Cure 18 little things in life (worth collecting)
Cure 18 little things in life (worth collecting)
To be able to create happiness and heal yourself in an ordinary life is a great ability.

there is a question and answer on Zhihu: "Please use one word to describe your current state of life."

the answer of many people is: "tired."

Today, the fast-paced, high-stress life makes many people busy and anxious all day like a clockwork wound up.

Cervantes once said, "the bowstring cannot be tensed up all the time. People are weak and cannot be supported without a little proper looseness."

being in a stressful life for a long time will make people feel physically and mentally exhausted and unable to support.

only by combining work with rest and relaxation can we better face the challenges of life.

if you also feel tired, slow down and try to cure these 18 little things in life.


decorate the room with flowers or green plants

Home is the warmest harbor for each of us.

after a hard day's work, what I look forward to most is to go home, get rid of fatigue and camouflage, and completely relax my body and mind.

and a good family environment can make us more relaxed and comfortable.

you can raise some potted plants and green plants at home, which can not only relieve eye fatigue, purify the air, but also relieve stress and give you upward strength.


take a hot bath and get into bed

take a hot bath, let the warm water wash away the dust from our bodies, and wash away all tiredness and troubles.

then, get into the warm quilt and have a comfortable sleep.

when the sun rises tomorrow, it will be a brand new day.


buy yourself a small gift

We should not only care about others, but also be kind to ourselves.

when there is no one to comfort, learn to make yourself happy.

when you are in a bad mood, buy yourself a small gift to reward yourself for being brave, strong and optimistic.

there is still a long way to go. Come on! You'll get better and better.


exercise makes you sweat

there is nothing more relaxing than exercise.

after sweating, our bodies secrete dopamine and endorphins that make us feel relaxed and happy.

American Journal of Sports and Sports Psychology has published relevant research conclusions:

only 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise can immediately improve the state of depression and loss of pleasure.

take time to exercise, it will keep you away from sadness and happiness.


watch a movie you want to see

Art comes from life, movies, and the interpretation of other people's lives.

in your spare time, go to see a movie you like, enter other people's world, and experience another life.

maybe you will see yourself in it and let your heart be healed.

or get inspiration and insight from other people's lives and learn more wisdom in life.


sleep until natural awakening when conditional

the best living condition for a person is to work when it is time to work and to rest when it is time to rest.

only by combining work with rest can you stay energetic.

on weekends, if there is nothing important, you might as well sleep in.

turn off the alarm clock and cell phone, don't worry about being late, don't worry about unfinished work, put everything down and wake up naturally.

Let the tired brain get enough rest and store energy for the body.


cook yourself a meal

Wilde said: "loving yourself is the beginning of a lifetime of romance."

everyone should learn to take good care of themselves.

the more you are in a bad mood, the more you have to eat well.

cook a meal for yourself, fill your emptiness and loneliness with food, and dissolve your inner anxiety and uneasiness.


put some favorite furnishings on the table

Life needs both ritual and spice embellishment.

collect some small items you like, whether they are dolls, decorations, beautiful picture frames, lovely succulent plants.

put them on the table and let them accompany your work and life.

when you see those lovely and beautiful knickknacks every day, your heart will be full of happiness, and your boring life will become pleasant and beautiful.


have a heart-to-heart talk with good friends

when you are in a bad mood, don't be bored alone, find a good friend to talk to.

there are some troubles, so it is inconvenient to talk to your family, but you can talk to your friends, because you are bosom friends of similar age and like-minded.

Ta will help you give advice, solve problems, and sincerely point out your mistakes so that you can correct yourself in time.

the support and encouragement of friends will accompany you through all the difficult times.


take a walk with my parents

when their children are older and busy with their work and life every day, it is easy to ignore their parents' feelings and become increasingly estranged.

Liang Jizhang, a famous host in Hong Kong, said: "relatives only have one fate. No matter how long I will spend with you in this life, you must cherish your time together."

go home often when you have time and spend time with your parentsGet up for a walk, have a chat, and do your part in filial piety.

also let your heart settle down and feel the warmth of your family.

parents' love is the cure for everything and will give us infinite strength.


read a book in a comfortable environment

Life needs to be separated, and the mind needs to be purified regularly.

in the busy life, steal half a day of free life, make a pot of tea and read a good book you like.

put aside all distractions and get rid of the noise of the outside world.

in a short period of solitude, let the mind return to peace and satisfaction.


listen to a relaxing music

some people say: "headphones are like an infusion tube. When listening to music, it is very much like a sick intravenous drip. It is a healing process."

Music is a wonderful spiritual language that can help us dispel loneliness and heal our hearts.

mild and soothing music can relieve fatigue, relax nerves and make people feel happy.

listen to a relaxing piece of music and make a SPA for your heart.


go outside to bask in the sun

"all things grow by the sun", and man is no exception.

always stay in the room, it will inevitably make people depressed and depressed.

go outdoors, let the warm sunshine shine on the body, enjoy the beauty of nature, the mood will suddenly enlighten.

you will find that life is so good that all the haze will pass.


take a picture of a precious moment

there are many significant unforgettable moments in everyone's life:

it may be the first day of entering the university, the first date, or the first step taken by the child, the time of family reunion.

take pictures of these precious moments. When you are depressed, when you see these photos, you will recall the beauty and emotion at that time, and your heart will be filled with happiness in an instant.


set a goal for yourself

Liu Yong once said:

"you can never climb a mountain all your life, but there must be a mountain in your heart, it makes you always climb high, it always makes you have a direction to struggle, it makes you look up at any moment, you can see your own hope."

when you have an aim in life, life is meaningful.

set a goal for yourself and let it guide you in the direction of your struggle.

when you want to slack off and give up, when you think of your goals, you will rekindle the fighting spirit of hope.


cultivate a small interest that can be persisted

Carnegie said: "everyone should have a deep interest to enrich the soul and add flavor to life."

living a dull life is easy to make people numb and decadent.

try to cultivate a small interest you like, such as reading, sports, playing chess, arranging flowers.

as long as you stick to it, you will get happiness from it.

A good hobby will not discourage us from playing with things, but will only make us love life more.


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do a good thing that can help others

Gorky once said, "giving is happier than taking it."

some studies have shown that giving help to others is a pleasant experience, which can increase people's happiness and reduce stress.

to help others as much as you can is to convey goodwill and good health, so why not do it?

you don't have to do anything big, just the little things you usually come into contact with.

show strangers the way, give a seat to a pregnant woman, and help the elderly get out of the car.

these good things of helping others can improve your happiness and make you happier.


record two happy things every day

sometimes, we feel unhappy, not because we are living a bad life, but because we ignore the little things in life.

in fact, happiness is very ordinary and simple, it is hidden in the trivial life, waiting for you to discover.

from now on, record two happy things every day.

can be a hug from your partner, a meal from your parents, a flower by the side of the road, an affirmation from your boss, as long as it makes you feel happy right now, write it down.

slowly, your ability to perceive happiness will become stronger and stronger.

Haruki Murakami said: "when you treat the seemingly boring little things in your life with a serious and interesting attitude, you will get a small and certain happiness and feel that life is wonderful."

it is a great ability to create happiness and heal yourself in an ordinary life.

, may you and I both have the ability to live every day of our lives to the fullness and contentment, happiness and happiness.

the book is published under authorization.