"do you regret marrying your present wife?" A heart-wrenching message in the comment area reveals the true side of marriage.
"do you regret marrying your present wife?" A heart-wrenching message in the comment area reveals the true side of marriage.
Marriage is not only the romance before the flowers and the moon, but also the firewood, rice and salt hidden in the ordinary life.

some time ago, I saw a hot topic on Zhihu: "do you regret marrying your present wife?"

one netizen's answer attracted tens of thousands of likes.

"I have thought countless times that if I could travel through time and space and go back to the past, I would never be with her again.

the only thing I can't give up is that she gave me a beautiful daughter. "

"she doesn't wear makeup, she dresses in a very corny way, she has no desire for material things, she can accept eating bran and pharynx, and she eats happily at the full table.

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she can spread out on the sofa and swipe her cell phone all day. Without packing her things, the house is in a mess. It will always be like being robbed.

she cooks well, but there are only a few dishes over and over again. "

"I was a college classmate with her. Ironically, I went to this school where I failed in the college entrance examination, and she made an extraordinary effort to pass the examination."

"she married me after graduation and never worked."

and the comments in the comment area are even more heart-wrenching.

some people feel deeply helpless and feel that every family has its own difficulties.

some netizens said: they can understand the situation of bloggers, because they are going through the same life.

I used to think that marriage is the tearing of the ears and temples of two people for three meals and four seasons, but after entering the marriage, I found that:

all the romance and snow and moon that I once thought have disappeared, replaced by trivial things and chicken feathers.

in the besieged city of marriage, we ponder more than once what marriage is.

in fact, in this heart-wrenching comment, the truest side of marriage has long been revealed.

@ ryan:

if they are different before and after marriage, they can't adapt

"although I have been married for 5 years, every time I look at her as a different person from before marriage, I will regret why I chose her when I had so many choices.

and she are colleagues in different departments of the former company and often meet in elevators.

at that time, she was neatly dressed, her workplace was always neat, and she did things neatly, which moved me, who loved cleanliness.

but after I got married, I saw her ugly side again and again.

she never folds the quilt when she gets up, takes snacks to bed and never folds the clothes she wears and the clothes that are dried.

the toilet is never closed, and no matter how many times you are reminded, the toothpaste will only squeeze from the middle.

I have had a particularly hard time in the past five years. If I had been more awake and not fooled by her apparent beauty, I might not have been so bad now. "

Liao Yimei once said:

"the less people need others, the more comfortable and peaceful they will live.

No one can fully meet the needs of another person, and the only way is to stop. "

before we get married, we will more or less get married with good expectations of each other.

in fact, people take off their disguises and masks and show their most authentic appearance only in front of their loved ones.

A wise man knows this well.

it is not that many people have never seen the unknown side of their partner after marriage, but they choose to tolerate each other and not change each other because of their expectations.

just like there are no snowflakes in this world, everyone has their own ideas and ways of living, and one can never force others to live the way they like.

give up the high expectations of your partner and have expectations so far that you can make your marriage life sweeter and happier.

@ Rogerson:

plagued by the contradiction between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, I want to marry someone else

"my wife quarreled with my mother again last night. I can't remember how many times they quarreled.

when I first got married, my mother told me that my wife spent a lot of money, and she also said that my mother always touched her things.

because of trivial things, they quarrel from time to time, and the atmosphere at home becomes very depressing.

it's not that I haven't tried mediation, but no matter how I solve it, I either make my mother too angry to eat, or send my wife back to her mother's house.

I also thought about moving out, but every time I thought I couldn't fulfill my filial piety in front of my parents, I sobbed to myself.

several times, I wondered if it would be better to marry someone else, but looking at the children playing by, I gave up the idea again. "

there is no shortage of contradictions in life. The key is how you deal with them.

as the most difficult problem of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law in marriage, how to coordinate the relationship determines the quality of marriage.

the husband is the pillar of the family. When your wife complains to you, don't let her be humble to her mother.

when your mother complains about your wife, don't help, let alone become a microphone between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

wife is the first time to become daughter-in-law, and mother is also the first time to become a mother-in-law. What you can do is to find ways to make your wife integrate into the family more quickly and make your mother feel sorry for her more.

A good relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law never depends on unilateral tolerance, but on the acceptance and understanding of both sides.

@ mono:

meet a more suitable person, but choose to exercise restraint

"she and I have been married for almost seven years, not very much in love, but we seldom argue about trifles, and we don't interfere with each other about work.

I always thought these insipid things were love.

untilOnce, after having dinner with a female client several times, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I could never finish talking to her.

she always gives me a sense of freshness and exists like a bosom friend.

every time, I look forward to meeting her, and sometimes I even think about the topic in advance.

is beautiful and chatting with me, it is false to say that he is unmoved, but I also know that it is the result of impulse.

after calming down, I thought that no matter how late I came home, there was hot food on the table, and I thought of her busy figure in my parents' house. I was very glad to have chosen her at that time.

"Love is a pleasure at first sight, but love never gets tired of it."

along the way of life, we will inevitably meet members of the opposite sex who are better than our partners.

temptation is a human instinct, but loyalty is a human choice.

the partner who washed your hands and made vegetable soup herself, she used to be the one held in the palm of her parents' hand.

because of my commitment to you, I gave up a lot of time with my parents and chose to spend the rest of my life with you instead with your parents.

it is said that the husband is the wife's fate, but the wife is also the husband's luck.

A happy family is not run by one person, but by the efforts of two people.

there is a saying that it is only when you look back 500 times in a previous life that you pass by once in this life.

the world is so big that some people spend all their luck just meeting each other.

as an upright man, you should cherish your partner even more.

any relationship, trust is an one-off, if you lose it, and then take pains to repair it, it will never be the same again.

May you remain the same in the face of temptation, become the harbor of her life, and protect her for the rest of her life.

Zhu Deyong once said something that people very much agree with:

"A difficult marriage is a ledger, certificate, 365,000 quarrels, plus patience."

it is inevitable that there will be friction between people, not to mention their own pillow people, couples who love each other have had the idea of divorce tens of thousands of times.

Marriage, after watching too many on and off, I realize that no matter who becomes his wife will regret it.

Marriage is not only the romance before the flowers and the moon, but also the firewood, rice and salt hidden in the ordinary life.

Marriage at the end of the day, you live with yourself.

the value of a happy marriage lies in the harmonious relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

when the passion fades, after knowing all each other's shortcomings, each other can still believe that each other is the best choice in the face of all kinds of temptations.

, may you and I both choose what we love in a life that cannot be repeated, and have the determination to resist the heckles of life together.

can also have the leisure to watch the flowers and enjoy the moon together and walk hand in hand to the end of life.

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