I still remember that my husband liked to look at this picture of sunrise in a daze and take a closer look at every stroke and color on the picture.

the sailboat chased the sun out to sea, and the sun's brilliance was scattered on the sea, full of vitality.

concise and vivid.

and "Guilin Landscape".

A picture shows not only the green, clearness and stillness of the Lijiang River, but also the danger, strangeness and beauty of Guilin Mountain.

the landscape of Guilin, which is the first in the world, leaps on the paper and has a panoramic view.

in the Beautiful Daxing'an Mountains, we can also see the lush northeast forest.

innumerable Korean pine, birch and oak trees. Hundreds of miles into one, like a green ocean.

these scenery bring together the great mountains and rivers of the motherland.

there are countless beautiful illustrations in textbooks.

there are too many fine works and many classics.

Nothing could be more dramatic than our emerald green bridesmaid dresses . We have cuts and forms to fit any silhouette.

it is precisely because of this that today's textbooks are overshadowed by one.

from the classic to the "poison textbook", and then to the revised "native textbook" which is not favored by netizens.

is our illustrator really inferior to the artists of 20 or 30 years ago?

after the "toxic textbook" incident, the Internet set off a wave of self-recommendation.

but we have overlooked one factor: it is not easy to make a finished product in as little as two months.

and under the close attention of many eyes of society, illustrators can only be done step by step.

there are some illustrations in the old textbooks, which even took nearly half a year to create.

the painstaking efforts and efforts condensed in this are all leaping on the picture scroll and conveyed to every child's heart.

whether the creator's creation is excellent or not is reflected not only in technology, but also in conscience and original heart.

and this conscience and original heart are exactly what the textbook needs most.

because it is about the growth of a child, the future of a family, the foundation of a country.

Today, the "toxic textbook" incident has come to an end.

but we still can't take it lightly. We should look at every page and every detail of the textbook with the eyes of censorship.

Bad money drives out good is absolutely not allowed.