After leaving Ma Rong for six years, Wang Baoqiang finally revealed his true face.
After leaving Ma Rong for six years, Wang Baoqiang finally revealed his true face.
Only those who work hard will have a chance to meet luck.

the results of the 13th Golden Broom Award have been obtained.

the summary of this "bad movie" has always been that the audience has nothing to do to look at the hustle and bustle, but this year is unprecedentedly hot.

the reason is that Bauer was named "the most disappointing director".

he was so angry that he scolded host Cheng Qingsong for being "selfish" in moments.

but in fact, this remake with a popular rating of only 4.4, even without the bad reviews of the golden broom, cannot hide the disappointing facts.

netizens who were originally for fun could not bear to watch it, and began to ridicule Bao Bell for not being able to lose.

to tell you the truth, it is better to treat it as a spur and encouragement rather than disobedience. With good work, how can you be afraid of others singing bad news?

however, this farce unexpectedly reminds us of another person.

is the only star who has personally accepted the award since the launch of the Golden Broom Award, Wang Baoqiang, who knows shame.

when his work was rated as the "most disappointing film", he did not hide, publicly curse, or complain about how much hard work he had put in. Instead, he stepped forward openly.

solemnly apologize:

"I owe the audience one!"

the pattern stands high and low.

Wang Baoqiang has not forgotten who he is, nor has he forgotten that the film must give an account to the audience.

the reason why he can be liked by so many people is because he has the honesty and sincerity to plunge into the ground.

even a little bit of luck in life is earned by hard work and hard work.

he deserves the host's comment: the conscience of the film industry.

in recent years, the professional background boasts of acting skills, and all kinds of rich second generations have broken into the entertainment industry.

the concept of "grassroots star" seems to be farther and farther away from us.

because their road is much more difficult.

Wang Baoqiang, with a primary school education, is plain and even Putonghua is not standard.

in the Thirteen invitations, he said, "I have always been a person of low self-esteem. I really thought it was a dream to be a star."

but he has gone from obscurity to an international film actor, leaping countless steps and becoming a miracle that cannot be replicated.

Wang Baoqiang's hometown is in Xingtai, Hebei Province. His ancestors lived in a small village, planting in spring and harvesting in autumn.

in the 1980s and 1990s, Jet Li's Shaolin Temple ignited the martial arts dream of teenagers all over China.

following the caravan with open-air curtains, Wang Baoqiang was also attracted by the Shaolin Temple.

Jet Li's moves and moves made his blood boil, and his dream of becoming a martial arts star took root in his mind.

it was on the spur of the moment, and he spent two years begging his father to send him to the Shaolin Temple to learn kung fu.

in this way, the 8-year-old went to Songshan Shaolin Temple with the money collected by his family, where he studied for six years.

in order to save tickets, only a handful of people have gone home in 6 years.

when he gets up in the morning and practice in the dark every day, when he is gradually sensible, he understands:

you can't make a movie when you come to Shaolin Temple, and not everyone can become Jet Li.

he doesn't want to be trapped in a life where he can see the end at a glance. He wants to be a martial arts actor and go to big cities to pursue dreams.

starting does not mean there is a way out.

in 1999, Wang Baoqiang went to Beijing alone to ask the crew to send his resume.

even if you have ten yuan in your pocket, you don't think about enough to eat a few meals. You need to print more resumes even if you are hungry.

if the first ten copies are not selected, the eleventh one should be successful.

I can't count the number of bitterness I have eaten when I sleep in bridges and streets.

he and two other people spent 120 to share a coal yard dormitory, and in order to save transportation expenses, he had to go out to run the crew at 4: 00 in the morning.

Wang Baoqiang remembers very clearly that there was a casting director who threw it into the dustbin without even reading his file.

he didn't say anything. He picked up his file, which was still affixed with the ID photo he had just taken. He couldn't just waste it.

Wang Baoqiang is also born with stubbornness.

it is not important for him to be disliked by others, and he must stick to what he thinks.

honest, honest and rustic, this is Wang Baoqiang's impression on the public.

just hit Li Yang, the director of Blind well.

the original male No. 2 in this film gave up because he was afraid to go down the 200-meter mine before starting up, and Li Yang thought of him.

the image is appropriate, but also kung fu, flexible.

it was precisely this role that allowed Wang Baoqiang, who had not studied acting for a day, to win the Golden Horse Award for Best New Artist.

being beaten, wrestling, it's time to go home for the Spring Festival and earn a little more.

at that time, he was not aware that the door of opportunity was opening.

the directors, who lift heavy weights in the literary and art circles, are also slowly setting their eyes on him.

Feng Xiaogang noticed Wang Baoqiang because of "Blind well".

his film "there are no thieves" in the film "there are no thieves" made a deal with Ge You and Liu Dehua, but he still needs a play eye, "stupid Root."

Wang Baoqiang dreamsI never thought I could film with Andy Lau.

the silly root in the script is like being tailor-made for him.

honest, honest, carrying 60,000 yuan to go home, stubbornly believing that there are no thieves on this train.

was unwittingly involved in the contest between pickpocket Wang Bo and Uncle Li.

there is a silent confrontation between good and evil in human nature.

the two thieves fought to the death for the foolish fantasy that there is no thief in the world.

Wang Baoqiang is too natural to see the falsehood of "acting" in the form of his lines.

the role of silly root became popular, and the name of Wang Baoqiang appeared in the ears of all Chinese audiences.

Rich people do not return to their hometown, such as clothes embroidery at night.

when he returned to his hometown, he broadcast "there are no thieves" in the place where he watched Shaolin Temple.

everyone in the village knows that Wang Baoqiang is successful.

more and more producers seem to have discovered the treasure, and almost all the characters set up by the same people have been sent to Wang Baoqiang.

but he refused.

Mother was also puzzled that the film salary was a huge income for the family at that time.

but Wang Baoqiang is thinking about the future at this time.

he can't fix his play. He left a stereotyped impression on the audience too early, so it's hard to get back to martial arts.

he is not a foolish and honest man, he is an unexpected genius.

it was this persistence that led him to meet a highlight character-Xu Sanduo.

the director of the Soldier assault, Kang Honglei, is a rural teenager with big white teeth when he smiles.

after watching Blind well and No Thieves, Director Kang immediately decided to play the leading role of Wang Baoqiang.

at first, Wang Baoqiang hesitated. He wanted to make a martial arts film, but he didn't have the heart to give up the chance to play the leading role for the first time.

declined twice and went to consult Master Feng Xiaogang and his wife Xu Fan.

Xu Fan strongly advised him to take over Xu San, because the role fits him so well.

honest and simple, naive and stubborn.

only when he joined the group did he know that Zhang had written a petition of three thousand words for this role.

more than 600 scenes, a variety of professional lines, the average level of education, he has to redouble his painstaking efforts.

try his best to do more than 333 abdominal bars for the monitor;

knowing that you will lose the last place to enter the A brigade without carrying Wu June 1, you will still not leave more than three of your teammates behind.

every look and action expresses the spirit of "do not abandon, do not give up" of Iron and Steel Company 7.

comment on more than three, a "seal God" is well-deserved.

later, in the movie hello, Mr. Tree, Wang Baoqiang was reborn by virtue of his superb acting skills.

as long as a few shots to bully the weak to seek a little twisted self-esteem and inner balance, the performance incisively and vividly.

has been in the profession for more than 20 years, the silly root of literary drama, the seal of martial arts, Mr. Shu of literary film, and the commercial film Tang Ren.

even though he is suspected of being caught in a whirlpool of ugly and silly business comedies.

also has to admit that he has the strength of a movie star.

indiscriminate spending is becoming more and more attractive, and the entertainment industry is a veritable dye vat.

not everyone can still maintain the mindset and ideals when they enter the profession.

Wang Baoqiang is that rare honest man.

know how to advance and retreat, be willing to reflect and have ideals.

after becoming an actor, he didn't even relax his enthusiasm for martial arts training.

filming at the seaside, run ten kilometers around the seaside when you are free.

this kind of steadfastness and dullness for performance are rare.

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I just didn't expect that this diligent and honest man was caught in an emotional storm.

after his wife Ma Rong had an affair in 2016, Wang Baoqiang announced that Weibo server immediately crashed.

Let a man who cares about his family tear his face and publicly announce that he has been wearing a green hat and is determined to get a divorce.

as you know, he is going to be mad.

the most beloved wife and the most trusted agent secretly betray Chen Cang, who can not feel shocked and humiliated.

Ma Rong took Wang Baoqiang to court on the grounds that Wang Baoqiang's Weibo post infringed her reputation.

one move failed, and she sued Wang Baoqiang's shareholding company as a shareholder, asking for an "audit."

the law does not wronge the good, nor does it spare the bad.

there is no problem with Wang Baoqiang's accounts, but Song Zhe's hands are dirty.

he took advantage of his position to take possession of more than 2 million yuan of the company and was sentenced to six years in prison for the crime of embezzlement.

Wang Baoqiang is clean of the two things that contemporary stars are most likely to step on: "sleep" and "tax".

later we learned that after Ma Rong took away his fortune, he didn't even have enough money left to file a lawsuit.

borrowed 3 million from Chen Sicheng, and he paid 1.8 million tax as soon as he got his hands on it.

the divorce brought him to an unprecedented low.

negative image, career shutdown, and worry about not seeing children.

he locked himself up and didn't want his friends to see his ebb, nor did he want to pass on negative energy to others.

Tang Ren has a line in "Chinatown investigation":

"what's worse in this world than everyone looks down on you is that everyone sympathizes with you."

he does not need sympathy, nor is he a weak person who can break down with a single blow.

even though he has been deeply hurt, Wang Baoqiang still insists on his understanding of the world.

"I am not a person who is limited by other people's words or opinions, and I will not be led by others." I also hope that others will say that I am good, but I can't control it. I have a mentality of everything. The important thing is that I can digest it and believe that the future will be good. "

now Wang Baoqiang has long been out of the shadow, and his relationship with his girlfriend Feng Qing is very stable.

Feng Qing accompanied Wang Baoqiang back to his hometown at his mother's funeral.

I was photographed going out for dinner a few days ago.

and Feng Qing is really rich and beautiful.

graduated from the University of Berkeley in the United States, the 60th Miss World China finals swimsuit runner-up, there are three companies, a lot of assets.

this relationship is smooth and low-key, without the sugar and sweetness in front of the camera, but there is peace of mind to live a down-to-earth life.

maybe this is what Wang Baoqiang longs for most, the warm and long-flowing feelings.

in his career, Wang Baoqiang seldom makes public appearances in variety shows, keeping a lower profile and trying to make more possibilities in life.

he has completed his second directing work, "octagonal Cage", a story about fighting and fate.