Aunt postponed the tenth day, miss her.
Aunt postponed the tenth day, miss her.
"put it on."

this closed question and answer link was sent to me by Arwen. When I came out of the shower in the early morning, I saw her Wechat message.

I burst out with a laugh: "Aunt Ha God?" What? you made it up, didn't you? "

it took about ten minutes before I received another reply.

that's when I realized it wasn't a joke.

A Wen originally thought that she was a girl who "didn't know that before marriage," until last month, after a trip with her boyfriend, she said "it's possible to get rid of it."

I hastened to ask again, "have you taken safety measures?"

the phrase "I'll ask him" made me stare. I didn't expect her to be so confused about the situation on such a critical issue that she had to rely on another person's memory to determine if something would happen to her.

the word "bar" completely plunged her into anxiety. one moment she said that she did remember wearing a condom, and the next she doubted what to do if she remembered wrong. she said desperately that she didn't want to go to the hospital and asked me if I wanted to buy a pregnancy test first thing in the morning. I was ashamed of how to ask the clerk.

so after wearing that sentence, she didn't reply, but grabbed me desperately to vent her panic.

in the next few days, A Wen did not go to the hospital or buy a pregnancy test. I advised her to find out as soon as possible. If she really wants to get rid of the early drug flow, it is not so harmful to girls. Let her go to the hospital to find out.

she comforted herself and said, "I'm not regular myself. I'll wait two more days."

she has no way to concentrate on her work at all. She often stares at her computer in a daze, wondering why her menstruation hasn't come yet. Then she can't help but search the Internet for some symptoms of unexpected pregnancy and put them on herself one by one. I feel like I've won every one of them.

(there are a large number of Q & A links on Baidu about delayed menstruation and pregnancy)

they pin all their hopes on the made-up "aunt god", some for themselves and some for their girlfriends.

on the fifth morning when her period was postponed, the girl was worried about an unplanned pregnancy all the time. She could neither accept an abortion nor afford a child.

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she comforted herself that it was just a shadow or dust, and unconsciously began to buckle the pregnancy test with her fingers, but made it more blurred.

sometimes what you imagine is more disturbing than what actually happens.

boyfriends who "ask for aunts for their girlfriends" also account for a large part, including a boy's way of asking for God, which seems to me to have gone a little too far.

almost every item of his is to seriously explain that "the safety equipment has been carefully checked before and after this start," and "there is no problem in time," but he still thinks it is safer to make a wish.

in his first message, he said: " ask Auntie God, after this matter, you must be good!" "

he said that he doesn't know why he is always worried about this and that, so he can find some sustenance here. A series of "revelations" and "blessings" were added at the end.

some of these people, after a long period of anxiety, even cry and say, "No more sex."

I laughed. In the past, other people would say congratulations only after the baby was born, but now I say congratulations to a person who is lucky not to be pregnant.

one is that will the parties really forget whether they have taken good safety measures?

A Wen said: "he wears the condom. I'm afraid. I'm not sure."

I put the same question to a male writer in the company, who mused for a moment and told me that his girlfriend had begged his aunt, and then he denounced his uncondom boyfriends as idiots.

"Hmm?" "sometimes. The answer to 'wear it' may be really forgotten, or it may be running away from something. "

"mm-hmm." He didn't look at me.

morality is destined to condemn their "responsible" way, and it is precisely because of this that the male author did not see me say "um" in the end, so that those people in Zhihu have been in uncertainty and suffered mental torture.

until I saw their story, I always thought that "make sure you take good safety measures and have sex again" is a matter of principle.

I hope that no one will ever take a chance. After all, there will be a very low probability of pregnancy even if safety measures are taken. I also hope that those who cast a shadow because of a single mistake can come out slowly.

good night.