Congratulations, they finally announced their remarriage!
Congratulations, they finally announced their remarriage!
Thousands of worlds, fireworks and dust, have their own true feelings, always warm the heart.

I believe many people have heard such a sentence:

"husband and wife are the same forest birds, but they fly separately in the face of disaster."

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because there are too many such examples.

for example, the husband fails in business and the wife wants a divorce.

the world is cold and thin, but we must still believe that there is truth.

in the true love of adversity, there is the deepest love

in the past two days, I saw a piece of news and was really moved.

the news takes place in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, and the protagonist is an old couple who divorced and remarried.

Uncle Quan, 65, and Aunt Lan, 59, have known each other for 30 years and have been together for 20 years.

they used to be a loving couple, and the family was happy.

however, there are unexpected events in the sky and misfortunes and good fortune for everyone.

A sudden change broke the peace of the family.

two years ago, Uncle Quan was found to have lung cancer, which was at an advanced stage.

in order not to disturb his wife, he filed for divorce.

however, after the divorce, Aunt Lan still never gave up and took good care of her.

Uncle Quan was so moved that he wanted to give Aunt Lan a legal wife while he was still able to walk freely.

on the day of May 20, Uncle Quan, holding Aunt Lan's hand, came to the marriage registration office of the Civil Affairs Bureau.

the marriage registry is always crowded on this day every year.

many newlyweds agree to receive "red books" hand in hand on this special day.

Uncle Quan and Aunt Lan did not choose the day, but happened to meet this day.

this coincidence is romantic.

in an interview with a reporter, Uncle Quan said: "I hope that after she dies, she can continue to live happily for the rest of her life."

Uncle Quan's words filled Aunt Lan's eyes with tears.

Aunt Lan said emotionally, "even if he doesn't propose to remarry, I will accompany him through the last leg of the road even if he lives more than half of his life."

take pictures, fill in forms, sign...

Uncle Quan and Aunt Lan become legal husband and wife again.

their feelings are envied and moved.

in the ordinary and unpredictable life, I can't live without you, and you need me.

support each other in the wind and rain.

to enter into an engagement today, not to hold hands and grow old together, but to live and die.

whether the relationship is reliable or not, the wind and rain will know

"regardless of prosperity or adversity, wealth or poverty, health or sickness, youth or old age, we are all in the same boat, sharing weal and woe, sharing joys and sorrows, and becoming lifelong partners!"

this is the oath of countless newlyweds who are married for love.

is not only a delivery of one's own life, but also a commitment to a lover's life.

some people break their vows, while others stick to them.

the famous singer Yan Weiwen, whose wife is Liu Weixing.

they knew each other by singing. Yan Weiwen was 15 and Liu Weixing was 14.

later, they got married, got married, had a daughter, and had a happy family of three.

but in the sixth year of marriage, fate played a big joke on them.

my wife Liu Xing is ill with breast cancer.

when she was not yet 30 years old, she could not bear the sudden blow and cried in despair.

Yan Weiwen was also in pain, but in front of his wife, he suppressed his sadness and pretended to say calmly to his wife:

"I'm not a good husband. I've made you suffer. We're not afraid. Treat it quickly."

since then, Yan Weiwen accompanied his wife on a long journey to fight cancer.

every day, he accompanies his wife in chemotherapy and takes care of himself.

when he got home, he used different tricks to cook delicious food for his wife and accompanied her to exercise.

during this period, his wife Liu Xing thought of giving up many times and had a strong resistance to various treatments.

in order to appease his wife, Yan Weiwen asked the doctor to prescribe an intravenous drip of nutrient solution for himself.

every day, the husband and wife each lie in a hospital bed and put on an intravenous drip together for three months.

this fight against cancer has lasted for 32 years.

for more than 10000 days and nights and 32 years of taking care of his wife, Yan Weiwen has paid unimaginable hard work.

many people praise Yan Weiwen, but he always says:

"I am a regular husband, doing what a husband should do."

so much for the so-called best love.

Dear Andre:

"the partner you need is the one who can stand side by side with you on the bow, sing the scenery on both sides of the strait, and hold your hand more tightly in the rough sea."

it is said that human nature is best seen in times of crisis.

those who really love you will never flinch in the face of wind and rain.

there is no true love in the world, but there is true love in the world

the most painful thing in the world is the boundless life and death of those who love each other.

the most valuable thing in the world is to never leave and never give up when adversity comes.

on March 13, a fire broke out in a residential area in Nanjing.

the injured couple were trapped.

in order to protect his wife, the husband let his wife stand outside the balcony, stay in the balcony and die.Grabbed his wife's arm dead.

the flame licks the body, and every inch of the body can feel intense burning pain.

he never let go: if only one person can live, he wants that person to be his wife.

finally, the firemen arrived.

after the wife was rescued, the first sentence was: "Save my husband first."

when disaster came, he left the hope of life to her.

in the face of life and death, they do not give up on each other, they are thinking of each other.

however, fate was ill-fated, and the husband and wife died one after another.

July 20, 2021, this is a day that many people do not want to talk about.

torrential rain in Henan happens once in a thousand years.

A woman was trapped in deep water not far from home for five minutes.

after abandoning the car and running away, she was called on by the bus driver to take shelter from the rain.

it rained more and more ferociously, and everyone was trapped in the bus.

but when the wife goes through life and death outside, how can the husband feel at ease?

he tried to rescue his wife by driving, cycling, wading and so on.

but the distance of 200 meters can never be crossed.

in his despair, he thought of the forklift, and finally he came backwards in the forklift and saved his wife and the whole car.

unkind feelings in the world, there are true feelings of their own!

someone is willing to take risks in order to find you.

there are people who give up their lives to protect each other and put life and death out of control for you.

the best love can withstand wind and rain

can keep ordinary

once read a topic: how many steps does it take to fall in love with someone for a lifetime?

someone replied: only two steps. Choose a person, and then unswervingly walk with each other.

in fact, life is as simple as that.

can withstand wind and rain and keep ordinary.

an aunt became a vegetable because of a car accident.

during his deep sleep, the husband never gave up and took good care of him.

finally, five years later, my aunt woke up.

A pregnant woman who had just given birth was pushed out of the delivery room.

"Thank you, my baby."

an old man has Alzheimer's disease.

No one remembers, but only his wife.

he said to everyone: "she married me, I begged her, very happy."

an old couple scavenging past the florist.

Grandpa wants to buy a bunch of flowers for Grandma, but Grandma thinks it's too expensive and won't let her buy it.

the old man stubbornly took out a crumpled piece of money and asked the shop assistant to wrap a bunch of roses.

the old man took the granny by the hand and said softly:

"I thought you said this kind of flower looks best."

A young couple is an old companion and has no regrets after several ups and downs.

the best love is in every bit of life.

No matter the wind and waves, or the care in the trivial details, all reveal the truest feelings and the warmest love.

from strands of hair to grey hair, you are my favorite little princess, and I am your strongest backing.

thousands of worlds, fireworks and dust have their own true feelings and warm the hearts of the people all the time.

May we always believe in love, believe in the existence of love, and believe that love will last forever.