At 4 a.m. on camera, the largest hospital in Asia revealed the cruelest truth of life.
At 4 a.m. on camera, the largest hospital in Asia revealed the cruelest truth of life.
Be sure to take good care of yourself and wish you peace and health.



do you know what the first affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University, the largest hospital in Asia, looks like at four o'clock in the morning?

when most people are still sound asleep, the emergency hall of the hospital is still brightly lit.

the ambulance is racing against death against time, and the doctor on duty in the emergency hall is methodically busy.

the blogger @ Jie Jie is in Henan

in the corridors of the hospital, many family members spread cardboard and thin quilts on the floor and sleep on the spot.

the blogger @ Jie Jie is in Henan

the nurse took the family members, pushing the hospital bed back and forth to do further examination and treatment.

the blogger @ Jie Jie is in Henan

the scenes in front of me make people look both sad and heartbreaking.

many netizens have told about their experiences in the hospital:

after staying in the hospital for half a month, I suddenly feel that everything can be put down and that being alive is more important than anything else.

after raising cattle all my life, I finally saved 100,000 yuan. I went to the hospital sick and came back with only 3,000 yuan left.

I saw a middle-aged man whose wife was diagnosed with cancer. He stood in the lobby of the hospital crying.

there has never been a place like a hospital that reflects the state of life in the world.

the hospital is like a mirror, showing the fragility and stubbornness of life, but also tearing open the cruelest truth of life.

there is always someone who can work for you,

but no one can live for you

in the early years, an article called

"living to death, a journalist's hospital diary"

is maxed out on the Internet.

Yan Junjie is an excellent chief journalist and father of two.

usually he is strong and strong, but he is broken by a physical examination: high pressure 190, low pressure 135.

Yan Junjie went to the hospital for an examination and found that his body, which he thought was healthy, had already turned on a red light.

from the day he was hospitalized, Yan Junjie re-examined his past life and wrote in his diary:

"I no longer work so hard to earn money. It's all possible to embrace life and be kind to your body. To live to death is not to live, but to learn how to live better when you know the horror of death. "

Don't take busyness as a necessity, don't take health for granted.

is not unique. As a host of CCTV, Yu Ting used to be very strong and worked hard.

in order to grab the editing room, she insists on getting up early every day and taking the subway for an hour and a half to the TV station.

it is even more common for her to work overtime and sleep in the computer room all night.

when she was found to have breast cancer and was lying in the ward for treatment, she suddenly found that what she was most worried about was not her work or illness, but her family.

after her recovery, Yu Ting slowed down and stopped devoting herself to her work. She said:

"work is like a ball that bounces back when it falls. Health is like a hollow glass ball. Once it falls, it will shatter. "

there are people in the world who can work for you, but no one can get sick for you, let alone live for you.

without you, the company can hire another person without you, but the family will surely fall apart without you.

the world is so cruel that no one will pay for your health and life but yourself and your family.

Feng Tang has an article that gives 10 suggestions about health and work, two of which I find very useful:

first: do your job well.

I have done my best, and then I can only listen to my destiny.

second: understand the expectations of leaders.

very often, people are not forced by their leaders, they are forced by themselves.

when a person is most powerful, it is not the time to hold on, not to hold on, but to let go.

Looking for an adorable royal purple ball gown for the hot date or the next party? Peace of mind from the minute you buy.

slow down if you feel too busy, take a rest if you are too tired, don't carry it hard, don't grit your teeth and compete with yourself.

you can work hard, but don't work hard. You don't have a job. It's worth fighting for.

one person gets sick, the whole family suffers

A few days ago, I saw an interview by Lee Chong Wei, a famous Malaysian badminton player.

Lee Chong Wei was diagnosed with nasal cancer, and in the video, he recalled his anti-cancer process.

every night, his mother and wife would secretly hide and cry, while Lee Chong Wei would hide in the bathroom and cry loudly.

the family not only has to endure great psychological torture, but also has to bear high medical expenses.


@ Leisure Lu

I saw this when I accompanied my family to the hospital to see a doctor.

A middle-aged man took his father to see a doctor. His father had a heart attack and had to make a heart stent.

Heart stents can be divided into domestic and imported stents, and domestic ones are cheaper, so men choose domestic ones.

the doctor kindly advised: "your father is old, or put in an imported stent."

when he came out of the hospital, Leanlu saw the man again at the door. He was squatting on the ground, crying and calling to borrow money.

you must think that he is lending money to his father to put import stents.

but in fact, he tearfully asked for money everywhere, just to give his father a home-made stent.

for the vast majority of ordinary families, as long as one person is seriously ill, the family will collapse.

A serious illness is a catastrophe for the whole family; the cost of an operation is enough to pay for all the money in the family.

take good care of your body. Your health belongs not only to yourself, but also to your loved ones.

if you are not sick, you are making money

I have read such a short story.

A rich man was not feeling well. The doctor advised him to rest. He said in surprise, "do you know how much money I make a day?"

the doctor took him to a graveyard and said to him:

"how many of them, like you, thought it was important to make money?" But now they have all disappeared, and they have no way to take the money they have earned. "

if your health is gone, even if you have millions of dollars, it is in vain to hire the most professional doctor, to live in the best hospital, and to pay the most expensive medical expenses.

inpatient doctor

@ tension

told a story.

one day, their department accepted a patient with gastric cancer.

the patient's survival instinct was so strong that he rushed to the doctor's office and said, "I have money, no matter how much it costs, as long as I can cure my illness."

afterwards, Zhang learned that the patient was a businessman and had a lot of money at home.

but his condition has reached an advanced stage and has spread, so there is no need for further surgery.

the only thing I can do now is to relieve his pain and let him go without pain.

Bacon said: "A person can do many stupid things in life, but the stupidest thing is to ignore health."

Schopenhauer also said: "A healthy beggar is happier than a sick king."

the most advanced way to show off wealth in the second half of life is to be physically free.

writer Zhang Xiaofeng wrote in "the temperature of this cup of coffee is just right":

if I am allowed to declare one more public holiday, I must stipulate that

this day cannot be used for entertainment or travel, but to force people to go to the hospital to visit the birth, aging, sickness and death of human beings.

nothing in life is more difficult than living, but nothing is more important than living.

, be sure to take good care of yourself and wish you peace and health.