Dong Mingzhu, a private photo of the wedding reception, hit how many people in the face: if you can't get into the circle, don't rub it!
Dong Mingzhu, a private photo of the wedding reception, hit how many people in the face: if you can't get into the circle, don't rub it!
If you are in full bloom, the breeze will come!


A few days ago, the second daughter of Zhuhai tycoon Xie Qiuhe got married. Dong Mingzhu was invited to attend the wedding banquet.

the specification of the hotel is very high-end. From the moment Dong Mingzhu entered the venue with a good friend on his arm, the camera of many guests in the venue was never removed from her.

so much so that a very embarrassing scene was filmed.

the guests sat down and the wedding reception began. Dong Mingzhu had dinner while chatting with her friends.

suddenly a young woman dressed in black came over, stuck between Dong Mingzhu and her friend, impolitely put her hand on Dong Mingzhu's shoulder and talked with a smile.

the woman in black ignored Dong Mingzhu and did not go away. instead, she leaned close and forced to share the same frame with Dong Mingzhu, and the atmosphere dropped to a freezing point.

the friend dressed in yellow next to her sensed Dong Mingzhu's discomfort and raised her hand to remove the hand of the woman dressed in black on her shoulder.

so far, the woman in black is still standing in place, holding the back of Dong Mingzhu's chair.

Dong Mingzhu did not say a word about the whole journey.

the video went viral on the Internet, and the woman in black was laughed at by the crowd.

said that she wanted to write on her face, but she was unknown, so how could she get a response to make friends with bosses?

it is only natural that many people want to make friends with people who are more capable and famous than themselves, in order to get their help.

but what many people don't understand is that most of the social and networking resources obtained through attachment are useless.

how far the road can go depends not on who you know, but on who you are.

there is a saying that people who are particularly eager to get to know others are often the last people they want to know.

where you stand, you can only see people of the same height as yourself, and then look up to higher people.

is not outstanding, the network is just a useless name.

writer Li Shanglong talked about his own experience.

when he was in college, he was alone in Beijing. His father gave him a piece of advice: "make more friends."

the number of phone books is increasing, but he is always a small transparent and is only mentioned when he needs someone to run errands.

once, he met a teacher at school.

after being polite and perfunctory for fifteen minutes, he added the teacher's phone number before leaving.

later, something hoped that the teacher could lend a hand, and the other party replied coldly: no time.

A few years later, Li Shanglong made a little success when he accidentally received a phone call from the teacher late one night.

after a few pleasantries, the teacher got to the point: hoping to rely on his relationship.

the cold person replaced him, left a "another day", and hurriedly hung up the phone.

when he thought about it later, he wrote:

"Why didn't I help him, or why won't he help me a long time ago?"

the answer is simple: apart from each other's feelings, the fundamental condition for each other to help you is that you can provide an equivalent return. "

when you have no value, you have no place in other people's hearts.

who would bother for a small potato who can't get a place?

Yu Minhong also said in a speech that he had seen the same young man appear more than five times on different occasions, and every time he went to take a picture with him.

red homecoming dresses are destined to provide confidence and charm. The available collection can go well with all occasion.

he asked young people why, young people replied "want to mix more useful social relations."

Yu Minhong sighs that you can't make real friends on fame and wealth occasions.

"I receive thousands of business cards every year, most of which go into the wastebasket. All the people who stay on the contact list are people who I think are very enterprising and leave a good impression on me.

if you want to make a good impression on you, you must first have something to appreciate.

for example, you have studied deeply in a certain field, your entrepreneurial project is very creative, you have won eye-catching awards, and so on. "

any interpersonal relationship is essentially an exchange relationship, which is an unspoken social rule of adults.

sometimes excluding feelings, few people are willing to deal with backward people, and only peer-to-peer relationships are effective relationships.

instead of trying to get to know others, it is better to refine yourself.

there is a saying that do not chase a horse, use the time to chase a horse to recommend, when spring is warm and blossom, there will be a fine horse for you to choose.

Don't try to curry favor with someone. Use your time when you don't have any friends to improve your ability. When the time is right, you will have a group of friends to go with you.

Friends made with human feelings are only temporary, while friends made with personality are long-term.

this passage has been regarded as a motto by many people after it became popular, but we might as well put it more bluntly: the greater your "usefulness", the longer the relationship lasts.

A photo of the welcome dinner held at the Entrepreneur Development Annual meeting last year was widely circulated.

everyone pushed the cup for a lively greeting, but Cao Dewang, the "king of glass", sat leisurely and enjoyed the delicious food.

do something with those who are busy exchanging business cards.Compared with the people in the business circle, he is the only one who really comes to dinner.

there is no need to flatter and cater, nor to be forced to maintain, his "use value" can definitely support his maverick.

some people do not like the word "use" and think it is too utilitarian.

but du Yuesheng once said, "Don't be afraid of being used. Being used shows that you still have value."

in the Legend of Zhen Huan, there is a scene in which Zhen Huan has a miscarriage, is snubbed by the emperor, and no one sets foot in the bustling Yuxuan in the past.

under the corridor, Liu Zhu sighed, "only now do I know that those who have been close to us are nothing more than taking advantage of the favor of the little master."

Huanbi hit the nail on the head in reality:

"not to mention the unpleasant use of two words, if there is no use value, that is a dead end."

No one uses you, which means you are worthless.

people who can't produce value are in front of a dead end.

take the workplace, utilization and training is one of two sides, the company uses you to improve performance, you also need to use the resources provided by the company to improve yourself, in exchange for opportunities and channels for promotion.

in terms of worldly experience, you can only fulfill yourself if you can fulfill others.

Drucker says that if a relationship doesn't bring you any benefit, it will be instinctively abandoned by you.

the starting point of social interaction is equal exchange.

Don't be afraid of being taken advantage of, just afraid that you are useless.

so make yourself useful and be needed forever until you are irreplaceable before you have a chance to be invincible.

in other words, instead of being busy pleasing others, you should enrich yourself.

if you plant a plane tree, there will be a Phoenix.

tell an online story.

A young man went to buy a bowl, went to the store, picked up a bowl, and then gently touched the other bowls in the store in turn.

the young man heard the sound, shook his head and sighed, and then tried the next one.

in the end, I tried almost all the bowls in the store, but couldn't find a satisfactory one.

the boss was puzzled and asked him what he meant by touching the bowl.

the young man said that this is the secret that an old man taught him:

when one bowl collides gently with another, the one that makes a crisp and pleasant sound must be a good bowl.

the boss took out a bowl and handed it to him: "try again."

the young man acted incredulously, and as a result, each bowl made a crisp sound under the gentle touch.

he didn't understand what was going on and asked for details.

the boss said with a smile:

"the reason is very simple. The bowl you are holding at the beginning is itself a defective product. If you try the bowl with it, your voice will be cloudy."

if you want to get a good bowl, you have to make sure that the one you have is also good. "

at the end of the story, let's put it simply: you will meet whoever you are.

fools ask for help, but wise men ask for themselves.

if you want something, you must have the ability to match it.

Life is like a play, the beginning of the curtain is the beginning, the end of the curtain is the end, it all depends on your own interpretation.

when it is not good enough, spend more time on self-cultivation, on polishing precipitation, and on ascension.

wait for long-term accumulation to make you a leader in a certain field.

will certainly be like what is written in the book:

"you will be pleasantly surprised that the real, valuable, so-called 'efficient' network will break through the door."


, if you are in full bloom, the breeze will come.