After looking at the 56-year-old Zhou Haimei's mansion, I understand why she is envied by 5 million people.
After looking at the 56-year-old Zhou Haimei's mansion, I understand why she is envied by 5 million people.
All kinds of life, only live for yourself, is the real life.

not long ago, Zhou Haimei, whom I haven't seen for a long time, updated her current situation on the social platform.

for a time, it aroused the feelings of countless netizens:

this is the eternal goddess!

what has Zhou Haimei experienced in the past 37 years, from "the most Beautiful Zhou Zhiruo" to "the exterminator", Zhou Haimei, who was abandoned by the rich?

some people say that Zhou Haimei is a rose blooming in the scorching sun in winter.

the winter in Hong Kong is not cold, but the wind on the island is still cool.

in 1966, it was in this mild winter that Zhou Haimei was born into an ordinary family.

because her parents are busy at work, she has lived on the island with her grandparents since childhood.

the island is small, and the neighbors are familiar with it, and sometimes grandparents have to do things, so her childhood is free-range.

except for school time, she always leads a group of children to run all over the street.

"I often run down the mountain with my friends and go to the seaside to play with sand, fishing nets, salted fish and abalone. Then I was very happy to watch the ebb and flow of the sea and build a fortress on the beach every day. "

sometimes when a friend is bullied, she must be the first one to rush over to vent her anger for her friend. It is common for her to go home after being hurt all over.

the family wants their daughter to be a little more girl, thinking that maybe she will be all right when she grows up.

but unexpectedly, Zhou Haimei grew up not only as a man, but also like a tomboy with broken short hair and wearing a loose T-shirt and jeans.

Father saw this and had a serious conversation with her:

"Haimei, you are already a big girl. You must act like a girl."

obedient, she just started to have long hair for the first time in 17 years.

two years later, Zhou Haimei's hair was up to her shoulders. Her father happened to see the news of Miss Hong Kong's election and thought that there was physical training in this kind of competition, so he signed her up for the benefit of "free training."

on the other side, Zhou Haimei was not happy at first when she heard that she had been arranged by her father. After all, standing in front of the crowd in high heels and bikini, she could not accept that she was still a boy at heart.

but her father's attitude was tough, and Zhou Haimei took a gamble: "just go, who's afraid of who?"

she tried to look like a lady, but her stiff shape and unconcealed awkwardness on her face.

but although Miss Hong Kong's road is impassable, this outstanding face is obviously God's reward for food.

in this way, 19-year-old Zhou Haimei signed up for Hong Kong TVB.

she was sent to TVB's first training class for entertainers, and in the same year, she starred in her first TV series, the Yang Family.

I have to say, Zhou Haimei is very lucky, her screen starting point is really high.

there is still the top card behind the top card, so it is not too much to say that it is a fairy fight.

but it is precisely because of this that Zhou Haimei, who has no experience, is under a lot of pressure.

on the set, you can always see a girl who is no different from the staff. No matter who turns on the phone, she sits in the corner and studies with wide eyes, learning to speak her lines without being stiff, and to learn how to integrate expressions with lines.

when it was time to turn on my own phone, I clasped the notebook I had recorded in both hands. I was ready and uneasy.

in such a day when she has a lot to learn every day, she gradually falls in love with acting. For her, who wants to be a designer, this field she is not familiar with is full of attractions and challenges.

in her world where she wants to be strong since childhood, as long as she wants to do well, she can only make the choice of being strong.

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that's what she thought and did, and in less than two years, she played a supporting role as a big actress.

, the crew found her one after another, and she could produce more and more works.

in 1986, she starred in "rogue tycoon", which became the number one TV series in Hong Kong.

in 1989, she starred in "unforgivable", which won the award of "the most popular TV series watched by Chinese in the world" on the anniversary of TVB28.

Zhou Haimei is hot.

in just a few years, she became the head of TVB.

her name is also often seen in the official list of "goddesses" selected by netizens.

supposedly, Zhou Haimei, who has good looks and acting skills, should have had a smooth star after that, but because of a young decision at that time, she almost missed out on the movie Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre, which made her a hit.

time goes back to 1985.

Zhou Haimei took over the TV series "Island Wind and Cloud" and got to know Lu Liangwei, who played with her.

in the play, the roles played by the two failed to get a good result, but outside the play, the two blossomed their feelings in private.

one is a 19-year-old newcomer, and the other is a famous actor in the 30-year-old circle.

this man, who is 11 years older than himself, in any questionShe can give Zhou Haimei very pertinent advice, which makes her fascinated by him at the beginning of her love affair.

however, most of the relationships are in a bit of a hurry.

before the film was finished, the two were anxious to make their relationship public.

after more than three years of dating, the two went to Las Vegas to get married.

after that, Lu Liangwei, who was middle-aged, wanted to have a child of her own and lead a steady life, but at that time, Zhou Haimei was only in her early 20s, her career was still on the rise, and the child was not her consideration at all.

this matter can be regarded as a thunder for the marriage, around this matter, the two became more and more unhappy, and finally they chose to break up peacefully.

although Zhou Haimei is young, she never wants to be manipulated in her life.

not only is she married, but in the fifth year of her contract, she wants to try more styles, rather than the fact that TVB has been giving her "conservative" jade girl role and simply canceled her contract with her old employer.

but her idea is still too simple, after the termination of the contract, she once fell into the plight of no filming.

while feeling frustrated, his career is not going well, and he can't even pay the rent in the most difficult time.

some people mocked her, whether she regretted it or not. She should have returned to her family honestly and had a child with her ex-husband.

but how can I regret it? Zhou Haimei did not regret being with him when she divorced, and will not regret the decision to separate after the divorce. Even though she is living in a chicken feather, she is also preparing for a turnaround in her career.

Zhou Haimei, who is neither humble nor arrogant, was discovered by Taiwan gold medal producer Yang Peipei, and later there was the deified work, the 1994 version of Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre.

Zhou Haimei's version of Zhou Zhiruo, even today, is said to be unsurpassed, not before, and not after.

although the script is written in that way, many fans don't understand why Zhang Wuji didn't choose Zhou Zhi Ruo?

do you think this idea is unreasonable? Even Mr. Jin Yong said:

"if I had known that Zhou Haimei played Zhou Zhi-Ruo, I would have changed the ending!"

it is this play that makes Zhou Haimei stand firm as the symbol of Hong Kong Star.

mention the beauty of all kinds of amorous feelings, full of female beauty, charm beauty, primitive beauty, that is "Zhou Haimei" these three words.

such Zhou Haimei is naturally pursued by many people.

they are not shy about going to restaurants, going to the opera and attending cocktail parties together.

just when everyone is ready to bless the passionate couple, Zhou Haimei suffers from lupus erythematosus, which may affect the next generation, so Wu Shirong, who was passionately in love, became more and more indifferent to her.

, she fell in love with an outsider. The man was very kind to her and didn't care about her illness. He proposed to her many times, but Zhou Haimei refused.

later learned that it was because her platelets were too low and it was dangerous to get married and have children. She didn't want to have children or upset her husband, and eventually the relationship came to an end.

some people say that God is fair and gave her beauty, but broke her marriage.

but is Zhou Haimei pitiful because she is not married? No way!

in 2002, Zhou Haimei, who was born in winter but had never seen snow, decided to move to Beijing to feel her own season.

instead of choosing the modern and advanced mansion in steel and concrete, she went to the countryside.

she bought a garden house far from downtown.

apart from work, the greatest pleasure is to stay at home and play with your own side of the world.

all kinds of flowers are planted all over the garden, and when it comes to blooming, even pruning and watering is a particularly happy thing for her.

she grows the vegetables she likes. In order to learn how to farm, she learns how to select seedlings and how to fertilize. A sense of achievement that cannot be hidden on his face.

when the cherry is ripe, you can easily pick the cherry on the tree, and the sweet and sour juice explodes in the mouth, which feels sweeter than the cherry.

when you are hungry, you will cook a healthy and delicious meal with your own vegetables.

in my spare time, I went out to explore the world with the two golden hairs I had been keeping since I came to Beijing.

what foundation false eyelashes brand-name bag high-heeled shoes, have lost their meaning here.

bid farewell to the day and night life of the crew, she took care of her simple rural life in an orderly manner.

sweating hot, eating a tomato chilled with well water, instantly resurrected with blood.

lead the big dog in the dirt-filled path, with a red face, never know how tired.

this is the way life is. Only when you have a house can you get it.

in recent years, Zhou Haimei seems to have failed to continue the legend of immortality.

getting fat and getting old is often stabbed in her heart like a knife by netizens.

said that her 2018 "Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre" was reduced to the destruction of Master Tai;

mocked her for being old under her recent photo on Weibo;

what can you do if you say you are beautiful? you still don't have a companion even though you are old now.


but they forgot where Zhou Haimei is a vegetarian.

call me old? So you have an antidote?

I was bullied by the elder sister.It was awesome!

say I'm not getting married? Will you die if you don't get married?

it is more miserable to marry the wrong person than not to marry, not to mention Zhou Haimei does not want to get married, does she lack a man?

say I don't have kids? I'm actually the mother of dozens of children.

it turns out that Zhou Haimei has long supported the Hope Home Welfare Home in Beijing's Daxing District, where dozens of abandoned children are her children.

although some people still say that she has a hard mouth, my uncle thinks such Zhou Haimei is really cool!

isn't it the wisest awakening for a successful and independent woman not to get married easily and have children casually?

20-year-old youth ignorant, 30-year-old mature, 40-year-old calm and confident, 50-year-old free, her life has been under her own control.

who can be young forever? Who can be sure that getting married must be happier than not getting married?

all kinds of life, only living for yourself is the real life.