Change the four laws of many people's lives and wake up instantly after reading.
Change the four laws of many people's lives and wake up instantly after reading.
A good state of mind is more powerful than a hundred kinds of wisdom.


how can people not be tired?

"Shawshank's Redemption" says: "this world penetrates all the things on high walls, it is in the depths of our hearts."

most of the time, what makes us feel tired is not the thing itself, but our state of mind when something happens.

if the mindset is right, people are not tired.

if you understand the following four laws, you can adjust your mindset and live a relaxed and happy life.

Witch's law

economist Wei Qi once said:

"even if you have a mind of your own, it's hard not to waver if there are 10 people who disagree with you.


this phenomenon of being manipulated by others is "Witch's Law".

once read a short story.

A young monk was so distressed that he asked Master:

"the aunt in East Street called me a master, the uncle in Xixiang called me a bald donkey, the elder brother of the Liu family praised me for my abstinence, and the lady of the Wang family said that my heart was not finished, so what am I?"

after hearing this, Master pointed to a pot of flowers and a stone beside her, smiled and said,

"No matter what others say, flowers or flowers, stones or stones."

it is up to others to destroy reputation, but it is up to you to do what is right and wrong.

only by breaking the shackles of Witch's Law can we live a comfortable and happy life.

Lin Huiyin and his wife, who are hospitable, organize salon parties at home every weekend.

many elites from cultural circles have come to talk about the past and the present and learn from each other.

at the party, the learned and versatile Lin Huiyin always talked eloquently and became the focus of the whole audience.

for a while, rumors were rife, and many people thought that her frequent salon behavior was showing off, showing off, and being unruly.

during that time, Lin Huiyin was inspecting ancient buildings in Shanxi. She laughed off all kinds of gossip, devoted herself to her work, and organized salon parties as usual when she returned home on weekends.

doing his own thing and going his own way, Lin Huiyin finally made achievements in architecture and literature and became a generation of talented women.

Yu Hua wrote in "living": "Life belongs to everyone's own feelings, not to the opinions of anyone else."

the world is so big that there are always people who disagree with us. If you always want to live the way others expect you to be, you will eventually lose yourself.

Don't let other people's opinions drown out your own inner voice, and don't judge your life with the eyes of others.

after all, life is your own. Only by following your heart can you live comfortably.

Valenda's law

Valenda, a famous American tightrope performer, has always been famous for his extremely difficult and steady acting skills.

at the age of 73, he decided to hold a farewell performance to put an end to his acting career.

Valenda believes that the curtain call performance is extremely important, which will not only establish his position in the acting world, but also bring great support and benefits to the acting team.

before coming out, he kept telling himself, "this time is too important to fail!"

however, he, who had never made a mistake, accidentally fell and died on the spot while doing two simple movements.

afterwards, his wife said sadly:

"I have a hunch that something will happen. In the past, he only focused on walking the tightrope, but this time, he wanted to succeed so much that he couldn't concentrate, otherwise with his skills, nothing would have happened."

the more you crave, the easier it is to miss, and the more you care about, the easier it is to lose.

this is Valenda's Law.

in life, many things bother us because we care too much and have too much gain and loss.

because I want to play well, I play abnormally; because I want to do well in the exam so much, my hands tremble; because I want to get someone so much, I am as low as dust.

however, the more persistent you are, the more you care, the more things go against your wishes.

on the contrary, cherish an ordinary mind, look down on success or failure, look at gathering and dissociation, go with fate, and be at ease with circumstances, what should come will come eventually.

as a philosopher said:

"clench your fist, hold on to the air, stretch out your fingers, and you will touch the whole world."

the more people reach middle age, the more they should look down on the gains and losses and understand the truth of "do your best and listen to your destiny".

you know, the long road of life, ordinary mind, the most valuable.

Mandela's law

Mandela shocked the world with a move at the inauguration.

at the beginning of the inauguration ceremony, he stood up and made a speech, then respectfully paid tribute to the three prison guards under the stage.

what everyone admires is what he said next:

"when I walked out of my cell and walked through the prison gate to freedom, I knew that if I could not leave grief and resentment behind me, I would still be in prison."

it is this mind of letting bygones be bygones that makes Mandela popular with countless people.

resentment is like prison. To forgive others is to sublimate yourself.

this is Mandela's Law.

Su Shi once had a very close friend named Zhang Dun. The two of them were on the same list and swam together when they were young.Play with mountains and rivers and recite poems against each other.

later, because Su Shi and his own political views were different, Zhang Dun, by playing tricks of power, drove Su Shi out of the court and demoted him to Lingnan, hoping that Su Shi would die in the wilderness.

after Su Shi's amnesty, Zhang Dun's son wrote to Su Shi, hoping that Su Shi would be lenient to the Zhang family and not retaliate.

and Su Shi only said: "but in the past, what is more beneficial?"

in life, we are bound to get hurt. If we always bear it in mind, we are actually punishing ourselves with the mistakes of others.

only by letting go of other people's mistakes can you free your heart.

as Ji Xianlin said in Life at ease:

if you can't "forget", or if you don't have the instinct to "forget", then the pain will be fresh and vivid all the time, torturing you as violently and cruelly all the time as it was when it first came into being.

the world is like a book, you can't write a new chapter until you turn it over.

Let bygones be bygones; try to let go of past injuries.

Dulio's law

there are two patients living in the ward of the hospital, one by the window and the other by the wall.

people leaning against the wall sigh all day and worry about their illness.

people by the window often tell people by the wall about the scenery outside the window.

which kind of flowers bloom, butterflies come and fly away, and the gardener is pruning the branches of trees and flowers.

the mood of the person leaning against the wall is much better, and he can't help envy the patient by the window.

two weeks later, the patient by the window recovered and discharged from the hospital. after applying, the patient by the wall moved to the window.

scientist Dulio put forward:

the state of mind determines the world in the eyes, and the appearance of the state of mind is what life looks like.

whether a person's attitude is positive or negative determines whether his life is bright or dark.

writer Selma used to accompany her husband to be stationed in an army base in the desert.

her husband goes out for exercises every day, leaving her alone in the tin house.

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the weather is hot and the locals can't speak English, which makes her very bored.

so he wrote to his parents, complaining about his depression and complaining about the difficult environment.

Father replied:

"the two men looked out through the bars in the prison, one saw the muddy ground, the other saw the stars all over the sky."

she began to make friends with locals, study desert plants, watch desert sunsets, look for conch shells, and learn about marmots.

the previously unbearable environment gradually turned into a spectacle that made her excited and haunted her.

A few years later, she wrote a book about these experiences, which became a best seller as soon as it was published.

on the way of life, we may not be able to change our situation, but we can change our state of mind.

as one writer said:

"pessimists call half a glass of water half empty, optimists call half a glass of water half full. I enjoy the life that is half full now."

there is a saying in Cai Gentan: "there is no difference between bitterness and joys and sorrows, but only in the twinkling of an eye."

means that hardship and happiness are all in the state of mind, mystery or enlightenment, and all in the state of mind.

things change with the heart, the environment is created by the heart, and everything is born by the heart.

mindset is the true master of life.

the road to happiness is not elsewhere, but in the depths of your heart and my heart.

A good state of mind is more powerful than a hundred kinds of wisdom.

, may you and I unlock these four laws and reap a better life for the rest of my life.