Being with people who are comfortable with each other is the best way to maintain good health.
Being with people who are comfortable with each other is the best way to maintain good health.
Our lives do not exist because we are liked by others.


I have read such a passage on the Internet, and I have a deep feeling:


in this world, 10% of people, no matter what you do, will attack and hate you.

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20% of people will stand by you anyway, desperate to support you.

and the remaining 70% of people, no matter what you do, will not care about you.


sometimes people are unfriendly to you, you really don't need any reason.

if you only care about those 10% of people and try to get their understanding, you will be unhappy.

leave your heart to the 20% of your friends who really like you, and you won't be disappointed.

when you live a lifetime, you don't have to take everyone too seriously. Your tenderness and thoughtfulness should be left to those who are worthy of it.

there are always people in this world who don't like you

Jin Shijia once said, "there are always people in this world who don't like you, and that's something that can't be changed." Because good and bad are one thing, whether you like it or not is another. "

most of the time, we always try to prove ourselves to others, only to find that disapproving voices still exist.

in this complicated world, no matter how perfect you are, you will be told what to do by others.

if you regard others as the center of your life, you will feel disappointed and discouraged one day.

some time ago, Wu Mo-Yu once again appeared in the eyes of the public.

she shines in the spotlight, but little is known about the sad past behind her.

when she first made her debut, the team gave her an unforgettable special makeup-big smoke and big red lips.

her exaggerated shape and unique music made her famous overnight, but the public impression and evaluation of her is ugly.

whenever people mention the word "bizarre", they automatically think of Wu Mo-Yu.

in the face of those oncoming criticism and abuse, she slowly lost her self-confidence and lost herself.

later, she was wrapped, surrounded and dressed up, trying to become the Wu Mo worry that everyone hoped for.

she began to make all kinds of changes, wearing normal clothes, wearing light makeup or no makeup, and singing normal pop songs.

she doesn't even post Weibo selfies and so on, and as a result, voices of dislike and disapproval still exist.

, she figured it out and cut off the long straight hair of Liu Hai, which had been pressed for more than three years, and changed it back to the short hair she had liked since childhood.

she regained her self-confidence, put on heavy makeup or light makeup, no longer cared about the opinions of the outside world, and began to make her favorite music and sing songs that made her happy.

when we try our best to meet everyone's needs, our lives become bad and disorderly.

No matter how thoughtful you are, you can't be liked by everyone. If you care too much about the opinions of others, you will accumulate too much disappointment.

sometimes, if you spend too much energy pleasing people who are not worth it, you will end up getting hurt.

break away from the shackles of other people's expectations and live your present life attentively. Your life should be embellished by yourself.

instead of trying to please, it is better to be close and close

Cai Kangyong once said: "if everything is expected to meet the expectations of others, one day it will be very difficult."

Douban netizens

@ March Hook

have shared their own experiences.

at that time, she worked as an intern, and her colleagues An and B were responsible for taking her.

she thought to herself that she was new here, so she should not neglect her work and should try her best to please her colleagues.

so she insisted on arriving at the office early every day to help An and B colleagues pour water and wipe the table in advance.

when it comes to dinnertime, she often waits to go to dinner with them, and then sits silently at the table listening to their chat.

she is also on call when she needs someone to run errands at work.

she wanted to do this, and the two colleagues must have relieved her, but one thing broke her fantasy.

one day, the company leader's daughter sent a cake to the office of their department for her birthday.

when everyone saw the cake, they immediately put down their work and rushed out.

there are nine people in their department, but there are only eight pieces of cake, and everyone gets it, but she doesn't.

she was helping colleagues A make an emergency report, while colleagues An and B were laughing and playing while eating cake.

they completely ignored her existence, but what disappointed her even more was a series of behaviors made by An and B colleagues.

A colleague walked up to her after eating the cake and pretended to be surprised and said, "Oh, why are you still here? I thought you were gone."

B picked it up and said with a smile, "Oh, I'm sorry, I'm done with the cake. Why didn't you tell me?"

her heart was instantly cool, and after that, she decided not to please anyone.

she no longer deliberately fetches water and cleans the table, no longer deliberately goes to the tea room to chat with them, and listens to jokes she doesn't understand.

she focused on her work, studied English hard and processed forms.Lai was praised by the leadership for his excellent work.

, she was surprised to find that her former An and B colleagues had invited her to eat and sing with her.

mentioned in "disqualification in the world":

"No matter who is too enthusiastic about, it increases the probability of not being cherished. If there is no excessive care, there will be no extreme sadness."

all the long-flowing feelings, there is no need to please, they are the friendship and appropriate understanding between each other.

too much pandering to other people's preferences will make the relationship out of balance, not only damage their own value, but also slowly dilute the relationship.

those who are liked and valued by others always have their own opinions on life and never succumb to the views of others at will.

for the rest of your life, you don't have to care too much about and please others, get along with each other and be close to each other, so that this friendship can last long.

not long for the rest of my life, spend time with people who are comfortable with each other

some people say: "the greatest luck in a person's life is not winning a lottery or getting rich overnight, but someone who can inspire you, guide you, and help you to find a better yourself and move to a higher platform."

the people who are really right are willing to give you respect and praise even if they see you in a mess.

Jia Pingwa and Sun Li are friends who forget the years. Although the age difference is nearly 40 years, they are connected and sympathetic to each other.

in 1981, Jia Pingwa's prose "A small Peach Tree" was published in Tianjin Daily Literature and Art Weekly.

therefore, Sun Li specially wrote a post-reading article published in People's Daily, which expressed his appreciation and praise for Jia Pingwa.

when Jia Pingwa found out that he could be instructed by a famous old writer, he wrote a letter to Sun Li with excitement.

unexpectedly, Sun Li replied immediately after receiving the letter, and the letter also talked about some of his views on writing prose.

since then, the two have communicated with each other, and Jia Pingwa was moved that every letter from Sun Li was very serious and uncovered.

later, taking the opportunity to receive the award, Jia Pingwa met Sun Li for the first time and was very excited.

before he went out, he carefully wrapped a Tang tricolor camel and intended to give it to Sun Li as a gift.

unexpectedly, when he arrived at the place, he accidentally broke the camel and was very depressed.

after the meeting, he told Sun Li about the matter, but Sun Li smiled and said, "it's all right, it can be glued together. It's better if the cultural relics are a little broken."

when he got the glued camel, Sun Li regarded it as a treasure, and took the camel as the topic, and told him a lot of people-written things.

Lin Huiyin said: "only those who are connected can resonate to see the ebb and flow of the world; only those with similar souls can see the beauty hidden in each other's hearts."

the most comfortable relationship is to be honest with each other, without having to hide any part of yourself and be what you want to be.

when you get along with people who are comfortable, you don't need to ingratiate yourself, get along with each other, and feel at ease to work together.

being with such a person will never get you into the predicament of self-doubt, but will only give you a lot of life thrust.

any relationship that lasts for a long time can always achieve the right mutual understanding and achieve each other from beginning to end.

I like what Bi Shumin said very much:

"our lives do not exist because we are liked by others."

everyone's preferences and natures are different, and even with all the efforts, it is difficult to satisfy everyone.

there are many meaningful people and things in life, so don't let yourself stick to that corner of the world and an inch of relationship.

live your life wantonly, be confident, you don't have to chase things you're forced to do, and people who don't like you don't have to please.

cultivate one mu of land well, cherish the people around you who treat each other sincerely, and stride forward to be the best you can be.


, keep your love in your heart, don't worry, don't give in, the road ahead will be full of surprises.


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