Before the lover ends, there are two signs, which are very accurate.
Before the lover ends, there are two signs, which are very accurate.
When necessary, to turn your face happily is the greatest protection for yourself.


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Sanmao once said:

"those things that are divided by fate will come to an end at some other time."

indeed, the beginning of a relationship always starts with fate and ends with love.

however, if you do not manage well, no matter how good the fate is, it will die; no matter how deep the love is, it will be exhausted.

the leaves do not turn yellow in one day, and the heart does not cool in a day.

there are bound to be signs of origin and extinction.

whether husband and wife or lover, if there are the following two signs, it can only show that fate is coming to an end.

Cold War

I have heard a saying: "the most painful thing in a relationship is not a quarrel, but the cold war."

I deeply agree that the weakening of many feelings often begins not with time and distance, but with one party unwilling to ask and the other unwilling to talk.

it is easy for both sexes to get along with each other, but difficult to get along with each other.

when there are problems and contradictions, the way two people deal with them will imperceptibly determine the direction of a relationship.

some people choose to understand each other, communicate with each other, and talk about the problem in a word.

but some people always like the cold war, choose to be silent, no longer pay attention to each other, and the atmosphere drops to a freezing point.

as everyone knows, the Cold War is not only not conducive to the settlement of the problem, but also pushes each other further and further away.

two days ago, I saw an anonymous user of Zhihu share her experience of breaking up with her boyfriend because of the cold war.

she said that although she and her boyfriend are in a different place, they have always had a good relationship and have endless words every day.

my boyfriend will celebrate every anniversary and birthday with her, and this year's birthday comes as promised, but her boyfriend doesn't even have a blessing on that day.

although she later added blessings and gifts, she still felt lost and hoped her boyfriend would apologize for her mistake.

her boyfriend thinks she makes a mountain out of a molehill and doesn't understand why girls should be angry.

as a result, neither of them bowed their heads. The lady felt aggrieved and the boy felt innocent.

over time, it was originally a trivial matter, but because of the cold treatment of both sides, the small contradiction became bigger and bigger like a snowball, and ended with a breakup.

after reading this post, I feel deeply sorry and sorry.

in fact, there is no perfectly matched lover, and there are no feelings that do not conflict.

many men and women are reluctant to communicate when they encounter problems because of their high self-esteem.

in a relationship, what I fear most is the Cold War. Over a long period of time, the affection between two people will certainly wear away.

therefore, instead of ignoring each other and not responding, it is better to open up, an explanation and apology, an understanding and tolerance, all give each other a step down.

MiyazakiHayao said:

"No matter who meets and knows each other in the vast sea of people, it will not be plain sailing."

Yes, loving couples will inevitably disagree with each other, but if they don't pay attention to it and have a cold war, then no matter how deep the relationship is, they will eventually become strangers.


I have seen a very interesting metaphor:

feelings are like shoes, no matter what shoes, the most important thing is to fit; no matter what kind of feelings, the most important thing is comfort.

it makes sense.

Get ready to purchase the super cool emerald green prom dress and show off your figure. Let them shower you with a display of exquisite taste.

buying inappropriate shoes will grind your feet, make people feel uncomfortable, and even desperately want to get rid of them.

the same is true of feelings, painful relationships will eventually become a ticking time bomb to destroy the fate of lovers.

I remember that in the first issue of "Love Defense", there was a very special female guest on the stage.

however, anything goes too far, and as time goes by, the husband feels depressed and miserable.

when her husband went to work, she accompanied her, and the leader warned her to no avail, and the husband was fired as a result.

when he went out for dinner with his friends, his wife called every 10 minutes to check the post until his cell phone was turned off.

the husband couldn't stand it and begged his wife to give himself some space and not to cling to himself all the time.

the wife felt that this was a sign of love for him, so in desperation, the husband could only find an excuse to deliver goods to his clients and ran out of the house in the middle of the night to get some air.

it is reasonable to say that distance produces beauty.

when couples get too close to each other, they will lose their private space and it will be difficult to breathe.

as the "hedgehog law" says, only by keeping a proper distance between two hedgehogs will they not keep warm and keep warm while hurting each other.

it is the same for both sexes to get along, find a suitable way to get along with each other, so as not to let each other suffer, and finally choose to leave.

there are some feelings that break up as you walk, not because you don't love anymore, but because you love too much, and things turn back at the extreme.

so that once those sweet actions have become a heavy burden; once inseparable, turned into endless torture.

and this kind of feeling, will eventually consume a relationship, and finally can only regret the end, a farewell two wide.

in this life, there is always a knot that you can't untie, and there is always someone you can't read enough poems.

in a relationship, no one is right or wrong.It is not strange that the relationship is deep and shallow.

like a rainbow, you don't know until you meet it.

Life is very long, and the long-term relationship requires the painstaking management of two people.

in fact, contradictions and differences are the touchstones of feelings.

only when there are signs of emotional crisis, positive recovery, good at reflection, will not lose the person who loves you.

A long life, Qinghuan shallow, may you cherish the present situation, grasp the fate of this world, and Tian Chang Di Jiu (Eternal Dumpling) with your loved ones.