After middle age, please live a low-equipped life.
After middle age, please live a low-equipped life.
The more people know how to be alone, the richer they are.


writer Yang Jiang once said:


We were so eager for the waves of fate that we finally found that the most beautiful scenery in life was the calmness and calmness of our hearts.


the true abundance of people does not lie in the possession of the outside world, but in the abundance and abundance of the heart.

when people reach middle age, they reduce excess goods, purify excessive desires, and simplify superfluous social activities.

live a low-equipped life in order to have a high-equipped soul.

low material configuration

architect Ludwig Mies van der Rowe once put forward a concept: less is more.

people. The simpler life is, the happier it is.

for more than 40 years, cartoonist Cai Zhizhong only ate one meal a day, even if the steamed bread was accompanied by bean curd.

he doesn't have a watch or cell phone, and his daily outfit is a white shirt, a pair of casual pants, and a pair of rag shoes that are still clean after grinding holes.

A simple life frees him more time and energy to focus on the comics he loves.

in order to come up with satisfactory comics, he did not go out for 42 days in a row.

whenever he is immersed in the world of comics, listening to the sound of the pen tip brushing on the paper and his own heartbeat, he can't help but praise: "Life is really beautiful."

live the simplest material life, do the richest spiritual thinking, and bring the greatest spiritual wealth with the least material needs.

this is the principle of life pursued by Mr. Cai Zhizhong all his life.

the ancients said that spiritual freedom can be maintained only if it is not for material service.

True happiness does not lie in the amount of external material, but in the abundance of the inner world.

there is a post-80s couple online who lost more than 2 million to start a business a few years ago. after several twists and turns, the two, with their children, rented a small house on the outskirts of a fourth-tier city and began to run residential accommodation.

they can't afford furniture, so they make it themselves; if they want to eat food, they plant it themselves.

plant flowers, cultivate land, do carpentry every day, and build an ideal yard with your own hands.

although the savings are pitifully small and the life is not rich, the husband and wife live a full life.

my wife said calmly, "I have a like-minded lover and a lovely son. Our world has dreams, flowers and freedom. This is wealth."

True wealth is not how much wealth you can have, but the ability to laugh out loud in hard times.

Chuang Tzu put it well: "the nest of the wren is but one; the rodents drink the river, but they are full."

A person does not need much of the material necessary for survival.

the house does not need to be too big, as long as it is warm, and as long as you are happy with a light meal every day.

Life is simple and comfortable, and the soul is rich and rich, which is the greatest satisfaction of life.

desire low configuration

Tolstoy once told a story.

A man wanted to buy a piece of land, and the landlord said to him:

"as long as you start from here at sunrise and return to the starting point before sunset, all the land surrounded by your route will be yours."

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so the man ran as fast as he could until the sun was to the west.

finally ran back before sunset, but died of exhaustion and vomiting blood.

Aesop's Fables says:

some people want more because of greed, but lose everything they have now.

nothing is more deceptive than greed.

We always think that we are unhappy because we have too little or don't get what we want.

in fact, the more we have, the more we cling to our hearts and the less happiness we get from it.

Yu Juan, a young teacher at Fudan University, who had an enviable doctorate and experience studying abroad, died young because of cancer.

in order to become an associate professor within two or three years, she spends her life writing articles and working on projects and stays in the office late into the night.

work, doctoral thesis, giving birth, making money. These little bits of stress in her life gradually accumulated, resulting in frequent pain in her body.

after examination, it was found that it was advanced breast cancer.

during her medical treatment, she wrote "Cancer Diary" and began to reflect on her life.

in her diary, she wrote:

at the critical point of life and death, you will find that any overtime, too much pressure on yourself, the need to buy a house and a car, these are floating clouds.

if you have time, spend time with your children, buy a pair of shoes for your parents with the money for a car, don't try your best to change a big house, spend time with people you love, and live in a humble home.

in fact, the fame and wealth that we do our best to pursue does not mean much to life.

what's the use of having more books if you don't have time to read?

what's the use of working hard all your life if you don't have time to enjoy life?

what's the use of working hard without a healthy body?

all of these remind us:

tomorrow may not be long, and we never know which will come first, tomorrow or accident.

for the rest of your life, don't be kidnapped by desire, don't worry about it.

cherish havingBe content and love yourself more is the most important thing in life.

low configuration in circles

writer Li Xiaomo once said:


when your abilities, status, and resources don't match your social ambitions, all you do is socialize ineffectively.


Gu Jia in "only 30" has to squeeze his head into the circle of ladies in order to turn the corner of her husband's company.

she paid a high price for a limited edition bag as a stepping stone to the rich.

after all the twists and turns, she, who had tasted some sweetness, thought she had successfully integrated into the rich circle, but unexpectedly, she was finally set up by the wives and kicked out of the circle of ladies.

and the transfer of the business she got from Mrs. Li was just a well-designed pit.

when your strength doesn't match your circle, the so-called network is a joke.

people's energy is limited, so instead of wasting time on meaningless socializing, give yourself more time to improve yourself.

because you are the only one who is your best network.

Mu Xin, a writer who wrote "used to be slow", seldom socialized and socialized in his life, and spent most of his time quietly alone.

in his early years, he went to live in Mogan Mountain in Zhejiang, where he stayed quietly on the mountain to read books and study his favorite Flaubert and Shakespeare.

after he went to the United States in middle age, he worked in an antique shop during the day and wrote alone in his shack at night.

he writes ten thousand words every day, or at least seven thousand words. After you have finished, revise it again and again until you are satisfied.

later, Chen Danqing came across his article in the newspaper. He was so surprised that he immediately visited him and introduced a group of artist friends to learn from him, which forced him to give these artists a literature course.

in this way, Mu Xin not only got more jobs, but also made like-minded friends.

in Mu Xin's literature class, Chen Danqing took five thick notes, which he sorted out many years later and compiled into Literary memoirs.

Today, this book has become a popular recommended book for major book clubs.

Mu Xin once said: "the best state of life is the cold wind and fire."

the more people know how to be alone, the richer they are.

when people reach middle age, they put aside their ineffective social activities and devote their limited energy to enhance their own value.

if you are valuable, your contacts and money will automatically come to you; you have no value, and even if you break your head to socialize, no one will talk to you.

enriching yourself in solitude and enriching yourself spiritually is the best way to love yourself.

I have heard a saying: every piece of wood can become a Buddha, as long as the superfluous part is removed.

it is only when people reach middle age and go through all the hustle and bustle of the world that they understand the value of restraining their desires and returning to real life.

refine the material and enrich the mind;

reduce the desire for excess and live a relaxed life;

abandon ineffective social interaction and enhance your own value.

after middle age, learn to live a low-equipped life, so that you can have a richer heart and live a more leisurely life.

when you can restrain your desire and not be affected by other things, you can really return to your heart and feel the true meaning of life.

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