At 3: 00 in the morning, two children died one after another: the "time bomb" buried beside everyone, it is time to be vigilant!
At 3: 00 in the morning, two children died one after another: the "time bomb" buried beside everyone, it is time to be vigilant!
The safety of life is no small matter, prevention is essential.


every time you charge your mobile power supply at home, an idea comes to mind: it won't explode, will it?

No, some time ago, it really blew up.

to this end, I specially bought a mobile power supply on the Internet to facilitate the use of the road.

did not expect unexpected sudden arrival, the old couple in the mobile power supply charging, the power supply suddenly burst.

they didn't even have time to react and were instantly engulfed by the fire.

although he was sent to the hospital in time afterwards, he suffered many second-and third-degree burns all over the body, and he is still in ICU today, and the cost of follow-up treatment is still NT $2 million to NT $3 million.

it's desperate to think about it.

originally full of expectations of the trip, but was tricked by fate, lying in the hospital unable to move.

after watching the news, many netizens are filled with sorrow and fear.

because the battery is already an existence that can not be ignored in our lives.

Mobile phones, laptops, mobile power supplies, electric cars and other devices are inseparable from it.

I have seen a painful piece of news.

A young couple have the habit of playing with their mobile phones before they go to bed. They fall asleep while playing, and throw their charged phones on the bed.

No one would have thought that this was the beginning of their nightmare.

in the early hours of the morning, a mobile phone that was charging suddenly exploded, igniting combustibles on the bed.

there was no time for a family of four to react in their sleep, and the whole room was filled with smoke and raging fire.

although the last two adults were rescued, unfortunately, their two children died of serious injuries.

the older one is a boy, three years old, and the younger one is a girl, only one year old.

such a young child, before taking a good look at the world and growing up, left the world in pain.

the couple who survive will spend the rest of their lives in endless remorse and torture.

charging a cell phone is all too familiar to all of us, but many of us ignore a detail.

A constant current causes the battery in the phone to generate heat, causing it to heat up sharply and eventually expand and explode.

lovely ah, always like to take a fluke, thinking that a small probability of an event will never happen to him.

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do not realize that if you think there is no danger, it is the greatest danger.

Last September, a fire broke out in a residential area in Tongzhou District, Beijing, killing five people.

the cause of the fire was that the third floor tenant took the lithium battery of the electric bicycle home to recharge, and the battery exploded and caught fire.

this is not the first time he has charged the battery at home. He used to be fine, but luck doesn't always favor the same person.

in the early morning of that day, after the battery exploded with a bang, the fire burst into flames, and the fire began to burn.

directly spread from the third floor to the fourth floor balcony, and jumped to the living room and the fifth floor bedroom.

goes, it is swallowed up.

the originally happy family, either burned to death, or carbon monoxide poisoning, all died.

they are so innocent that they suddenly suffer from such a foolish disaster.

and the culprit is only because of a neighbor's battery.

anyone will be afraid and doubt that one day they and their families will be the next victims.

seeing this, many people have a question in mind: why are common batteries so dangerous?

most of our electric cars and daily mobile phones, portable battery and so on, use lithium-ion batteries.

this kind of battery is widely used because of its high energy density, strong portability and long service life.

but correspondingly, it also has some risks.

the electrolyte organic matter in the lithium battery is flammable. If there is a short circuit, the electric energy will be released instantly, resulting in a large amount of heat and high temperature.

which in turn leads to heat out of control, combustion and explosion.

CCTV program once did an experiment in which the scene of lithium battery explosion was set.

the thrilling scene of the result frightened everyone.

do you remember the video when a battery car suddenly exploded after entering the elevator in Chengdu last year?

according to the monitoring time, it took only seven seconds for a man to push an electric car into the elevator from smoke to explosion.

after the battery car exploded, the heat, smoke and fire roasted everyone in the car.

in the narrow elevator, they have nowhere to escape but can only bear the accidental injury.

how painful and desperate this should be, uncle dare not think about it at all.

for many people, electric cars are the best means of transportation, saving money and saving money.It's convenient.

according to the data released by the Emergency Rescue Department, a total of 6462 combustion accidents caused by electric bicycles occurred in China from January to July 2021.

in addition to the poor quality of battery products and illegal modification, many people choose to recharge indoors or hallways when charging.

this is equivalent to the superposition of a variety of disaster possibilities.

once the battery explodes, not only will there be open fire, but also a large amount of toxic gas will be released instantly, which is enough to suffocate people to death within 100 seconds.

Safety is no small matter, but there are still too many people who are lucky and arrogant.

I didn't regret my mistakes until the tragedy happened, but it was too late.

I have read a sentence: "there is no accident in life. Your so-called luck is just a fluke that has not yet been proved."

there have been too many tragedies, which have sounded the alarm for us.

but the awakening of safety awareness should not be at the expense of life.

because even if the probability of an accident is one in tens of thousands, once it happens to you, it is 100%.

with this article today, Uncle would also like to talk to you about some common sense about the safe use of batteries.

charge reasonably to avoid overcharging

many products do not have overcharge protection function, so we must strictly abide by the charging time provided by the manufacturer.

try to choose the original charger, do not buy and use inferior charger.

choose battery products from regular manufacturers

be sure to buy standard electric vehicles, electrical appliances and other equipment from regular channels.

the battery products of regular manufacturers often undergo strict safety tests, and the performance of the products is guaranteed.

avoid direct exposure to the battery in the sun

the high external temperature can easily affect the heat dissipation of the lithium battery itself, so do not go near the overheated heat source when charging.

do not modify the electric car privately

blindly refitting an electric vehicle is easy to cause line load, which makes the battery prone to short circuit in the process of use.

Electric cars are strictly prohibited from entering elevators, upstairs and homes

if possible, try to choose a unified charging and parking location.

when the conditions are insufficient, we should also choose a location with higher security, and must not park in the corridor.

strengthen daily self-examination

often check whether the battery expands and deforms and whether it is abnormally hot.

replace the battery in time from the official channel in strict accordance with the battery life.

in the face of disaster, life is really too small to withstand any carelessness and contempt.

any behavior that may threaten the safety of life should be treated with caution.

because of this price, no one can afford it.

, to forward the article, the safety of life is no small matter, prevention is essential.

for the sake of children, family and friends, we must pay attention to it.

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