Don't lose your happiness with someone who doesn't like you.
Don't lose your happiness with someone who doesn't like you.
To please oneself is an ability, and to be loyal to one's heart is a realm.



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A painter

, I want to draw a picture that everyone loves.

he took his work to the street, put a pen, and attached a line of text:

"if you think there is something wrong with this painting, please mark it in the picture."

when he took back the painting in the evening, he found that the whole painting was covered with marks. looking at the various shortcomings pointed out, he was very disappointed.

the next day, the painter decided to find out what people like in a different way.

so he drew the same picture again, but this time he asked the viewer to mark the place where he thought it was good.

as a result, all the places that have been picky have been marked with praise.

in fact, life is the same, no matter what you do, there will always be people who like you, and there will always be people who hate you.

if you are bitter about other people's comments, it is tantamount to giving the key to happiness to others.

what is the right thing to do?

Mo Yan said in how to treat people who don't like you:

"it's like a gust of wind blowing. All you have to do is pat the dust on your body, turn around and walk away quietly. Then, forget the man who doesn't like him. "

No matter what you do

will be singled out

Mo Yan once told a story of his own experience.

once, he invited his friends to dinner. After everyone had had enough to drink and eat, there was still a lot of roast duck left on the table.

Mo Yan didn't want to waste, so he continued to eat.

Mo Yan was so embarrassed that he didn't eat the meat sandwiched on the chopsticks, neither did he.

when he got home, Mo Yan told his mother about it. His mother asked him to treat him to dinner later and eat something to cover his stomach first.

so, when he invited him to dinner again, he filled his stomach in advance and ate very politely at the banquet.

as a result, another person said, "look at Mo Yan's fake strength, as if he could eat like Jia Baoyu with his front teeth."

you are ridiculed when you eat meat, while others are sarcastic when you chew slowly.

you are warm to others, some people say you are hypocritical; you are silent, and some people say you are hypocritical and arrogant.

when you return to your family, some people say you don't want to make progress; you work hard, and some people say you are competitive.

there is no absolutely perfect person in this world, and there is nothing that is not judged.

people who like to tell people what to do, no matter how well you do, they can pick out the fault.

it's like the well-known story of father and son riding donkeys.

the father rides the donkey, the son leads the donkey, the father is said to be cruel;

the son rides the donkey, the father leads the donkey, and the son is called unfilial;

when they ride a donkey together, they are said to be too cruel to the donkey.

in the end, the two simply come down and lead the donkey, but they will still be accused of being stupid.

as the saying goes, a skillful cook is difficult to cook a meal for a hundred people, and one person is as difficult as a thousand people wish.

people are hard to tune, rumors are hard to avoid, take other people's words to heart, and you lose.

Don't be with people who don't like you

lose happiness

Chen Yu, the youngest Chinese supermodel in the history of Victoria's Secret, sparked a heated debate when he returned home.

when she returned to her hometown, some people laughed at her for not being able to speak local dialect, but she had a lot of fun on her own.

she came to the Great Wall. Because of her different clothes, many tourists pointed fingers at her, and she didn't care.

A reporter was puzzled: "along the way, so many people judge you, you never seem to care."

Chen Yu smiled: "modeling is a career in the spotlight. If I cared too much about other people's opinions, I would have been depressed."

when she first started walking the catwalk at the age of 14, she was often judged:

"what's going on here?"

"can you still be a supermodel with this figure ratio?"

she was very upset when she saw these comments.

to this end, she kept adjusting her walking posture and trained harder and harder, but her shrill voice did not diminish.

even the stage that was supposed to make her happy became a nightmare she avoided.

gradually, she realized that she almost gave up her dream because of a few words from others.

so she began to try to block the opinions of the outside world and live according to her heart.

then he got better and better, and at the age of 19 he stepped onto the stage of Victoria's Secret.

there is a sentence in the Norwegian Forest:

others are passers-by, and only you are at the helm of your own life.

it is the greatest stupidity of a person to lose his happiness to someone who doesn't like you.

after winning the Nobel Prize for Literature, Mo Yan quickly became popular, but he also faced all kinds of criticism.

many people slandered his works and insulted his family. When he had not published a book for a long time, people in the industry began to ridicule him for running out of talent.

but Mo Yan saw this very thoroughly.

he wrote in his book:

"there are always people in the world who don't like you, which can never be changed." Because good.It is one thing to be bad, another to like it or not.

A person, weathered with wind and dust, lives in this world, and it is the best attitude to live for those who like him. "

the road of life is long. Since you can't control other people's mouths, you might as well keep your own heart.

when you are firm enough in your heart, no matter how popular the rumors of the outside world are, it is just a passing thing.

be yourself better than please others

Fang Qi, a travel blogger, likes Fang Qi very much. She always describes the beauty of the world in warm language and is called "Treasure Girl".

but unlike today's stars, she also encountered a lot of doubts when she first started working as a self-media.

netizens said that copywriting is always a style, and she always speaks in the same tone.

such questioning made her begin to doubt herself again and again.

later, she even tried to cater to and please, to write strategies she was not good at, to bring goods that she was not interested in, and to live a life she did not like.

but until one day, she suddenly received a lot of fan letters:

"I miss your words so much. I will watch your video when I am unhappy, because there are the best and most healing words in the world."

seeing this, Fang Qi woke up and continued to shoot beautiful scenery, write beautiful copywriting, bet on beautiful rhyme, and make a "Fang Qi-style" voice.

I quite agree with one sentence:

"if people take themselves to the extreme, they will emit a unique brilliance, which will naturally attract more friends who resonate with the same frequency, and there is no need to please anyone deliberately."

to be yourself is better than to please others.

when Mo Yan first emerged in the literary world, many people criticized that his novels had a variety of languages, including classical written language, translation language, and more local language, with a very low style.

but Mo Yan doesn't care. In his opinion, Shandong dialect is relatively close to Putonghua. Many local dialects in Shandong dialect will become very elegant archaisms when written on paper.

if he uses a unified written language, the article will become lifeless and boring, so he insists on writing novels in the local language.

this way of writing makes his novels have a long lasting charm, more infectious, and deeply loved by readers.

writer Feng Tangzeng said:

"dare to be yourself, dare to express yourself, dare to please yourself, in this chaotic world, can stand their own position, live their own pattern."

walking in the world, please yourself is a kind of ability, loyal to the heart is a kind of realm.

go ahead with a smile, walk your own way, and all the good things will come to you.

columnist Harris and his friend bought a newspaper at the newsstand. The friend politely said "thank you" to the newspaper vendor, but the newspaper vendor responded with a cold face.

after walking away, Harris asked, "this guy has a bad attitude, isn't he?"

A friend said, "he is like this every day."

Harris asked, "then why are you still so kind to him?"

my friend smiled: "Why should I let him decide my behavior?"

people live a lifetime, can control very few things, how can easily give the key to happiness to others?

Please pick up your mood for the rest of your life, do not injure yourself, please others, and live up to this short life.

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