Between lovers, with these three feelings, is true love!
Between lovers, with these three feelings, is true love!
For the rest of my life, I hope everyone can get what they want in love.





many people are eager to have a true love, so what should true love look like?

probably like the long flow of water between the writers Qian Zhongshu and Yang Jiang, the soul depends on each other, like the romantic warmth between Sanmao and he Xi, unswerving determination.

seeing their feelings will make people believe that there is true love in the world.

it's just that not everyone is lucky enough to realize it.

in reality, love is very common, but there are few people who can call it true love. Between lovers, there are these three feelings, is true love.

lovers will consider each other in everything

found that many couples would say something like this when they quarreled: "you haven't considered my feelings at all."

most of the time, people are self-oriented. But if two people together only care about their own wishes, do not consider each other, then what is the point of falling in love.

you can both love and be loved. This is called falling in love.

it's like the love between Yu Tu and Qiao Jingjing in you are my Glory. One does everything he can for the other, and the other thinks about each other everywhere.

Qiao Jingjing is in the entertainment circle, facing a very complex environment, in order not to let the way be disturbed, she is always thoughtful.

knowing that the other party's financial conditions are general, he secretly rescued him at the classmate reunion.

Yu Tu is also willing to understand her life and consider her thoughts to Qiao Jingjing.

Look extremely dramatic in pin up wedding dress. Nowhere else you will find such a superb choices of collections.

commute for a few hours every day, just to teach each other to practice games, and finally, give each other the wedding they want as much as they can.

this is probably the so-called mutual affection.

always give priority to each other from the bottom of your heart, and most of the time you think about each other rather than for yourself.

True love should consider each other and protect each other. If you can't, forget it.

when both sexes get along with each other, you put everything in his heart, and he also puts himself in your shoes. This is the most sincere contribution from both sides.

No bondage between lovers

Lin Huiyin once said:

"the best love is to give you the strength to be yourself."

this sentence not only reflects her attitude towards love, but also tells us about the true meaning of love.

like the relationship between Lin Huiyin and Jin Yuelin.

in the process of getting along, he took care of Lin Huiyin in every way, but he never took a step beyond the trap.

when Lin Huiyin was distressed by falling in love with him and Liang Sicheng at the same time, he pacified Lin Huiyin, always respected her choice and never forced her to do anything.

Love is often selfish, but for the sake of each other's happiness, they both choose to fulfill it and guard it silently in the way each other wants.

really love someone, will not bind her, but more willing to respect her, to accompany her to do what she wants to do, let her live the life she wants.

Zhou Guoping said:

"lovers do not bind each other, it is a sign that they have confidence in love, no one restricts each other, and in the end they are still inseparable from each other. This is true love."

two people who love each other must be at ease when they get along.

because both sides give each other enough respect and freedom to let each other be who they really are.

there is always warmth between lovers

English poet Keats said:

"Sweet pulp in love can counteract a lot of bitterness, which is the general praise of love."

Yes, in the emotional world, there may be pain, but more is the throbbing of joy when we are close to each other, the warmth and solidity of accompanying each other.

if a relationship always makes you miserable, it's not true love. With people who really love each other, the heart must be happy.

sometimes there may be some contradictions and differences between you, but they will be resolved soon.

because they care about each other, they don't want to hurt each other, and they always tolerate and understand.

We don't have to love each other very hard, but we are warm together and the water runs long.

many people sigh that life is in a hurry, without surprises and twists and turns, bored and boring, day after day, year after year. This is the norm of life.

but when you meet someone in love, you can find beauty and romance in your boring daily life.

you can share and talk to each other, solve problems with each other, work together to make money, and look forward to the future together. This is the power of true love.

it can be said that true love is a harbor, which brings warmth to each other in sharing weal and woe, as well as peace of mind to be accompanied by each other.

the feelings in the world need fate as well as management.

if two people are lucky enough to be lovers, then cherish fate and happiness, warm each other with true feelings on the way forward, and grow old hand in hand.

for the rest of my life, I hope everyone can get what they want in love.