After middle age: cognition is standard, pattern is high, and character is top.
After middle age: cognition is standard, pattern is high, and character is top.
Stand high, see far, bitterness and happiness are like the blink of an eye, in a flash.

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"birth, old age, sickness and death, joys and sorrows, happiness, misery, success, poverty, and all kinds of life experiences all enlighten us."

Life makes us look at the warmth of human feelings, let us go through a lot of blood, and change our hair from green hair to white hair.

the training day after day makes us understand more and more:

in this lifetime, cognition is the standard, pattern is high, and character is the top.

Cognition is standard

such a story was told in Zhuangzi Qiushui.

during the autumn rain, people all the way see Baichuan confluence in the Yellow River, majestic, thinking that they have the most beautiful scenery in the world.

but when it saw the endless North Sea, it found that the original vast Yellow River was so insignificant that it could only look at the ocean and sigh.

it is true that people become humble when they see the vastness of heaven and earth.

it is a necessary journey for us to constantly see ourselves, heaven and earth, and sentient beings, and walk out of our own square.

Wang Yangming once said: "you do not see this flower, this flower is silent with you; you come to see this flower, this flower blossoms with you."

all the knowledge and experience is to enlarge our pattern and change our fate.

Liu Bowen wrote such a story in Yu Ion.

in the State of Chu, there was a monkey trainer who sent monkeys to the mountains to pick fruit every day, but could not produce any fruit, so he whipped the monkey with a whip.

for a long time, the monkeys were afraid of being beaten, so they obeyed, worked hard to pick fruit, and even took such a life for granted.

until a newly domesticated little monkey asked, "did he grow the fruit on this mountain?"

everyone replied, "No."

the little monkey asked, "if no one arranges it, can't we pick it?"

everyone shook their heads.

the little monkey smiled and said, "then why should we listen to him?"

with that, the little monkey broke through the railing with everyone and lived a free life.

if you are trapped in your own cognition, you are doomed to see only what is in front of you.

what really restricts a person is never the tiredness of material, but the tiredness of ignorance.

the writer said:

"people's cognition is like a funnel. The lower they go, the less they see, the less opportunities they have, and the more unfair they feel.

the more you go up, the more you see, the more opportunities you have, and the more you feel the beauty of the world and the boundless scenery. "

the graceful scenery of life comes from the enlightened and open-minded cognition and from the heart of unremitting exploration.

only by climbing out of the cognitive funnel can we meet fate and see all over the world, so that sentient beings can see me and I can see sentient beings.

pattern is high-end

A philosopher once said this truth:

"I stand on the first floor and I get angry when I hear someone scold me;

I was standing on the tenth floor and someone scolded me. I couldn't hear him clearly and thought he was saying hello to me.

I was standing on the 100th floor and someone scolded me. I not only couldn't hear it, but also saw the beautiful scenery in the distance. "

is not high enough, all we see are problems, the pattern is too small, and what we encounter is trivial.

I have seen such a story.

A banker was wronged and jailed.

but he didn't

collapse and sink, often thoughtfully.

by chance, he found that the prison guards had a great headache in managing the prisoners.

so while he was repairing the roof, he secretly recommended himself to the warden and was willing to help them.

since then, he helped the prison guards manage, not only transferred to the prison library, but also had a separate cell.

in order to enhance the horizons of his inmates and help them find the meaning of survival, he also guided them to read and read.

in his opinion, the body can be imprisoned, but the soul is always free and rich.

as the saying goes, the strong save themselves, and the saints cross people. This is the pattern.

because he has seen people, he broadens his horizons, and because he stands high, he has the tenacity not to be afraid of suffering.

Feng Zikai said: "when the heart is small, all the little things are big; when the heart is big, all the big things are small."

when a person's pattern is large, the immediate ordeal is no longer an ordeal, let alone entangled in the bits and pieces of life.

in the face of the ups and downs of life, with a calm attitude and continuous progress, can suffering become a stepping stone to the way forward.

look beyond our vision, pattern, step by step, change the way we look at things, and adversity will eventually usher in the dawn.

character is the top match

there is a saying in the Book of changes: "A gentleman carries things with virtue."

walking in the world, profound virtue is a person's hardest card, and correct character is a person's reputation for establishing the world.

there was a scholar in the Qing Dynasty who lived in the capital when he was young and often went to the bookstore.

one day, when he went to the bookstore to buy a book, he happened to see someone drop a coin on the ground, so he secretly stepped on it with his foot. As soon as the person who lost the money walked away, he bent down to pick it up.

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this scene happened to be seen by an old man passing by. The old man pretended to talk to him and asked the boy's name.

many years later, the scholar took part in the scientific research and was sent to work in Changshu County, Jiangsu Province.Sternly refused.

it turns out that the old man at that time was Tang Qianan, governor of Jiangsu.

Tang Qianan said, "when I was a scholar, I was greedy for a penny. This is a disaster."

when I picked up the money, although no one saw it, I saw my character at a glance.

there is an old saying: "to be a man first, to establish a career is to establish virtue."

A good character, such as a big tree, the deeper it is, the more solid it is. If the foundation is unstable, it is bound to wither and decline.

to be a man, you should be decent, magnanimous and clean; be virtuous, open and aboveboard, and have a clear conscience.

people live in the world, virtuous can carry things, treat others with sincerity, the world will be sincere to each other, kind-hearted, will be trusted and respected.

Life of wind and rain, let character be your biggest backer, improve your moral character and stand in an invincible position!

there is a good saying: "Life is a spiritual practice, practicing one's own obsession and unknown."

slowly practice the road, how much experience and knowledge enrich our lives, never know to be familiar with, from ignorance to deep understanding.

after constantly trudging and seeing heaven, earth and sentient beings, I found that the realm of life is like looking at flowers in a fog.

stand high and see far away, bitterness and happiness pass by in the twinkling of an eye.

but time never stops, walk the world, still need to slowly understand, slowly repair.

in the second half of life, seeing the mountains and the running water, I set my eyes on the distance, meditate on the mind and always cultivate virtue.

, may you and I all be able to prop up an outstanding life with standard cognition, high-end pattern and top-matched character!

the book is published under authorization.