Congratulations! Their official marriage was announced, and their relationship for many years was finally exposed.
Congratulations! Their official marriage was announced, and their relationship for many years was finally exposed.
As long as it's you in the end, it doesn't matter if it's later.

will you wait for someone all your life?

the answer of most people is "no".

in this ever-changing era, having seen too many stars cheating and divorce, love has become a suspicious thing.

in fact, there are many happy people in this world.

their love can withstand time and loneliness.

on September 21, 2010, Xiamen Civil Affairs Bureau welcomed a special couple.

one is Yuan Dibao, an 82-year-old Chinese man.

the other is an 83-year-old Chinese-French mixed-race Li Dani.

two octogenarian old people supported each other and walked slowly into the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau.

No one knows that they have waited half a century for the wedding.

this "transnational legendary love" has been interviewed and reported by major media around the world and moved countless people.

in 1953, 25-year-old Yuan Dibao was a freshman in Zhejiang Medical College, and Li Dani, 26, was a Russian teacher here.

in the first Russian class of the new semester, as soon as Li Dani entered the classroom, the whole class was attracted by this beautiful and elegant teacher, including Yuan Dibao.

although she has a French face, she grew up in China and speaks Chinese very well.

in Li Danni's impression, Yuan Dibao is a very hard-working student.

"if I speak clearly, I can see it in his eyes right away."

Yuan Dibao got excellent grades, especially in Russian, and often got full marks, so he became a representative of Russian classes.

Yuan Dibao has more and more interaction with Li Danni, and she begins to pay attention to this boy.

he is the oldest student in the class, with thick eyebrows and big eyes, handsome and unrestrained, especially a pair of bright eyes.

in addition to Russian, Yuan Dibao often asks Li Dani for English.

the two often take a walk by the West Lake, talking about their studies and ideals.

from the broken bridge and white dike of the West Lake to the autumn moon of Pinghu, there are two people walking.

she teaches him Russian and he helps her understand Chinese history.

gradually, the two young hearts came together.

they have a lot of the same hobbies and endless topics.

the two often listen to music together, and their favorite song is "when we are young":

"on a wonderful May morning, you said you loved me when we were young."

some people say that the greatest regret in life is to meet the right person at the wrong time.

in his junior year, due to the adjustment of colleges and departments, Yuan Dibao needed to go to Chengdu to complete the rest of his studies.

before parting, Yuan Dibao finally plucked up his courage and told Li Dani the secret buried in his heart.

it turns out that 10 days before Yuan Dibao went to school, his parents arranged a marriage for him, asking him to marry a woman he had never seen before.

although he was extremely reluctant, he had to compromise.

Li Danni, who heard the news, felt a bolt from the blue and heartache.

this Sino-French mixed-race girl has not only the romantic affection of the French, but also the kindness and reason of the Chinese people.

she didn't blame Yuan Dibao. After careful consideration, Dany finally decided to let go.

she says she can't build love on the sufferings of others.

turn around and leave is respect and fulfillment for each other.

in 1955, Dany boarded a ship back to France, and Yuan Dibao went to Chengdu to continue her studies.

at this point, the two are thousands of miles apart and there is no more communication.

the only contact has been many years later.

Yuan Dibao sent Dany a picture of him with his wife and three children.

Dany showed the picture to her mother and said with tears in her eyes, "he is very happy."

they have become names engraved in each other's hearts and have not been mentioned for decades.

for Yuan Dibao, at that time, he had no choice but to make arrangements at home. But now that you are married to your wife, you have to be responsible for your marriage and be responsible for your wife.

after marriage, he treated his wife with respect and handed in his monthly salary in time.

66-year-old Yuan Dibao didn't want to live with his children, so he chose to live alone.

Yuan Dibao, 82, inadvertently talked about the past when relatives came to pay New year's greetings during the Spring Festival in 2010.

the third daughter-in-law, who heard about it for the first time, could not help being moved by this sad friendship.

she asked her father-in-law, "Why didn't you write to her later?"

Yuan Dibao replied, "after all these years, she has a family of her own." She's over 80 years old. I don't know if she's still here. "

all his sons and daughters advised him to write another letter, but the old man did not answer and went straight back to his room to sleep.

but that night, the light in Yuan Dibao's room was on all night.

the silent heart of the old man was aroused again.

with apprehension, he carefully wrote down five letters and mailed one every other day.

Yuan Dibao didn't hold out much hope. But to his surprise, on May 1, 2010, Yuan Dibao received a reply from France.

he couldn't wait to open the letter and saw the familiar handwriting.-this is Dany's handwriting.

"she's alive!" Yuan Dibao burst into tears as he hugged Dany's reply.

it turns out that in these more than 50 years, she has never really let go of this relationship.

she never forgot her first love when she was young, so she never married.

when she was young, many people around her wanted to introduce Dany to her boyfriend, but she refused:

"there is only one person in my heart. He lives in my heart. He is here forever."

what is love?

for Li Dani, it is probably that I have loved you, and there is no room for anyone else in my heart.

for Yuan Dibao, it should be that if I really can't let you go, I will certainly come back for you.

in this way, the two old men resumed their correspondence.

the sons and daughters saw this and encouraged their father to bring Dany to China to live together:

"Mom has left, do you still want to miss Miss Dani?"

he was anxiously waiting for her at the airport in a suit and 55 roses in his hand.

Li Danni saw Yuan Dibao at a glance among the people who picked her up at the airport.

for most of her life, although their appearance had changed a lot, the familiar figure never left her mind for a day.

as time goes by, the face is gone. But in Yuan Dibao's eyes, she is still as beautiful as when she first met.

even though there are thousands of words in my heart, they all turn into a tight hug at last.

I always thought that the best thing in life is to meet.

later I realized that the rarest thing is a reunion.

how lucky it is for people who fall in love for the first time in their twenties to meet again in their eighties.

not every love can be at the right time, and the most touching thing is:

time goes around for decades, and we finally have each other.

on September 21, under the control of the children, 83-year-old Li Dani put on her wedding dress for the first time and married the person she loved most in her life.

Yuan Dibao looked deeply at Dany. In his eyes, she was as shy and beautiful as a bride in her twenties.

time, together for seven years, two people hug and kiss each other every day.

gradually, their health went from bad to worse.

Yuan Dibao can't hear, so Dany acts as his ear.

when Dany could not see clearly, Yuan Dibao acted as her eye.

two old people in their eighties went through the happiest time of their lives hand in hand in the last paragraph of the progress bar.

Yuan Dibao died peacefully at home on July 12, 2018 at the age of 92.

before leaving, he told the child that he must be buried with Dani after his death.

after 55 years of separation and eight years of marriage, more than a year after the death of her husband Yuan Dibao, Li Dani also left the world and went to heaven to be reunited with her husband.

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begins with the heart and ends with a white head.

this extraordinary love does not come to an end, but in another time and space, they continue to love each other.

Zhang ailing once said:

"I thought love could fill regret, but I didn't expect that it was love that created more regrets."

actress Hui Yinghong is the same Li Dani who has not yet waited for Yuan Dibao.

Hui Yinghong suffered a lot when she was a child. The family was cheated out of all their money, and the family was forced to take to the streets and become homeless.

in order to fill her stomach, she began to go out with her mother to beg when she was 3 years old.

when she was a teenager, she was selling gum at the dock and met a mixed-race sailor.

he is young and handsome and often comes to Hui Yinghong to buy chewing gum, and the two quickly get to know each other.

gradually, the boy and the girl fell in love with each other, but no one told them.

suddenly one day, the boy did not leave after paying the money for a long time, but asked Hui Yinghong to teach him how to say "I love you" in Cantonese.

after Hui Yinghong taught him, the sailor said to her solemnly, "I love you."

after that, Hui Yinghong still appeared at the dock every day as usual, but never saw the boy again.

she wanted to say something to him, but she didn't have a chance.

only later did Hui Yinghong know that the sailors had been sent abroad, and their life or death was uncertain.

I caught a glimpse of it at first sight, and I missed it for the rest of my life.

47 years have passed, Hui Yinghong has changed from a down-and-out girl to a shadow queen.

she stood in the most dazzling place, but she could not see the person she fell in love with at first sight when she was young.

now Hui Yinghong is nearly 60 years old, but she has never married.

"I know how he looks, no matter how old he is."

in 2017, Hui Yinghong went to New York to receive the award.

she subconsciously looked around the stage, but the face in her memory was not there.

so she entrusted the veterans--

if someone around them has ever been to Wan Chai, be sure to ask him ifStill remember the girl who always wears a bunch of braids.

maybe he died on the battlefield, maybe he's still alive, looking for himself.

these are Hui Yinghong's guesses, but the only thing she is sure of is:

"if he proposes to me, I will marry him without hesitation."

seeing this, how do you define love?

this is an era when it is easy to break up, and it is also an era that will lead a lifetime if you hold hands.

like a rainbow, you don't know until you meet it.

one day, you will meet someone as gorgeous as a rainbow.

make you willing to wait alone for him, even if it takes youth, it's worth it.

people who are destined to meet, even if they make a big circle, they will eventually meet at some point.

, may you also encounter a beautiful love, do not have to experience vagrancy, do not have to be teased by fate, a hand-in-hand is a lifetime.

as long as it's you in the end, it's okay to be late.

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