After four marriages, Zhang Zhilin spoiled his wife and completely collapsed. Netizens: please stop pretending!
After four marriages, Zhang Zhilin spoiled his wife and completely collapsed. Netizens: please stop pretending!
If you want to maintain your value all the time, break the shackles and move on.

although the ratings of Brother 2 have jumped into the sewer, the uncle still resisted the impulse to complain and watched the show.

Brother Qi led the team to practice hard, and Alec Su tried hard to break his wrists.

but as a result, they were all suppressed by Zhang Zhilin, the two-term elder, and the members of the team of Xiao Qi were even eliminated.

where does Zhang Zhilin win?

"competitive competitions, no martial arts?"

it can only be said that Zhang Zhilin is too "card-like".

in the first season of Brother Pei, Lin Zhixuan was mercilessly rejected when he wanted his teammate Li Xiang and Liu Jia to dance for him.

this season, Zhang Zhilin simply asked his teammates to be the "best man" and served as a backdrop for his performance.

on the day of the competition, Zhang Zhilin played Ren Xianqi's "No questions" with the song "unparalleled Beauty".

after all, after several days of hard practice, both singing and dancing have deeply sympathized with the audience, and Ren Xianqi is sure to win at the end of the performance.

fans were shocked by Zhang Zhilin's "divine operation" before they could cheer.

he asked for foreign aid!

"unparalleled Beauty" sings to the depths of the most wonderful part of love. Yuan Yongyi, far away from the stage, suddenly enters the stage slowly in a wedding dress. Zhang Zhilin trots all the way to hold his lover's hand, with tears in her eyes and choking with wheat:

"I know you are the unparalleled beauty in my heart."

the title scene of the idol play was reached, crying on and off the stage, and only the other contestants were still immersed in the nonsensical scene.

can you still play like this?

Little Brother Qi felt half cold when he saw this scene. It must be over now, and the play was all robbed by Zhang Zhilin.

never thought of winning the game, but lost his character.

Zhang Zhilin's original words were purely to hold a belated wedding for Yuan Yongyi through this program, fearing that she would always be aggrieved.

but fans have seen through his "eating picture" early. They don't hold weddings in private when they have money and leisure. They always rely on variety shows to make up and take wedding photos.

is this the "debt" that talks about but does not act every day?

Zhang Zhilin's competition did contribute to the romance and atmosphere of the whole game, but it was unfair to other contestants.

not to mention the teammates who accompanied me all the way.

after all, you don't want to have outstanding performance and ability to deal with all aspects of the world, but you don't want to be robbed of the limelight and bonus by colleagues who pour out their grievances and tell the sad story on stage, do you?

when Brother Qi said that he wanted to send red packets to followers, it was enough to reflect his helplessness and speechlessness.

"Yuan Yongyi, it's a pity"

under the ferment of public opinion, the matter of holding a post-wedding cannot be calmed down for a long time.

even Alec Su quietly connotations on Weibo, causing public outrage.

maybe it was a serious counter-attack, and fans were so disappointed that they had no choice but to close the fan support club that had accompanied Yuan Anita for 24 years.

then Yuan Yongyi declared her position in the post about fans closing the station in Chao:

"unhappy is more and more ignorant of the online world."

maybe she really doesn't understand why the "beloved wife" and "spoiled" person who has been meticulously maintained for many years will collapse and lose face today.

since the "Buy bag" came out of the circle, the love life between Yuan Anyi and Zhang Zhilin has spread widely, even if there has been no work for many years.

the unenterprising Yuan Anyi has become an online celebrity by touching and rolling in various love variety shows in recent years.

as long as you keep showing love and revealing your emotional history, you will be able to play this emotional card with an endless stream of traffic and dividends.

Yuan Yongyi, who won the championship of Sister Hong Kong and the "most photogenic lady" at that time, was in high spirits when she entered Hong Kong for entertainment, scolded Wang Jing and offended Jackie Chan.

but by virtue of her ability to open and hang up, she won the Best New Artist Award at the first screen appearance.

then won three Academy Awards for Best Actress in three years, which is not legendary.

both "New Love" and "Golden branches and Yuye" are rare film and television works with endless aftertaste.

she is young and hot-tempered, but her hard-working acting career is still going well.

even when Hong Kong entertainment is no longer in full swing, she can switch to Taiwan TV series to shoot Mulan and The Smiling、Proud Wanderer, leaving impressive roles.

before meeting Zhang Zhilin, she was probably the sister from Hong Kong whose position was closest to Maggie Cheung.

but since falling in love and getting married, Yuan Yongyi's career seed has no longer taken root and sprouted, and movie fans will become CP fans, immersed in her love with Zhang Zhilin.

finally returned to the screen, starring in a two-female TV series "dress up", but even failed to pass the pass, and was crushed by Song Jia in terms of acting skills and lines.

Yuan Yongyi has long lost her competitiveness in the actors' arena.

it's not that she doesn't work hard enough, but that she has already given up acting.Interpretation of the career, cut seats with the film and television audience, and fond of spoiling his wife set fans, turned to the embrace of entertainment.

now the trees are falling apart, but the dividend of love is over, the hype has come to an end, and the new ideas have been lost.

Talent and strength

is the one who will never wither.

Middle-aged actresses do have great difficulties, but the shackles still need to be broken by themselves.

Hui Yinghong, who has been crawling and rolling in the entertainment industry for 40 years, can return to her post-film status after the age of 50, which is the best proof.

instead of tripping over the plight of older actresses, she will play wider and wider. She has ambitions for her acting career, so she honed herself into a "god".

can act as a big actress and become a big actress, so even if she is 62 years old, she can still be confessed by fans.

another "pretty" and "prettiest hit girl" in Hong Kong, Michelle Yeoh has the same good background and appearance as Yuen.

she gave up becoming a "vase", but chose to use the image of "beating a woman" to break out her own world in the show business.

dare to fight at the age of 22, still at the age of 60, and continue to be the heroine in Hollywood.

domestic middle-aged actresses either play their mother-in-law and mother-in-law, or plunge into middle-aged idol dramas to deceive themselves.

there are also some people who bid farewell to the screen and join the Internet celebrities and the army of traffic with goods, spending their past achievements to earn current dividends.

Michelle Yeoh and Hui Yinghong choose to embrace more possibilities and create their own multiverse.

it is true that not all stars can become good actors with everlasting fame, and there is nothing wrong with being a personal online celebrity when the tide is over.

only by entertaining the public and setting up people can not stand in front of the audience for a long time. Only works and professionalism can win eternal support and applause.

if you want to keep your value all the time, break the shackles and move on.

if you choose to "retreat" life, then calmly accept the situation of overturning and scattered traffic, dare to choose, dare to face the results.

in the entertainment circle, entertainment is dominant, with success and failure, with "high achiever" and "love" bearing the brunt.

only talent is the ultimate destination. After all, it begins with appearance, loyalty to character, and talent.

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if you want to continue to be a good protagonist, come up with praiseworthy works to move the audience and let fans applaud.

even if you can't, keep a good balance and don't lose face.

after the cp bonus has been eaten up, we still have to have the strength to continue our acting career by relying on our works.

Yuan Annie, who has both "love" and "talent", can never be eaten back.