After middle age, there is a circle, have some fun, be a fool
After middle age, there is a circle, have some fun, be a fool
A book, a tea, a bosom friend, do what you like to do, to accompany worthy people.

in an interview with the reporter, Mo Yan said this sentence:

if you want to have a happy and comfortable life, you must have a "circle", have some fun, and be a "fool".

after middle age, you can control what you want and live the life you want.

have three or two bosom friends, save a little naive, confused to see the world, can sober up life.

there is a circle

being with people of the same frequency is the best way to maintain good health

the writer Chien-frame, in his thirties, once said that people who do not know after the age of 30 do not want to know any more.

as we go through the middle of life, we are less and less interested in chasing superficial excitement, but learn to select our own circles and get along with people who get along with each other.

Mo Yan rarely gives interviews and does not like to attend industry parties, but is happy to stay with his friends.

in the early years, he and Yu Hua wrote their own stories in the dormitory of the writers' research class at Beijing normal University. neither of them could write any more, so they simply stopped writing and leaned together to chat aimlessly.

later, when the two gave a speech in Italy, Yu Hua joked that he was writing to sleep late, and Mo Yan also laughed that he wrote the article to buy leather shoes.

having said that, the two could not help laughing and burst out laughing after stepping down.

on another occasion, the two men and Shi Tiesheng went to Shenyang to play football with the students. at first, they lost miserably, but later they simply asked Shi Tiesheng to guard the goal.

because of courtesy, the students did not dare to play in an instant, leaving Yu Hua and Mo Yan to score goals in the students' net.

activity is over, several people hook up shoulder to shoulder and find a place to drink.

these lovely and interesting friends add a lot of color to Mo Yan's life.

Zhou Guoping once said: "there are some such people in this world who can feel a tacit understanding when they meet and have a good time together, and they are my friends."

finding your own circle and being with people with the same magnetic field is the best way to maintain good health.

in the 1930s, there was a "wife's living room" in an alley in the east side of Beijing.

poet Xu Zhimo, philosopher Jin Yuelin, artist Zhu Guangqian and writer Shen Congwen are all regulars here.

although they are in different industries, they have the same hobbies and pursuits.

every Saturday afternoon, they get together in twos and threes to talk about the current situation, exchange scholarship, or simply do nothing and close their eyes and rest.

everyone comes with doubt or fatigue, and after a lot of talk, they leave contentedly.

there is a saying that if you want to live a comfortable life, you must live among people who understand you.

half of my life has passed, and my acquaintances are scattered.

Feel perfectly fashionable in backless wedding dresses. You'll be pleased with your sophisticated look.

but those friends who have the same frequency as you understand your sadness and your pursuit.

have some fun

A little interest is enough to comfort the wind and dust

Zhu Guangqian wrote in talking about rest: "people need to be interesting in order to be alive."

Life is the joy you experience in life, and vitality is the strength you need to develop your life. "

when people reach middle age, they are exhausted by firewood, rice, oil and salt, and their minds are occupied by trifles.

after carrying a heavy load, you have to find some interest in order to have spare space to put your soul.

as a writer, Mo Yan is of course obsessed with reading.

when he was 12 years old, he dropped out of school and went out to work. In his spare time, he often hid in the haystack, opened his books and read, and was so addicted to being bitten by mosquitoes that he didn't care.

later, under his father's guidance, he became infatuated with calligraphy.

although the skill is not very proficient, the moment of splashing ink, the depression in the heart is discharged.

Zhou Zuoren wrote in "Tea and Food in Beijing": "in addition to the daily necessities, we should have a little useless games and pleasures to make life interesting."

in the first half of our life, we walked a long way, and in the second half, we should also learn to stop properly and find a place for our spirit.

if you like silence, sit down and be silent in the world of words and experience the joys and sorrows of the people in the book.

if you like flowers and plants, bow down, water and fertilize, and feel the vitality of the plants.

if you like good food, wash your hands and make soup to taste the beauty of life in the scattered aroma.

I like this sentence very much: "the true meaning of life never lies in the grand narrative, but in the feeling of details."

instead of looking in a hurry, stop once in a while, find a hobby and take good care of your soul.

he who watches Yunjuanyunshu in his spare time and listens carefully to the singing of birds can live up to this life.

be a fool

Happiness is often hidden in confusion

some people say that life is nothing more than two things: busy, awake to do things; idle, confused to be a man.

people in this life, nine times out of ten, blindly serious, tired is their own, when confused, is the highest state of life.

in my early years, when I was working for a newspaper, I knew an elder. He was not young, but he was always as heartless as a child.

he never flatters and always looks at peace with the rest of the world.

was scolded by the leader, he smiled, returned to the station as if nothing had happened and continued to work.;

he was dumped by his colleagues and severely criticized by his clients, but he never took it to heart.

others laughed at him for being stupid behind his back, but he said solemnly, "it's just a little thing, and it's not worth getting angry at all."

once I did not understand what he did. I felt that he was weak. Only when I had passed through the hail of bullets in society did I find that the attitude of my predecessors was the calmness bestowed by the years.

in life, if you want to make everything clear and ask for a clear understanding, it is easy to be unhappy.

in many cases, confusion is more relaxing than cleverness. people who know how to "pretend to be stupid" actually have great wisdom in their hearts.

Mo Yan has said on many public occasions that he is not a very smart person and always looks a little stupid in his way of dealing with others.

taking a taxi, he was afraid that others would find the trip short and unhappy, so as soon as he got on the bus, he handed out expensive Chinese cigarettes to his master.

when the publishing house owed him the fee, he waved and said, "Let's tie the knot next time."

in this seemingly stupid "simple and honest", there is actually a wise philosophy of life.

Shakespeare once said that it is better to be a smart fool than to be a stupid smart man.

haggle over pennies, but worry about yourself; if you get to the bottom of it, you will only be burdened by it.

be a happy "fool", be confused and slow.

in this way, we can not be tired and trapped in the heart, and find the real calmness in the heart.

after half a lifetime, I suddenly realized that the most rare thing in the world is to be foolish and have a vegetarian heart.

, for the rest of my life, one book, one tea, one confidant, do what you like to do, and spend time with people who are worth it.