Conquer yourself (good text in depth)
Conquer yourself (good text in depth)
It is wonderful to win over others, but life is to defeat yourself.

I have heard a saying: "to change others is stupid; to change yourself is God!"

stupid people always find reasons, faults and problems from others first.

Smart people, on the other hand, reflect on their shortcomings in advance, find their roots, and seek breakthroughs.

more often, we lose not to others, but to ourselves.

people are alive, the biggest opponent is themselves, how hard you are to yourself, how stable your life will be.

the only way to success is to constantly reflect on yourself and challenge yourself so as to defeat yourself.

overcome one's laziness

Zeng Guofan said: "the mediocre people of all ages in the world are defeated by a lazy word."

laziness is not the ease you think it is, but depression and tiredness.

like dust, it can rust hard steel and destroy a person easily.

what can really make a person successful is always self-discipline, hard work and diligence.

Zeng Guofan, an important minister of the late Qing Dynasty, emphasized "diligence" all his life, and his success was inseparable from diligence.

when he was in school, he was willing to make stupid efforts, used diligence to make up for his clumsiness, and just passed the top Jinshi examination on the basis of his inferior qualifications.

after becoming an official, in a short period of half a year, he conscientiously dealt with more than 40,000 volumes of documents, and the efficiency of his office was very high.

Zeng Guofan conquered laziness, treated laziness with diligence, ruled mediocrity with diligence, and proved with his brilliant life: the way of heaven rewards diligence.

as the saying goes, "nothing is difficult in the world as soon as you work, but everything in the world is off when you are lazy."

if you want to achieve great things, you must overcome your laziness and let diligence become the master of life.

the more down-to-earth a lazy life is, the luckier a diligent life will become.

overcome one's arrogance

Wang Yangming, the guru of psychology, said, "being arrogant is the enemy of man." A thousand sins and all evils come from pride. "

the growth of arrogance is the first step in self-destruction of the Great Wall.

because once people begin to be arrogant, their hearts are filled with a sense of superiority, and their bad luck is not far away.

after Cao Cao won Jingzhou at the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, when his wish came true and satisfied, Zhang Song of Xichuan came to get in touch with his feelings.

but Zhang Song has an ugly face, and when Cao Cao sees this, he is inevitably arrogant and contemptuous, and his attitude is very cold.

it so happened that Zhang Song was also a man of high self-esteem. Seeing that Cao Cao looked down on others, he left Cao Camp in a fit of anger.

he turned his head and gave the map of Chuanzhong in his hand to Liu Bei. In this way, Liu Bei picked up a big bargain and successfully captured Yizhou.

because of arrogance, Cao Cao lost the great opportunity to rule the world. On the contrary, it was too late to repent of the situation in which the three Kingdoms stood side by side.

the ancients used to say, "only be blessed with humility."

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arrogance is the beginning of evil. Don't be satisfied that your wishes come true with a little achievement.

if you want to improve yourself, you must put aside your arrogance, be humble and be in awe.

only by overcoming your own arrogance, not overestimating yourself and not underestimating others, can you stand at the top of your life.

overcome your greed

there is a saying in Zhuangzi: "those who are addicted to deep desires are shallow in nature."

if a person's greed is too much, he will lack wisdom and spirituality and lose the opportunities and blessings in life.

desire is a bottomless pit. The more greedy you are, the easier it is to lose.

there is such a story:

the disciple asked the master, "what is the most terrible thing in the world?"

Master thought for a moment and said, "it's greed."

when the disciple was puzzled, Master smiled and said, "Let me tell you a story."

there is a man who wants to buy land, and the land seller says:

"as long as a thousand yuan is needed to give you time from sunrise to sunset, all the places you walk belong to you, as long as you can get back to the starting point."

he thought, it was such a bargain that he paid the money right away.

at sunrise, he strode forward desperately, still secretly rejoicing: "if you work hard for a day, you can be happy all your life."

so he hurriedly took a shortcut and rushed towards the starting point, but when he was still two steps away, his strength was exhausted and he fell to the ground.

his hands happened to touch the starting point, and the land belonged to him, but what was the use?

he has lost his most precious life.

the most terrible thing in the world is greed, which can make you lose your mind, forget your original heart, and even lead to disaster and loss of life.

there is a saying in the Book of morality: "contentment is not humiliating, knowledge is not perilous."

everything goes too far, there must be disasters, which is not only a simple philosophy of life, but also the law of the operation of the world.

indulge your greed and be carried away by interests. In the end, you will only suffer the consequences.

only by overcoming one's own greed, abstinence, and contentment, can one have true prosperity in life.

overcome your weakness

"the Road few people take" says: "Life is full of hardships."

if you take the suffering too seriously, take yourself too lightly and too weak, you will be easily knocked down.

so, you may not be good, but you must not be weak.

only by overcoming your weakness and developing your inner strength can you laugh at the troubles of the world.

the famous poet Bei Dao, his poems influenced a generation, but looking back on the first half of his life, he was ill-fated.

the literary magazine he founded was also shut down.

wandering outside for decades, I have changed countless jobs to support myself.

but he never gave up his creation, but faced the difficulties, published many works, enjoyed a good reputation at home and abroad, and was nominated for the Nobel Prize for Literature many times.

later, he wrote in the poem: "I can touch hell when I squat, but I can't see heaven when I look up."

but he survived, broke the bondage of life, and cast a steel wall in his heart.

people have their troughs and unsatisfactory times, and the key to getting out of trouble lies in yourself.

Sanmao put it well: "apart from self-crossing, there is nothing others can do to help."

whose life has not experienced the wind and rain, has not been tempered.

everything is bitter, only those who survive and survive are really strong and winners in life.

when your heart becomes strong and no longer weak, you can be reborn in Nirvana, be blessed by fate, and turn dimness into splendor.

it is said in the Book of morality: "he who wins is strong, and he who wins himself is strong."

it is wonderful to win over others, but life is to defeat yourself.

overcome your laziness and keep diligence in order to achieve success.

overcome your arrogance, humble yourself, and naturally go far away;

overcome one's own greed and be content to achieve happiness and fulfillment.

overcoming your weakness and strengthening your heart will cure everything in the end.

, may you and I both get out of our comfort zone, recognize ourselves, overcome ourselves, and reach new heights of life.