"domestic violence" Mei Ting, who frightened Ge You, made a comeback after disappearing for many years but was praised by the whole network: is he really worthy?
"domestic violence" Mei Ting, who frightened Ge You, made a comeback after disappearing for many years but was praised by the whole network: is he really worthy?
A really good actor not only needs to be based on acting skills, but also needs to have the character to convince the audience.

not long ago, the Beijing people's Art Theater announced the choice of a new dean.

60-year-old Feng Yuanzheng, as the first actor-born dean in history, has been well received.

many netizens also left messages one after another, praising: "virtue and position match, well-deserved."

when it comes to Feng Yuanzheng, we have to talk about the role that has been hated by the whole network to this day-"Anjiahe".

Twenty years ago, a film "Don't talk to strangers" quickly went viral, and the name "Anjiahe" remained in the hearts of the audience forever.

but the profession of acting is often "popular people are not popular, and popular actors are not popular."

and Feng Yuanzheng undoubtedly belongs to the latter.

in the 38 years of his debut, he has participated in a number of films and TV dramas and contributed a lot of classic roles, but he has never ushered in his own highlight period.

in recent years, there have been very few


on screen

I saw his figure.

gradually retired, he is addicted to the drama stage in his career, and in life, his wife has never had an affair for 29 years.

it is only when we delve deeply into Feng Yuanzheng's first half of his life that we understand what an old artist who is truly virtuous and artistic.

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in Feng Yuanzheng, there is an ironic label-abnormal professional households.

there is no other reason, just because he has played too many roles that are not normal.

in 2001, he and Mei Ting co-starred in Don't talk to strangers.

in the play, he plays Anjiahe, a domestic violent man who is gentle on the surface but dark and twisted inside.

because the performance was too lifelike, Feng Yuanzheng attracted a lot of criticism as soon as the play was broadcast.

at that time, many audiences entered the play too deeply and thought that in reality he was also an out-and-out violent element.

this hatred for the character also extends from the play to life, making Feng Yuanzheng afraid to go out for a time.

when he was filming in Beijing, he was warned: "an Jiahe, you can't hit Mei Ting anymore."

when I went out for a barbecue, I was slapped by an eldest sister: "never hit your wife again."

the bike parked downstairs could not be spared, and the tire was punctured at the end of the day.

even his mother-in-law suspected him and asked his daughter Liang Danni many times if she had been beaten.

even now, this character is still the shadow of many people's childhood.

in fact, Feng Yuanzheng's attainments in performance are much more than that.

in "there are no thieves," he plays the robber, raising his orchid finger and speaking in a delicate manner, and the picture in just a few minutes subverts the audience's inherent impression of him.

in if you are the one, he turns into a homosexual "Amelia", wearing heavy makeup and a sissy voice that makes Ge You feel scared and get goose bumps all over.

acting as a villain makes people gnash their teeth; acting in a comedy makes people laugh.

No matter what role he plays, Feng Yuanzheng can always interpret it vividly, and the actor has a thousand faces, which is also reflected incisively and vividly in him.

in fact, Feng Yuanzheng never wanted to be an actor before the age of 16.

in 1962, Feng Yuanzheng was born into a military family in Beijing.

influenced by his father, his dream has always been to be a skydiver.

to this end, he did not hesitate to give up the college entrance examination and concentrate on preparing for the war, but unfortunately, he was not selected because of his poor physical fitness.

in his spare time, he picked up his interest in art, signed up for a training class, and fell in love with acting.

but giving up easily has never been Feng Yuanzheng's character.

after a year of hard work, he set out again and was finally admitted to the Beijing people's Art Theater.

is also on the stage of the people's Arts, Feng Yuanzheng started his acting career and patiently precipitated his acting skills with perseverance like sharpening his sword for years.

Feng Yuanzheng works with all his heart, and the same is true in acting.

in order to finish the performance, he missed the last time to see his father, which became the pain of his whole life.

it was 2004, and Feng Yuanzheng was rehearsing the play Teahouse.

in the course of preparation, my brother called and told him, "the hospital has given a notice of critical illness. Please come and see your father."

but the show was about to begin, with an expectant audience on one side and a thoughtful father on the other, and whether to go or stay became a difficult problem.

"as a professional actor, the play is bigger than the sky. This is my belief. I can't go!"

however, this decision also made him never see his father again.

many years later, Feng Yuanzheng was invited to Luyu and recalled that he was still full of regret. "I am not a good son, but I firmly believe that I am a good actor," he said. "

Yes, it's hard to do both things in this world.

although the distance is at the beginning of the line.It has been 16 years, but his love and dedication to acting is still undiminished.

apart from acting, what Feng Yuanzheng likes to talk about most is the love story between him and his wife, Liang Dani.

Liang Danni is eight years older than him and had a marriage, but in the 29 years since they got married, Feng Yuanzheng has never had an affair.

it can be said that he fell in love with Liang Danni and spoiled him to the bone.

in 1991, the film Jackal enters the House selected the leading actors and actresses, the heroine chose Liang Dani, and the male lead was Feng Yuanzheng.

the beginning of their story is a little old-fashioned-the woman is strong and the man is weak, and the poor boy falls in love with Bai Fu Mei.

at the first sight of each other, Liang Danni denied him from her heart: "she is thin and small, and she doesn't fit the character at all!"

but Feng Yuanzheng's performance makes people look at it in a different way. After contact with the whole play, the two have already developed a favorable impression on each other.

during filming, Feng Yuanzheng developed chicken pox, and no one dared to approach it, but Liang Dani was not afraid.

she stayed by Feng Yuanzheng's side and took good care of her until she recovered.

this moved Feng Yuanzheng and strengthened his feelings. Soon after, he proposed, but Liang Danni dared not say yes.

Liang Danni thought that Feng Yuanzheng was on the spur of the moment, felt sorry for her, and refused to agree to anything.

but Feng Yuanzheng's words bravely changed her mind: "I'm willing to wait for you. Whenever you want to get married, we'll get married."

on November 20, 1993, Feng Yuanzheng and Liang Dani officially registered to get married.

there was no wedding, no diamond ring, no banquet, and the two were tied together for the rest of their lives.

after marriage, Feng Yuanzheng really achieved only this life, loving only one person.

Liang Danni doesn't know how to cook, and she is a little confused in her life. Feng Yuanzheng is always worried when she goes out to film.

in order to enable his wife to eat three meals a day on time, he did not hesitate to ask his friends one by one to accompany Liang Dani to have dinner.

now, although they have no children, the love between them is getting deeper and deeper.

Feng Yuanzheng once used such a phrase to describe his relationship with Liang Dani: "I am the pillar of the family, and she is the shelter from the wind and rain."

complement each other and walk with each other, even if there are defects, it is also touching enough.

after being appointed, Feng Yuanzheng wrote this sentence in his moments:

"from a young man of literature and art with a dream to the Beijing people's Art, the only wish is to be an actor of the people's Art all his life and to be a good actor like many artists of the previous generation."

after 38 years of debut and 29 years of marriage, Feng Yuanzheng can be regarded as an example both in his career and in his family.

compared with the traffic stars who frequently collapse their houses now, it is not difficult to see what is the idol worth chasing.

A really good actor not only needs to be based on acting skills, but also needs to have the character to convince the audience.

and Feng Yuanzheng, isn't that the kind of existence?

I believe that in the days to come, Feng Yuanzheng will continue to shine in the industry he loves and influence generations after generations with his strength.

, send best wishes to such an old artist!

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