After middle age, to manage your image well is to make money.
After middle age, to manage your image well is to make money.
Good image management is the best help to life.


anyone who has seen the movie the Queen in Prada must have a deep memory of Meryl Streep's image:

exquisite dress, good manners, confidence in work. All show her charm.

by contrast, Anne Hathaway, who has just joined a fashion magazine, is sweet but unattractive.

since she joined the job, Anne has been perfunctory and doesn't even bother to manage her image.

A senior reminded her:

"I can find someone to replace you in five minutes, because you don't work hard at all."

Annie was thoroughly awakened.

as a result, she took the initiative to change into fashionable clothes in the circle and began to change herself from her business image.

the change in Annie's image has also brought about changes in her work.

from the beginning, she was in a hurry and gradually became handy. She finished all the work perfectly and got promoted and got a raise all the way.

I have heard a saying:

"A person's image is not only related to his past and present, but also determines his future."

especially after middle age, all kinds of stress suddenly come, and many people will neglect themselves because they are so busy with their lives.

dishevelled, listless all day, and muddling along with life.

in fact, a really good image is a person's temperament of both internal and external training.

A person who looks clean, dresses neatly and speaks elegantly must be full of expectations for life.

in appearance, there is self-cultivation

there is a "two-minute world" on the Internet:

show yourself one minute and make others like you the other.

after passing the test of these two minutes, it is possible to have an opportunity for in-depth communication.

the first minute here, in fact, is mainly to impress others with a good image.

I have heard a story and I have a lot of feelings.

A sculptor's face is becoming more and more ferocious. He goes to the master to find a solution.

the master asked, "what have you been carving recently?"

he replied, "Zhong Kui.

when the master heard this, he smiled and said:

"when you go back, you will carve it for a year."

this is the truth of being born from the heart. What your heart is like will appear on your face and you can't hide it.

A person's appearance is a reflection of inner cultivation.

after middle age, the degree to which we care about our appearance may change, but the calmness and calmness between the tips of the eyebrows and the corners of the eyes can never be hidden.

the peace of appearance is the goodwill from the heart.

A person with good intentions will give people trust and get more opportunities.

in the body, there is self-discipline

after middle age, people can be divided into two categories:

A class of slovenly, out of shape, often suffering from minor ailments;

one is like taking antistaling agent, which is graceful and elegant, and is more attractive than young people.

figure is a business card for a person to walk, but it reflects the life of self-discipline behind.

as the writer Russell said:

"A person's appearance hides your self-disciplined life and the life you are pursuing."

actor Peng Yuyan was invited by director Jiang Wen to act in "evil prevails over evil" because of his good figure.

Jiang Wen commented on him and said:

"Peng Yuyan is very self-disciplined.

what level should he reach when he commands his body with his soul? such a body is more beautiful than ancient Greek sculptures.


self-disciplined people constantly shape their own image in the process of restraint and persistence.

are seen and kept in mind by everyone, and it is easier to be favored by dignitaries.

some time ago, CCTV host Li Zimeng shared her sports experience online.

after entering the age of forty, she began to run and keep fit.

stick to it, not only the body is symmetrical, but also the working state is outstanding:

the press release for more than ten minutes is stable and sonorous.

in the symmetry of the figure, there is a person's persistence and self-discipline.

there is only one time in life. Never use daily laziness as an excuse to ignore the management of your body.

every drop of sweat you shed for your body will become your strong armor against years.

Wisdom is hidden in conversation

Ms. Lan Xin, a well-known professor, summed up a rule when she was an interviewer:

the extraordinary temperament of speech benefits from the richness of one's horizons and spiritual world.

soft-spoken and clean-spoken, such people can enjoy the spring breeze wherever they go.

Hu Shi once said a paragraph in my Mother:

"if I can learn a little bit of good temper, a little bit of kindness in dealing with others, if I can forgive and be considerate." I have to thank my loving mother. "

Hu Shi's mother is gentle and speaks softly. She never beats and scolds Hu Shi in front of outsiders.

but wait until the eveningClose the door and teach passionately and rationally.

the way his mother spoke influenced the formation of Hu Shi's character, which benefited him a lot in the celebrity circle at that time.

A person's wisdom will be conveyed through words.

especially when people are middle-aged, their external advantages gradually fade away, and their elegant temperament and generous posture gradually become the embodiment of a person's inner richness.

is put into action, it will produce calmness that has always been leisurely, and strength that does not panic in case of trouble.

this kind of person will not be entangled in the trifles of right and wrong, but know how to live in harmony with the people around him in an open-minded and calm way.

in the aura, there is a circle

there is a story in the book the weakness of Human Nature.

the daughter of a bus driver is very talented in singing.

but she is not beautiful, her mouth is big and her teeth are not pretty.

so every time she sings on the stage, she always tries to "cover up" her image, but she doesn't play well every time.

A man saw her inferiority complex and said frankly:

"I saw your performance and knew what you were trying to cover up." What if the teeth don't look good?

Trying to find just the right dress that is not outrageously expensive? satin evening dresses may be just what you are looking for. New and stylish arrivals up for grabs now!

the girl followed his advice and dared to be her true self.

later, she became famous all the way to become a world-famous singer. This person is Kestalay.

actor Charlie Chaplin has had a similar experience.

at first, Chaplin was so concerned about his height that he always felt that he was not tall enough and felt deeply inferior.

until later, he found a suitable performance style, built up self-confidence, established a unique aura, and gradually became a household name.

the thinker Voltaire once said:

"Beauty on the outside can only please people's eyes, but inner beauty can infect people's soul."

calm heart, self-confidence on the face, courage to face everything, together constitute a person's strong aura.

such people will continue to attract people with their own frequency, unwittingly gather popularity, bring opportunities, and create a world of their own.

there is a popular question on the Internet: "what is image?"

there is an answer that is highly liked:

"A successful image shows confidence, dignity, strength and ability, which is not only reflected in the visual effects on others, but also an external auxiliary tool."

to middle age, half slope of life, if you lose the management of your self-image, it is a kind of concession and compromise.

and those who refuse to bow to the years choose "reverse growth":

regard self-cultivation from the bottom of your heart, persistent self-discipline, elegant and atmospheric speech, and leisurely aura as the best care products to live a more and more elegant self.

agrees with a sentence: "Management image is not superficial, but self-respect and respect for life."

as you become beautiful, life will slowly improve, and all kinds of opportunities will come to you.

, may you and I both manage our image well from now on, achieve prosperity and prosperity, and win wealth and success.