All of a sudden! The cause of death of a 36-year-old famous male singer has been exposed, stinging all over the network.
All of a sudden! The cause of death of a 36-year-old famous male singer has been exposed, stinging all over the network.
If life is difficult, then I wish everyone health and safety.


A few days ago, a sad news suddenly went viral.

singer Fu Song died of oral cancer at the age of 36.

maybe you are a stranger to his name, but you must have heard his song "crying while singing".

in 2007, he joined Happy Boys on Hunan Satellite TV and won the award of the most popular male singer of the year in Guangzhou pop music.

when his friends mourned him, they said:

"May he have a good journey, and may he have no more betel nuts, no pain, no cancer in another world."

because what took his life was nothing but betel nut.

Fu Song, a native of Hunan, likes to chew betel nut very much. Last year, he found that the long tumor of the face was diagnosed as oral cancer.

video, he painfully says that his greatest happiness is that he hopes that the wound will not hurt at night, so that he can get a good night's sleep.

also advise netizens who like to chew betel nut not to take a chance:

"I just want to tell you from my experience that betel nut is really terrible. We must stay away from betel nut and cherish life."

chewing betel nut is a hobby of many people.

however, this kind of food has long been listed as a primary carcinogen by World Health Organization (WHO).

the chemicals in betel nut can form clear carcinogenic compounds after chewing, and it is easy to cause mechanical trauma to the oral mucosa during chewing.

it is well known that it is harmful, why do so many people go to eat it?

because of pleasure.

in order to enjoy the pleasure, many people take a fluke, thinking that there are so many people who eat that they will not be responsible for the accident.

do not know that when a person allows desire to become addicted and flooded, he also pushes himself into the abyss of illness.

in 2020, World Health Organization (WHO) once released a data:

the total number of new cancers worldwide is about 19.29 million, with 4.57 million new cancer patients in China, accounting for 23.7%.

perhaps many people will feel that there are many uncontrollable factors in the occurrence of disease.

but according to World Health Organization (WHO) 's research, more than 60% of diseases are caused by unhealthy lifestyles.

I saw a shocking piece of news the other day.

A 37-year-old pregnant woman in Guangxi found in a blood test that her blood was the same color as milk tea.

how urgent was the situation at that time? not only did the triglycerides seriously exceed the standard, but also there were symptoms of preterm delivery.

the doctor was startled when he asked.

it turns out that this pregnant woman drinks a cup of milk tea almost every day, and usually likes to eat foods with high sugar and fat content.

sweets can make people feel happy and satisfied, but in order to satisfy their temporary appetite, it is really sad to ignore the health of themselves and their children, or even their lives.

Neil Bozman said a sentence:

"what destroys us is not what we hate, but what we love."

We always think that if we are young and in good health, we can enjoy the immediate pleasure unscrupulously.

but greed and luck can never co-exist, and they will eventually make you miserable.

A Ning, a 24-year-old man, was sent to ICU after a barbecue with his friends.

the stomach bulged like a basketball, a large bag of oil was filtered out of the blood vessels, and the doctor diagnosed acute pancreatitis on the spot.

how terrible is this disease?

can lead to dysfunction of other organs and systems, even shock, and the mortality rate is quite high.

the most common cause of this disease is overeating.

A Ning, height 170cm, weight 180jin, usually favorite is fried high-fat, high-calorie food.

this is the third time that he has been hospitalized with acute pancreatitis.

netizens have a comment that resonates with many people:

"now young people usually give meals to takeout and restaurants, sleep to games and videos, as well as smoking and drinking."

Modern fast-paced life makes many people exhausted, so they indulge themselves to gamble with their bodies again and again.

but has fate ever been soft-hearted and spared anyone?

A Jian, an anti-cancer online celebrity, died last September.

in less than a year and a half, he has gone from a young, sturdy young man tortured by illness to an old man with sunken cheeks and bony bones.

he said that it was because he didn't pay attention to his health that he got to where he is today.

I never thought I would get cancer. I seldom get sick. The most serious thing is a fever and a cold.

in March 2019, I went to the hospital for a colonoscopy. After being a doctor, I asked me to call my family. I didn't even think I had cancer.

I always thought I was too young to get cancer.

but there is no fluke in life, and behind all the neglect is the unbearable price of life.

A Jian is also extremely regretful. He also has elderly parents and two young daughters.

before he grew up with them or sent them to school, he left them a mess.

those who do not cherish themselves are overdrawn for the happiness of their families.

in the last days of his life, A Jian also left a warning to the world with his own blood and tears:

Don't think that you are young and in good health, so you don't care, eat and drink, and stay up all night once in a while.

be kind to your body. When the body issues a warning, it must be taken seriously, it should be seen, it should be treated.

because of our age, we still shoulder heavy responsibilities. With elderly parents and young children, we can't fall down.

there is really nothing more important than health in this world.

We also really hope that there is as little reflection in the hospital bed as possible.

live well for yourself and for your family.

A friend who is a doctor once mentioned something.

in the hospital, he has heard the most words from patients, that is, "Why are you suddenly sick when you are well?"

A friend said with emotion:

"people always complain about the injustice of fate after the body turns on the red light. But do not know, there is no surprise, all the pain is premeditated for a long time. "

our bodies are really not as good as we think.

staying up late for 3 days in a row reduces the body's immunity by half, and staying up late for a long time is irreversible damage to the whole brain function.

overeating, pancreas secreting a large amount of digestive juice in a short time, it is easy to cause acute pancreatitis, severe cases can lead to pancreatic cancer;

being sedentary increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and premature death.


in fact, what is overdrawn is the future health and life.

when one day, the mountain of the body collapses, the whole family will pay double for you.

so stop indulging, there is no such thing as luck in the adult world.

the body is like soil. What you irrigate it, it will bear the same fruit.

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keeping good living habits is the only answer to health:

1. Don't stay up late, go to bed earlier and get enough sleep in order to have the ability to resist the virus.

2. Don't be too lazy, exercise more, whether it's running, fitness or mountain climbing, to keep your body full of energy.

3. Don't be picky about food, eat a balanced diet, don't eat what you can skip takeout, eat as little as possible such as heavy barbecue and Spicy Hot Pot with high salt and oil.

4. Don't be greedy, smoke less and drink less, and only by forming good habits can you save your health.

5. Don't be afraid, have a physical examination on time, don't procrastinate on minor ailments, and treat illness as soon as possible.

No one can bargain in front of death.

for everyone, every minute and every second of being alive is actually a gift of life.

the greatest responsibility we can do is to take good care of our bodies.

protect the well-being of parents and the growth of young children.

I hope everyone takes care of their health.

if life is difficult, then I wish everyone health and safety.