"disappear" 200 days later, she finally announced a comeback, the whole network shocked: this scene, more terrible than expected!
"disappear" 200 days later, she finally announced a comeback, the whole network shocked: this scene, more terrible than expected!
It is easy to raise a hand, but it can change the direction of the tide.

Last year, the documentary "Infinite Road" brushed the screen online.

the photography team went deep into 6 provinces and 10 poverty-stricken counties in the mainland.

their camera records the local experience of getting rid of poverty, so that the world has witnessed a miracle created by the Chinese people.

the film was well received after it was broadcast, with a score of 9.5 on Douban.

host Chen Beier won the "Top Ten people who moved China in 2021".

after more than 200 days, she quietly brought us the second season of "priceless guarantee".

this time, the camera focuses on Hoh Xil, Xinjiang, Dali Erhai.

behind these familiar names, there are actually many stories that people are not familiar with.

if you have been to Erhai Lake in Dali, you will be impressed by the scenery there.

the blue waves ripple beneath my feet, the mountains are stacked verdant in front of me, and the picturesque scenery of Cangshan and Erhai Lake in golden autumn makes people linger.

but this place with green mountains and green waters, like a fairyland, used to be a stinky scene.

in the documentary "priceless Protection", the camera follows the host Chen Beier to tell the audience about the past history of Erhai Lake.

someone on the Internet once described Erhai as "Erhai is not a sea, but it is more able to heal the heart than the sea."

Beautiful inn, blue sky, parked seabirds. People who come here can enjoy a leisurely and slow life and feel the beauty of nature.

at first glance, it is not shocking, but it always fascinates people.

because of the beautiful scenery, it has become a tourist paradise, and countless tourists come here every year.

according to volunteers in the local scenic spot, the number of tourists to Erhai Lake in Cangshan is usually only about 100 a day, but it will soar to tens of thousands during the peak tourist season.

while tourists bring business opportunities, they also bring crisis.

on the one hand, the garbage left by tourists has become a difficult problem to deal with.

on the other hand, more and more people who are interested in business opportunities choose to open an inn here.

in order to save costs, these inns will directly inject sewage, feces and garbage into Erhai Lake without any treatment.

soon the green mountains and green waters disappeared.

once all kinds of rubbish began to float on the blue surface of the lake, giving off a bad smell.

not to mention enjoying the scenery of Erhai Lake, just being close to it is very uncomfortable.

in 2016, a large area of blue-green algae broke out in Erhai Lake, the water quality deteriorated rapidly, and a large number of fish died in the lake.

in order to save the fragile Erhai Lake and restore the once blue sea and sky, the state has invested more than 9 billion yuan to set up a sewage interception system and build a 129-kilometer-long ecological promenade of Erhai Lake.

after the shot, there was no winner.

it can be said that everyone paid a heavy price in the defense of Erhai Lake.

it is easy to destroy the environment, but it takes a long time and a lot of manpower and material resources to repair it.

apart from inland, the situation in the ocean is not optimistic.

this is the easiest place to pile up garbage, and countless rubbish is discharged into the ocean every year.

there are statistics-more than 1.5 billion masks flowed into the ocean in 2020 alone.

recently, environmental groups have launched garbage cleaning activities in the waters of Hawaii.

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in just 27 days, more than 40 tons of marine garbage were fished out.

what kind of pollution will be hidden in other uncleaned areas?

NASA has done a survey to observe the changes in Earth's rubbish over the past 20 years.

in 1986, marine rubbish was only sporadic, inconspicuous compared to the vast expanse of the earth.

by 2013, the situation has changed dramatically, and the density of garbage has skyrocketed, which is shocking.

and a lot of marine garbage is tough and difficult to degrade. If it is not salvaged artificially, it can exist in the ocean for many years.

the amount and scope of garbage is spreading, even the South Pole has been affected.

some time ago, researchers found that the cleanest places on earth have been contaminated with microplastics.

microplastics were found in each of the 19 snow samples collected on the largest ice shelf in Antarctica.

is this still the earth we are familiar with?

before we know it, environmental pollution has spread all over the world, and the home on which we live has changed.

in life, there are always people who disapprove of littering.

in September 2020, the body of a Magellan penguin attracted the attention of netizens.

scientists removed a complete black N95 mask from its stomach.

this penguin is the first recorded animal in the world to die from swallowing a mask.

it was just looking for food.But starved to death because he accidentally ate a mask.

in April 2019, a whale rushed onto a beach in Sardinia, Italy, and tried to commit suicide.

after unraveling the plane, I found out that it was a mother whale.

in addition to the aborted fetus, there is also a 44-jin Shuo material bag hidden in its body, which completely blocks the digestive tract.

if it wasn't too painful, how could it take the child to die with it?

and the driving force behind these tragedies is human beings.

recently, a team of researchers at the University of Otago in New Zealand found that 3/4 of the more than 150 wild fish caught in a sea area in southern New Zealand contained microplastics.

these microplastics are everywhere in the studied sea area.

they first enter the bodies of marine life, and these marine creatures are finally brought to our table.

in March this year, the latest scientific research in the Netherlands showed that 17 of the 22 volunteers had microplastic particles in their blood.

the rubbish that people throw out is being eaten by themselves, which is by no means alarmist.

they just change their form and go back to our mouths, stomachs and blood.

when the environment is destroyed, when the balance is broken, the consequences are far more terrible than we thought.

what we think is far away, retribution will eventually fall on us.

"for whom the Bell tolls" says:

"No one is an isolated island isolated from the rest of the world.

everyone is part of a vast continent in this day and age, no one is a bystander, no one is an outsider, the infinite distance, the countless lives, are related to you and me. "

Don't wait for the bell to ring before we realize that we had a chance to save ourselves.

countless living examples remind us that the earth is our only home, and it is urgent to protect the environment.

in 2011, a 17-year-old Dutch teenager designed a device that could catch garbage at sea.

some people predict that through this project, about half of the plastic waste in the Pacific garbage belt can be cleaned up within ten years.

versova Beach in Mumbai, India was once regarded as an "unofficial beach dump".

when a man named Afroz Shah saw this, he began to insist on cleaning up the garbage here.

at first, the neighbors were with him, and then more and more people were infected by him and joined the team of picking up garbage.

after the 85th week, the beach, which was once regarded as a garbage dump, has completely changed.

of course, not everyone is required to be like them, and there are many little things in life that we can do.

for example, do not litter when traveling;

for example, reduce the use of disposable plastic bags;

for example, saving water and electricity at home;


A simple hand can change the direction of the tide.

to protect the environment is to protect ourselves and our children.

, from now on, from ourselves, we will reduce the damage to the environment and protect the homes on which we live together.

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