Behind all the high EQ is a good character.
Behind all the high EQ is a good character.
Sincerely thinking of others is the highest level of EQ.


there is a topic on Weibo: what are people with high EQ like?

someone replied:


those who can make you feel comfortable with each other do not necessarily have extraordinary wisdom, but they must be soft and kind at heart, honest, frank, and understand

respect others.


in the end, the extremely high EQ is actually a good character.

this is indeed the case when I think about it.

there is a saying:

A person can be divided into five levels from appearance to interior: appearance, ability, temper, character, and mental nature.

the corresponding qualities are: appearance, talent, character, personality, compassion.

appreciation of a person begins with appearance, respects talent, matches character, lasts longer than kindness, and ends with character.

writer Ai Xiaoyang met a girl in a band when he took part in the activity.

activity, at the end of the group photo session, the girl bent her legs and told the photographer that she would take pictures of her upper body.

after the photo came out, Ai Xiaoyang found that the girl in the photo did not stand out at all, neither blocking the lens of the people behind her, but also taking care of the height of the people in the same row.

this small detail moved Ai Xiao Yang's heart and remembered the girl.

later, Ai Xiaoyang did a new book activity, and in order to warm up, the organizer invited the girl's band to join in.

as a result, the band did not sing, but simply said a few words and interacted with the readers.

Ai Little Sheep learned later that it was the girl who specifically told the band's lead singer not to sing, because singing would steal the limelight of the lamb.

I particularly like this sentence:

"if we only look at things from our own point of view, then we never know what others are thinking."

there is a good character, which is called thinking for others and knowing how to take others to heart.

they have tenderness and kindness in their hearts, making people feel taken care of all the time.

Learning to stand in the shoes of others and sincerely think of others is the highest level of EQ.

in life, we often meet people who can talk and make troubles. They are sophisticated and sophisticated, never offend anyone and make you feel EQ is high.

in my opinion, this is just cleverness, not high EQ.

the real high EQ is a kind of character. One thing they have in common is that they know how to respect others.


@ Mr. Zhou

there is a boy in the class who is very naughty and his grades are not good.

once in an exam, the boy was caught cheating by the invigilator and informed Mr. Zhou.

but Mr. Zhou did not do so, pretending that nothing had happened and went to class as usual.

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in class, she will also invite the cheating boy to participate in the classroom interaction.

after class, Mr. Zhou called the boys to the office alone.

when the boy returned to the classroom, there was no fear or injury in his eyes, but he was a little more serious.

how does Mr. Zhou do it?

Mr. Zhou said that cheating is no trivial matter, and mistakes can never be tolerated. Child as he is, he has self-esteem.

I just told him the method of solving that problem again and systematically, and encouraged him to use his ability to get a high score, and to prove his ability with the next good grade. and that.

in order not to hurt the boy's self-esteem, Mr. Zhou chose this quiet way to remind him.

many teachers in the school praised that Miss Zhou had a high EQ, but she said:

"others say that I have high EQ and unique teaching skills. In fact, no matter how many skills, it is not as effective as you really respect everyone.

you should be friends who respect them, don't be arrogant, don't be arrogant, and treat people with your heart. "

Huang Bo said in an interview that high EQ just doesn't make people feel embarrassed.

do not uncover other people's scars, embarrass others, and do not consume other people's pain.

try your best to maintain the dignity of others and give dignity to others.

two days ago, I was really moved by sa Bing when I watched the variety show "Hello Life".

program, Nick Matty mentioned his sick mother and was worried about his mother's illness. He could not help but burst into tears and his heart was very heavy.

during the recording of the whole program, sa Bing always played tricks on Nick Matty, played games with him, teased him, and acted like a restless child.

perhaps many people will find it inappropriate for sa Bing to trick Nick Maiti at this time.

but Ni Ping's comment on sa Beining reveals the truth:

"if you want to relax Xiao Ni's heart, you always mess with him. The kindness in your bones is your greatest advantage."

in fact, from the very beginning, sa Bing sensed that Nick Matty had a heavy heart, and although he did not say comforting words, he chose to comfort him in another way quietly.

many people think that sa Bei has a high EQ, but I think this is his inner self-cultivation and kindness for the sake of others.

he can always perceive the feelings of others at the first time, and then resolve their embarrassment in time.

in the host contest, selectHand Li in July in the 3-minute self-presentation stage, said the last sentence has timed out, but she still insisted on saying it.

he said with a slight embarrassment on his face, "I'm sorry for the overtime."

when sa Bei came to power, he said, "Thank you for July. The story of heaven and earth may be too harsh for three minutes."

A short sentence cleverly resolved Li Qi's embarrassment and made her relax.

the more excellent a person is, the more comfortable he is to treat others and take care of other people's feelings.

there is a sentence in Caigen Tan:

"the article goes to the extreme, there is nothing strange, it just happens; the character is at the extreme, there is no other difference, it is just the way it is."

writer Li Xiaoyi wrote in her book what is EQ:

"EQ refers to a person's ability to feel, understand, control, use and express the feelings of himself and others."

if EQ determines a person's popularity, then character determines how far a person can go in the end.

all high EQ is ultimately about character.