Don't turn your life upside down, wake up thoroughly after reading it.
Don't turn your life upside down, wake up thoroughly after reading it.
Don't turn your life backwards at any time.

I often hear people around me sigh:

"I wish I had known I had done that". "I wish I had seized the opportunity earlier."...


everyone's today is paying for yesterday, and everyone's tomorrow will pay for today.

there are some things that, once missed, can never be undone.

Don't turn your life backwards at any time.

Don't choose comfort at the age of effort

Lin Beibei is recognized as a good dancer in the hit drama "our Ten years".

the dance troupe attaches great importance to her and equips her with the best teachers and teams.

but Lin Beibei didn't care. She was either late or sneaking out during rehearsals every day.

Why did Lin Beibei do this?

in fact, it is not because she does not like dancing, but because she is preoccupied with falling in love.

it turned out that there was a rich second generation who launched a fierce pursuit of Lin Beibei. He promised to buy the best house for Lin Beibei in the future, so that she could lead a rich life.

under the offensive of the rich second generation, Lin Beibei fell, and she gradually abandoned her dance practice and spent time with her boyfriend every day.

day after day, Lin Beibei's dance level gradually lags behind, and she can't even remember the most basic movements.

the rich second generation advised Lin Beibei to resign and get married. Anyway, she could rely on her husband for a living without having to work at all.

Lin Beibei was so moved that when she got home, she immediately discussed marriage with her parents.

or parents have foresight, they advise their daughter:

"when you get married, you live your own life, and you just jump into the lead role. You still have a long time to dance. Are you willing to leave it behind?"

her parents' words made Lin Beibei hesitant.

at a later party, Lin Beibei thoroughly saw the selfish and unfeeling side of her boyfriend, and she made up her mind to break up with her partner.

from then on, Lin Beibei got up early every day and came to the dance studio to practice her basic skills.

after putting off many holidays, she finally caught up with the progress of the regiment and was chosen as the actress of the dance "Tang Palace Night Banquet".

later, the Tang Palace Night Banquet appeared in the Henan Spring Festival Gala and quickly became popular all over the country, and Lin Beibei became famous.

if Lin Beibei had married the rich second generation, she could only be a housewife now, losing the opportunity to display splendor on the stage.

think of what Bai Yansong said:

Destiny knocks on your door many times in your life. the real challenge is that you are ready to open the door as soon as he knocks.

if you disagree or are not ready when he knocks on the door, he signs the contract with someone else when you figure it out and open the door.

Yes, many opportunities in life are reserved for those who are prepared.

if you don't grasp it at the right time, you can only make a mistake step by step.

so don't waste your talents because of laziness, and don't miss the best years because of comfort.

it is true that there is a lot of wind on the way to chasing dreams.

if you can withstand temptation, you can make continuous progress; if you can stand loneliness, you can move forward better.

there is no one in this world that you can rely on forever.

only when you have a thin hair and become your own backer, can you see the stars and sea you want to see, like brocade flowers.

Don't mess up when making money

President Huang of Chongqing Medical University once said to the students at the graduation ceremony:

I have seen too many people who think it is vulgar to make money. At the age when they are supposed to work hard, they do not strive for it or work hard.

writer Lian Yue once wrote about a reader. After graduating from college, she and her boyfriend stayed in Jingdezhen to make ceramics.

neither of them has a clear plan for the future, so they just want to stay in Jingdezhen and live a yearning literary and artistic life.

in the rented house, they drink tea with their friends, which seems very elegant.

in fact, their business is so poor that they don't make any profit at all, and even the money for opening a shop is given by their parents.

in fact, the general environment at that time was not bad, and it might be more promising to go out and start a business.

but this reader still feels that as an artist, even if he is poor, he is respected.

she doesn't want to change the status quo. She thinks it's good to live a small life like this.

but she didn't expect that all the conflicts broke out after she married her boyfriend.

because they have no money, the couple often quarrel, especially after giving birth to a child, the mother-in-law also speaks ill of her, and the family environment is suffocating.

, the reader made a deep reflection on himself.

she had to admit that she was poor and incompetent, and that her "slow life" was actually an excuse to lie flat.

in order to support her family, she had to look for a job everywhere, but in the end, she found only three jobs that did not match her major.

makes people sigh.

think of the writer Zhang Cenxi and say:

"our cognition is an invisible ruler that measures the result of your judgment of the outside world."

A person's perception determines what kind of life he can have.

at the age when you should make money, you don't work hard.You can only worry about making a living at the age you should enjoy.

Don't think it's vulgar to talk about money. When something happens, you will know that no money means no choice of life.

people with foresight know how to iterate constantly, seize the tuyere, and accumulate strength for a stable life in the future.

Our collection of red formal dresses is designed to make you look ravishing. All our available fashions are pocket-friendly.

I am most afraid that you will do nothing in your life and comfort yourself that you are ordinary and precious.

in the adult world, losing face and working hard to make money is the greatest maturity.

Don't learn to cherish after losing your health

Nobel Prize winner Doris Lessing, in the memoirs of survivors, wrote:

We waste our health to win personal wealth, and then waste our wealth to rebuild our health.

We look forward to the future anxiously, forget the present life, and live neither for the present nor for the future.

in the fast-paced modern life, many people squeeze their health infinitely in order to strive for fame and wealth.

until the body turned on the red light, I found that I had walked for a long time in spite of the danger.

CCTV host Yu Ting used to be a desperate San Niang at work.

in order to seize the computer room, she forces herself to get up and work every day before dawn and work overtime all night, which is even more common.

her competitive mentality drives her to work like a motive every day and refuses to rest for a moment.

however, the great pressure soon crushed Yu Ting's body.

during the physical examination, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

when she heard the bad news, Yu Ting burst into tears in the hospital. She felt that her sky was going to collapse.

in order to treat the disease, Yu Ting had to have her breast removed and underwent eight months of chemotherapy.

it was her most painful time, when the chemotherapy tube was inserted from her arm all the way to her heart, with irritating potions that made her "vomit with every breath".

in order to divert attention, Yu Ting sometimes rolls around on the bed like crazy and even hits the wall with her body.

she said, "if someone said at that time that giving him 1 million would make me feel free of pain, I would certainly be duty-bound to give him all the money."

makes people sigh.

the most helpless thing in life is that your body cannot support your ambition and ability.

if I had known this, why did I work so hard in the first place?

there is no job worth fighting for and no wealth worth fighting for with your health.

We work hard to live a healthy and happy life in the future, not to sacrifice our health in order to live a good life.

instead of spending the rest of his life in pain, it is better to take more time to take care of and cherish yourself.

as said in the Seven habits of highly effective people:

"without the right life, there can be no truly outstanding life."

the ideal beautiful scenery, poetry and distance all need a healthy body to meet.

only people can talk about the future for a long time.

there is a saying in Historical Records: "misfortune never comes, but blessing does not come in vain."

one's misfortunes and blessings never come for no reason.

if you want to have less regrets in the future, you have to take a long view and make a clear distinction between the priorities of life.

at the age of hard work, Benedict will not waste his talent and regret for the rest of his life.

when it's time to make money, seize the opportunity so that you don't lose your strength when something bad happens.

when you are in good health, take good care of yourself so that you will not waste your money when you are in pain.

in the final analysis, how we live is a script written by who we used to be.

only by conforming to the rhythm of life and finding the focus of our own life can we reap a happy life.

, may we all be able to do the right thing in the right time, in the earthly fireworks, and sing and wait for the flowers to bloom.

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