"Congratulations to those who don't change their Wechat avatars."
"Congratulations to those who don't change their Wechat avatars."
Instead of expecting the affirmation of others, it is better to clarify the certainty of your own inner world.

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how long has it been since you changed your Wechat profile picture?

Wechat avatar is like a silent business card. Behind each avatar, there is a deep meaning.

and the frequency of changing avatars can often tell a person's temperament.

have you noticed that some people like to change their avatars and use them to express their current mood and state?

Dang Xiaolin, a student who suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder, said bluntly, "I can't stand it without changing my profile picture."

but there are always some people who don't change their avatars all the year round, or even remain the same for years.

believes that people who don't like to change Wechat avatars usually have the following personalities.

people who do not change their avatars are more emotionally stable

change the avatar, you can see the change of a person's mood and state of mind.

the avatar is like a barometer of emotion, and many emotional people regard it as a mouth to talk to:

when you are happy, change your avatar to express your joy; when you are sad, change your avatar to vent your discontent.

A friend left a message:

people around me call my avatar little sister, every day the mood is like a tornado, the avatar is also spinning with the sky.

to be honest, I changed my avatar just to attract attention.

every time I quarrel with my boyfriend, I change my avatar to black. During the period when I was lovelorn, I changed 17 avatars.

but my best friend is the kind of person who doesn't change her profile picture for ten thousand years. She has a happy and stable life. Maybe I should learn.

I think that changing avatars frequently is to meet psychological needs.

people who do not like to change Wechat avatars are more calm and rational. They know how to control their emotions, do not express them casually, and seldom express themselves with great joy or sorrow. They have already developed a suit of armor and are strong quietly.

they are calm and calm, they can cope with any changes, and they can sort out their emotions.

you don't have to change your avatar to get other people's attention.

Life is like drinking water, knowing whether it is warm or cold.

No longer open your heart to everyone, no longer panic when something happens, turn complexity into simplicity, turn sorrow into joy, and have your own sun and moon landscapes in your heart, which is a person's highest way of living.

people who do not change their avatars are single-minded and long-term

there is a saying: "Don't flirt with people who don't change their profile pictures, because such people tend to be very devoted."

I think so.

people who do not change the profile picture of Wechat often have affection and tenderness that are difficult for outsiders to see through, and they attach great importance to emotion.

for them, single-mindedness is a prerequisite for feelings. Now that you have chosen, you will follow the same path. Once determined, you will not give up easily.

the so-called love is to choose one person to grow old.

just like after layers of screening, it is not easy to change after deciding which avatar to choose.

know a girl, Wechat portrait is a Kitty cat, quite cute, but a little childish.

after all these years, her avatar remains the same. When asked why, she knew that the doll was the first gift from her boyfriend.

now, the boyfriend is the husband.

the girl said, "it's not easy for us to be together. Every time I see the picture, my heart gets warm."

companionship is the longest confession. There is a man in my heart, and all the passers-by are in front of him. A long stream of emotion is more desirable than a fleeting passion.

not changing the avatar is a kind of persistence and long-term love.

people who always use the same Wechat avatar are single-minded, even stubborn, but long-term in love.

people who do not change their avatars are nostalgic and considerate

"if I don't change my avatar, I'm afraid you won't find me."

emotional people worry that if they change their avatars, others will not recognize them.

people are mainly image memory, especially the elderly people use Wechat, without a note name, it is difficult to find you.

A friend said:

"I haven't changed my profile picture for three years. My mother can't read and is not good at playing with her smartphone. Changing her profile picture all the time will make her not know which one is me."

there are more and more friends in the address book, and not changing avatars is also to reduce strangeness.

"when you miss me, it's like seeing your profile picture. In fact, I'm always by your side."

I don't change my Wechat profile picture because I don't want to give up.

there is an uncle in his sixties whose avatar has always been a picture of his daughter. The girl is clever and sensible, can play the piano and likes to listen to concerts. Unfortunately, the car accident five years ago took her away.

this has always been the pain in the heart of the uncle, and it is also a long-term yearning for his family.

some avatars are of great significance, a nostalgia for someone, an obsession with a past, or an expectation of something.

most people who do not change their avatars have their own stories, and it is difficult for you to walk into his heart, but you will find that they are long and affectionate.

people who do not change their avatars are simple and open-minded

the mantra of such people is often: "too lazy to bother!"

some people don't change their avatars simply because they are lazy and don't feel the need to spend time messing around.

what they care about is not the avatar, but the person they communicate with.

this kind of people lookIt seems to be natural, but in fact, it is clear and clear that it is not for the purpose of pleasing or attracting anyone, and that you can be who you really are.

getting along with them is like a spring breeze.

every year Sister Qing travels abroad, painting by the Eiffel Tower, watching the windmill in the Netherlands, watching the sunset in the Bakken Mountains, and Nara feeding the fawn.

I was full of praise: "the photos are all beautiful, change your avatar!" Look at your picture of the scenery for several years. "

"you don't have to show your avatar to others, just be happy." She smiled.

as Yishu said, a lady with real temperament never shows off everything she has. She doesn't tell anyone what books she has read, where she has been, how many clothes she has, and what jewelry she has sold, because she has no sense of inferiority.

most people who are too lazy to change their avatars have an attitude towards life: it is better to please themselves than to cater to others.

do not dwell on the past, advocate simplicity, know how to break up, know what you want, and can afford an ordinary life, is really open-minded and free and easy.

people who do not change their avatars are mature and stable

when I met my old classmate Xue Yan a few days ago, I learned that she had been betrayed by her boyfriend after graduation, her business failed, and her grandmother was seriously ill. The understatement on her face is distressing.

under the impression that she was keen to change her avatar when she was in college, she never changed her avatar after graduation.

who knows that she, who once loved to cry, carried so much alone and had the power to ride the wind and waves under her calm appearance.

Zhang Ziyi's previous Weibo portrait, often in movie stills, has been fixed as a picture of a small hand holding a big hand since she gave birth to her daughter to wake up in 2015. She lives the life she wants, appreciates and cherishes it.

there are such people who do not often change their Wechat avatars. They have a calm personality and encounter difficulties. Some people feel that the sky is falling apart, but they are rational not to indulge in grief and vent their emotions, but to think about how to solve the problem.

they know themselves well enough, have a clear orientation to their own image, and have a clear understanding of life. They are calm, calm and calm, can give themselves sense of security, and live their days quietly into an appearance of joy.

A friend said that when I was in college, I saw the sunset outside the dormitory window and liked the setting sun, so I took a picture as an avatar and used it for several years.

as time goes by, I am "standing still".

I used my previous Wechat avatar for six years, and I still remember the mood and story in that photo. A new avatar this year also represents a new beginning.

of course, Wechat avatars cannot represent the whole of a person, nor can they judge the whole of a person.

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whether or not to change the avatar is purely a personal preference, and there is no need for others to say much. Some people are lively and like new things, so their avatars naturally change quickly.

but changing the avatar can more or less tell a person's mood and state.

Today, I want to post this article to congratulate those who don't change their Wechat profile pictures very often.

they are often more worthy of deep acquaintance, because they are more mature and stable, nostalgic and long-term, take their feelings seriously and think about them for the rest of their lives.

instead of expecting the affirmation of others, it is better to clarify the certainty of your inner world.

whether you often change your profile picture or not, I hope you no longer have a sense of existence all over the world and stop venting your emotions at will.

May you have light in your eyes, be rich in your heart, cherish the people around you, and live the life you want with a constant state of mind.