Do things soberly and behave foolishly.
Do things soberly and behave foolishly.
May you and I, polished by the years, become wiser and more thorough.


there is a saying: "there are only two things in one's life."

it is a skill to be sober.

being confused is a kind of wisdom.

in dealing with people, the younger they are, the more impetuous they become.

when you reach middle age, may you become more calm and calm after going through the world.

do things soberly,

is a skill

there is a saying: "when things are urgent, they are slow, and when things are slow, they are round."

people tend to do things impulsively when they are young.

when you disagree, you get angry; when things don't go well, you get resentful.

as you get older, you will learn to live in harmony after you have suffered losses and hit the wall.

Zuo Zongtang, a famous minister in the late Qing Dynasty, worked as an aide under Luo Bingzhang, governor of Hunan Province when he was young. he was somewhat arrogant because of his outstanding talent.

at that time, Fan Xie, a general soldier in Yongzhou, went to Changsha to meet Luo Bingzhang, the Lord of Futai. Luo Bingzhang asked him to see Zuo Zongtang on the side.

but Fan Xie did not do so, saying in a contemptuous tone: "I am the general soldier of the second grade of the imperial court. Is there any reason to greet the staff of Sipin?"

Zuo Zongtang was furious when he heard this, and the two formed a feud.

soon after, Fan Xie was impeached by Luo Bingzhang for embezzlement. Fan Xie thought this was Zuo Zongtang's personal feud, so he filed a complaint with Hubei Governor Guanwen.

after listening to the official text, he complained to Emperor Xianfeng, and later because a number of officials who appreciated Zuo Zongtang interceded with Emperor Xianfeng, he was allowed to avoid this calamity in times of crisis.

there is a saying: "if you can't bear it, you will be out of order."

only by holding back your anger and not acting impulsively can you avoid disasters better.

in the seventh year of Xianfeng, Zeng Guofan, who had reached middle age, followed the rule of returning home in the name of losing his father.

later, after he came out again, his attitude towards Emperor Xianfeng changed greatly. He no longer pushed the conditions of "three obstacles and four stresses". Even if he was unwilling to accept it, he did not refute it directly and knew how to deal with it in a roundabout way.

in addition, officials of all sizes in the imperial court are more polite and easygoing, avoiding being enemies, and know how to politely refuse when they encounter difficulties.

it was because of this that Zeng Guofan later turned the tide and became famous all his life.

there is a saying: "only when you keep calm can you get things done."

when people are younger, it is always difficult to control their emotions and temper.

after middle age, you should not only learn to do things sober, but also learn to weigh the pros and cons.

to act willfully is an instinct and a skill to know how to restrain.

the more mature a person is, the less likely he is to be emotional.

being confused is wisdom.

Zheng Banqiao once said, "it is difficult to be smart, difficult to be confused, and it is even more difficult to change from being smart to being confused."

when you live a lifetime, you don't have to worry about everything.

sometimes, to be magnanimous is to let others go and not to embarrass yourself.

to know how to let go is not only to forgive others, but also not to add trouble and trouble to yourself.

after Wu Zetian became emperor, he appointed Di Renjie as prime minister.

one day, Wu Zetian asked Di Renjie, "you used to work in Runan, you have an excellent performance, but also very popular with the people." But there are some people who always slander and frame you. Do you want to know? "

Di Renjie immediately confessed:

"if your Majesty thinks that those slanders and frauds are my fault, I will listen to them and correct them.

if your Majesty thinks it is not my fault, it will be a great blessing for me. As for who is slandering and framing, and how, I don't want to know. "

after hearing this, Wu Zetian not only dispelled his doubts about Di Renjie, but even praised him for his magnanimity and magnanimity.

there is a sentence in "the combination of maxims":

"it is better to tolerate people's slander than to be able to argue, and it is better to be able to insult me than to be able to guard against it."

in life, we will inevitably encounter slander and slander by others.

when we were young, we always wanted to argue with reason.

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when you get older, you will understand that those who are clean are clear, and those who are muddy are self-turbid.

if you are confused, you don't have to take it seriously everywhere in order to live more freely and freely.

at the end of the Western Han Dynasty, Wang Mang usurped power, the world was disrupted, and the people were living in poverty.

Liu Xiu deployed his troops and won the world. At that time, after Liu Xiu led his soldiers into Handan, he organized the soldiers under his hands to count the official documents of the previous dynasty.

in the playbooks of the former dynasty, the soldiers found a lot of flattering Wang Mang and belittling Liu Xiu.

then immediately went to tell Liu Xiu,

and said angrily, "these people secretly contacted Wang Mang and even insulted you, so they must be severely punished."

when Liu Xiu heard this, he not only did not investigate, but also burned all these playbooks in front of former officials.

and said to them: "I have not seen these books, and will never open them, you can feel at ease."

Liu Xiu is not stupid. he knows very well that many people can't help it. If they settle old accounts on this matter, it will shake people's hearts and make the losses outweigh the gain.

there is a saying: "since you have come out of the hole, you have to forgive others and forgive others."

sometimes, it is the greatest wisdom to ignore it.

and leniencyOne foot is broadening one's own way.

to give way to others is to broaden your own path.

the smarter the person is, he is the present. The more confused a person is, the longer he sees.

Middle age is an extremely difficult age.

think twice about everything you say, everything you say and do.

there is a saying in the Golden Age:

"later, I learned that life is a slow process of being hammered. People grow old day by day, hope disappears day by day, and end up like a hammered cow."

when there is no one to take the road of middle age for you, you should learn to do things carefully so as not to add more trouble and burden to yourself.

there is no one to turn over the hurdle of middle age for you. You should learn to be confused, let go of your gains and losses, and no longer give yourself any more troubles and disasters.

May you and I, polished by the years, become wiser and more thorough.

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