After 43 years of asexuality, domestic violence by her husband, and blindness in his old age, how sad is the life of a film queen?
After 43 years of asexuality, domestic violence by her husband, and blindness in his old age, how sad is the life of a film queen?
This life, the fate has come to an end, the next life, please love gently.

if your husband punched and kicked you every night, what would you do?

run away? divorce? Or hire someone to kill him?

what would you do if your husband was out there messing around and having an affair?

in the case of Ms. Schilling Tree, the choices of these things all go to the other extreme-

"fall madly into this hell-style marriage and love until the other person surrenders voluntarily."

45 years.

16425 days.

394200 hours.

Ms. Schilling tree never gave up the love in her heart.

some people say that this does not seem to be done by ordinary people.

indeed, Shulin, she is not an ordinary person.

she is the meanest and warmest grandmother in Japan.

acting was an accident in her life.

in 1961, Japan held the selection of actors for the Literature seat.

A short, chubby woman with a big round face walked into the crowd.

she stood on the stage with a high voice.

"my name is Keiko Nakatani, and I am 18 years old."

"I actually wanted to be a pharmacist, but I broke a bone and missed the exam."

there was a roar of laughter.

she looks festive and performs with Japanese folk characteristics.

in this way, the Japanese troupe accepted her.

two years later, she made her debut under the name of "Youmu Qianfan".

Open the dictionary and rename yourself "Tree Xilin".

she doesn't seem to care about popularity.

I don't care if anyone likes her.

when it comes to acting, she also emphasizes that "everything goes with fate".

she does not play the role of young girl, does not play the love of dog blood, only to the "old man" role, very partial.

when she is 30, she will play the role of a 70-year-old man.

she was asked why.

she said, "if you play an old lady, you don't have to move, you don't have to talk too much, and you don't want to remember your lines."

in her later acting career, she continued to play the role of "old man" to the end.

has completely become a "Japanese imperial mother-in-law".

Mom in the Tower of Tokyo,

Grandma in the Thieves Family,

Grandma of the protagonist in the villain,

the grandmother of Shibumi, the protagonist in the Messenger.

her life is destined to be accompanied by "old".

is also destined to be more open-minded than ordinary people.

the director is Zhiyu and has worked with her 6 times, each time highly praised.

"I'm afraid only a tree Xilin can show his mother's harshness in a non-annoying way."

therefore, young journalists often ask her, "what do you think of old age and death?"

she rolled her eyes quietly.

said calmly, "I don't know. I'm not old and I'm not dead."

when the other party looked embarrassed, Shu Xilin added:

"think about it for yourself."

as an elder, do you have any advice for young people when asked?

she is as frank and frank as ever.

"if I were a young man, I wouldn't listen to the old man talking nonsense here."

her humor can always poke people's hearts and reveal the truth of life.

but, it is such a free and easy woman, still lost to love.

in 1973, Shulin met Yuya Uchida, an old rock gun with curly hair.

Uchida's character of going her own way instantly ignited her.

outside the set, they only caught a glimpse of each other and fell into each other.

in the eyes of Shilling, "this man is so cool."

dare to speak, dare to sing, dare to perform.

this destructive power deeply attracted the tree Xilin.

even if there was a danger approaching, she could not extricate herself.

after dating for five months, they went to register for marriage.

when they took wedding photos, they were wearing jeans and Shulin was holding a bouquet of flowers in their hands.

they didn't care about the eyes of the world, and they went to take half-naked group photos.

at that time, they acted crazy, their hearts were hot, and they were surrounded by love.

Shulin, an actor, was scolded for being "too ugly".

after Uchida also knew, he found out the man and beat him up.

their love spread throughout the entertainment circle.

everyone praised them as the "coolest couple".

until they lived together after marriage, everything came to an abrupt end.

after marriage, Uchida also vented more destructive power on Shulin.

"if you go to bed in the middle of the night, there will be wine bottles thrown over."

the tree Xilin was stunned when he was smashed for the first time.

she had to wonder, "what's going on?"

but she hasn't got the answer yet.

Uchida also punched her again.

they can't have peace of mind after two years of marriage.Sit down angrily and say more than three words.

fighting and quarrelling loudly have become the norm in this family.

even the hardware store owner near his home asks Xilin in doubt:

"Why does your family always buy kitchen knives?"

she was silent.

later, Shulin's ribs were broken.

she ran away and called the police many times, and the local police already knew their stories.

the marriage finally ended violently two years later.

trees Schilling moved out of the house.

maybe they think that distance can ease the relationship and go back to the beginning.

but the opposite is true.

Uchida also cheated openly and openly after the separation.

Life is a mess.

as an actor, Schilling was disgraced by her husband.

everyone is waiting for Ms. Schilling to escape from the abyss.

and she was unmoved.

even her daughter is asking, "how can that be?"

surprisingly, it was Yuya Uchida who was the first to end the marriage.

Ms. Schilling insisted on a divorce.

in her mind, this is another layer of punishment for her husband.

"I heard that he has a new girlfriend. If I yell with jealousy, he may be able to live a smart and complacent life."

so she has been reluctant to let go all these years.

she smiled and said to her husband, "you lost the case."

that gesture is very much like the winner of the marriage struggle.

in this relationship, it seems that one side wins and the other loses, but in fact it hurts both sides.

my heart is broken.

Uchida also fled and went to Hawaii.

"Ms. Schilling, why don't you get a divorce? You're the victim. "

the old man who has experienced many vicissitudes will answer:

"maybe outsiders think I'm the victim, but in fact, I'm very grateful to Uchida."

when she was young, Ms. Schilling was also a person with a fierce personality.

she has a strange temper and doesn't like to socialize with others.

therefore, she has lived in self-doubt for a long time.

until Uchida appeared, she suddenly realized:

"there are people who are more intense than me, and I am normal."

the haze that has been confused for a long time in life dissipates in this way.

this excuse sounds more like a mockery.

in the final analysis, it is still "love makes people embarrassed".

Ms. Schilling once regretted meeting her husband:

"I just wish I would never meet him again in my next life."

"because I meet again in the afterlife, I will still fall in love with him and live an awkward life again."

45 years of marriage, 43 years of separation.

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in the eyes of the audience, this relationship is a joke.

their existence makes each other embarrassed.

when old age is approaching, the restless soul gradually calms down.

at the age of 60, Ms. Schilling had retinal detachment and blindness in her left eye.

her family sent her to the hospital for treatment, but she disagreed.

the reason is that "there are so many dark sides of the outside world that I don't need or want to see it."

two years later, bad luck came again.

she has breast cancer.

the right breast was removed by surgery, but within a few years the cancer spread to the whole body.

she finally realized that she was really ill.

time is running out. What else needs to be done?

Ms. Schilling has a name that can't be put down in her heart-Unoda.

Ms. Schilling contacted her husband Uchida by fax.

tell about the grudges and grudges over the years.

when Uchida learned that his wife had cancer, he ran to Ms. Schilling's house three or two days ago.

"We haven't talked so well face to face in decades."

"this can be regarded as the benefit of illness."

Ms. Schilling thought to herself.

they are old and no longer want to quarrel.

they are all sick and need more snuggling.

this argument between husband and wife for many years has gradually come to an end in the face of birth, old age, sickness and death.

I heard that Ms. Schilling kept saying "I want to see Uchida" before she left.

"you are beautiful. I used to think you were beautiful. "

the rock veteran once swore his determination on social software:

"KK (Ms. Schilling)! I don't want to be a jerk forever. I will make up my mind to change one day. "

it's just that it's too late.

the love of youth sparks everywhere.

if you are not careful, you will burn each other.

as we grow old, we finally understand the importance of each other in our lives.

things have changed and times have changed.

A year after Ms. Schilling's death, Uchida left with his wife.Yes.

on his deathbed, he thought about the passing Ms. Schilling and kept saying:

it is said that people will see the person they love most before they die.

in the hearts of the world, the 45-year love between the two old men is more like a fierce battle.

in fact, although they have the most violent collision.

but it is because of this collision that makes each other deeply embedded in life.

can't help it.