After 11 years of marriage, Deng Chao finally revealed his true face, netizens: love Sun Li …...
After 11 years of marriage, Deng Chao finally revealed his true face, netizens: love Sun Li …...
In their love, there is no magnificent deed, only the tenderness of the long stream.

"Mr. Deng, it's changed."

some time ago, many people were scared by Sun Li's Weibo.

at first glance, I thought that the marriage of the two had changed, but I found that the empress was secretly poking and showing her love again.

Deng Chao in the picture is either walking the dog and taking care of the baby outside or seriously practicing calligraphy at the table.

there is no lively and funny in the past, but there is more maturity and Buddhism.

without careful observation, it is even difficult to associate the person in the photo with Deng Chao.

after 11 years of marriage, Deng Chao has indeed changed, but his change has long been a harbinger.

many people know that Sun Li is famous for keeping good health. She not only strictly requires herself to go to bed early and get up early every day, but also proficient in calligraphy, yoga, flower arrangement and other skills.

in a program, Deng Chao joked: "you will be lonely in the future. I leave early, so you have to give me some."

now, under the influence of Sun Li, Deng Chao has also opened the mode of health preservation.

after eating this wave of dog food, some people teased that Deng Chao gradually became "Li", while others said bluntly that they envied their love.

the good things in the world are not strong, and the colored clouds are easy to disperse and the glass is brittle.

in a place full of temptations in the entertainment industry, too many feelings can't stand the test.

at a time when celebrity couples are on and off, they have been quietly working together for more than a decade.

and the reason why their relationship is getting better and better has something to do with their mode of getting along with each other.

Sun Li and Deng Chao have always been known as model couples in the entertainment industry. Every time they attend together, their faces are always covered with happiness.

but what many people don't know is that the former Sun Li is an unmarried man.

in Sun Li's memories of childhood, most of them are pictures of two parents quarreling.

looking at her desperate and crying mother, she comforted:

"Don't be sad, Mom. I won't get married anyway. I'll spend the rest of my life with you."

her father's abandonment made Sun Li stronger and made her no longer believe in love.

in 2005, Sun Li met Deng Chao while filming Happiness like Flowers.

recalling the process of their acquaintance, Deng Chao said: sun Li was very good in the crew. I think I just fell in love with this kind of quiet feeling at that time.

at that time, in order to amuse Sun Li, Deng Chao often ignored his image and did funny moves in the crew.

while Sun Li was filming, he watched quietly.

but even if he was fond of Deng Chao, Sun Li refused in the face of Deng Chao's confession.

for fear of being hurt emotionally, Sun Li did not dare to face it, let alone accept it.

finally, under the guidance of Deng Chao's mother, Sun Licai let go of his worries and came together with Deng Chao.

at that time, the two were the best couple on the screen. After the relationship was exposed, it also attracted everyone's attention.

however, Sun Li is extremely negative about the expectations of the outside world: "the higher the frame, the worse the fall."

this rational to cold answer, did not deal a blow to Deng Chao's confidence, he firmly asked: "Why did you fall?"

he can understand Sun Li's inner trauma and has been giving Sun Li sense of security with action.

Sun Li keeps all her hobbies in mind, her favorite animals, favorite dishes, favorite dolls.

since he has never cooked, he will get up early and boil eggs for Sun Li.

Deng Chao once said: "what Sun Li needs most is love. I always miss her wherever I go."

it was this pity that gradually healed the trauma of Sun Li's original family.

someone said, "We are bound to meet someone in our lives who breaks your principles, changes your habits and becomes your exception."

this could not be more appropriate for Sun Li.

Sun Li didn't think about getting married when she met Deng. After they fell in love, Sun Li was full of expectations for marriage.

in 2011, the love between Sun Li and Deng Chao came to fruition, and they walked into the hall of marriage hand in hand under the witness of their relatives and friends.

the sweetness of passionate love lasted until after marriage through the efforts of the two.

but what is different from ordinary couples is that in the process of getting along, they often break up each other and send ugly photos to each other.

once, Sun Li compared the photos before and after Deng Chao was released on Weibo.

see Sun Li hit so "ruthless", Deng Chao is not to be outdone, P map Sun Li black out of a new height.

when Sun Li said, "you've put on weight," Deng Chao was angry and immediately went back on Weibo.

I have to say, this couple is so funny.

but what is hidden behind the joke is their sincere and warm love.

some people say that marriage is the grave of love, the passion will fade and the novelty will disappear, but they manage their mundane life after marriage in their own unique way.

however, when things happen, both of them can stand behind each other firmly and become each other's backing.

in 2020, Sun Li nominated the Magnolia Award and finally missed the award.

at this time, Deng Chao immediately sent comfort and encouragement:

"Mr. Sun, Magnolia is not in bloom this season, so you can only find the flower.Close it, and wait for you to be my heroine when you get home. "

then, she specially took her daughter to greet her home ceremoniously.

although she did not win the prize, for Sun Li, the warmth was enough to offset the regret of losing the election.

Sun Li responded to his unconditional support.

some people questioned Deng Chao's ability to direct, and Sun Li immediately made public




"directing this profession, I really think it is the hardest job in the world. I don't know why he is so keen on being a director and is so serious." At that time, I really thought he was super charming and so talented! "

words are full of worship and trust.

when Deng Chao goes to filming in other places, she will come to him from other places to help him pack his bags, classify them and label them in advance.

what is more enviable is that in addition to breaking up each other, the two often express their love for each other on Weibo.

when it comes to praising his wife, Deng Chao has never lost, and all kinds of love words come out:

"Sun Li, you are the best actress in my heart.

Sun Li, you are like the moon in the sky, but also like the twinkling stars.

Sun Li, your whole body is filled with the pure feelings of a girl and the elegant demeanor of youth. "

Sun Li, who has always been praised, can also understand Deng Chao's hard work.


in Sun Li's Weibo, 1/4 are filming, 1/4 are children, 1/4 are soaking feet, and 1/4 are Deng Chao.


in their love, there is no magnificent deed, only the tenderness of a long stream of water.

I remember that when the two first got married, the rumors of "loving couple" and "superficial husband and wife" never stopped.

now, they have made the most beautiful counterattack with action.

from acquaintance to acquaintance, from love to marriage, they have survived the itch of seven years, and today they are still as sweet as passionate love.

after getting married, the two soon had a son and a daughter with Xiaohua.

Sun Li said that Deng Chao's change began in the first second of the baby's birth.

"before having children, Deng Chao would never sleep until midnight and would have dinner and chat with friends every night.

now, he can't get out every day, and in his mind, there is nothing more important than eating and chatting with his children.

even if you are so tired that you can fall asleep in the middle of eating, you have to be with the children. "

as an actor, Deng Chao's job is not easy, but he still spends a lot of time laughing and playing with his children.

Children say they want to eat Pan-Fried Bun Stuffed with Pork and learn right away.

Children want to draw and willingly serve as a drawing board for their children;

in order to be with the children, he even threatened to take a break!

in an interview, Sun Li said:

"this father must be a good father. He has many bright spots in taking care of his children. When he finishes work at three or four o'clock in the morning, he always gets up at seven and sends the children to kindergarten."

after the two children fell asleep at night, they often looked at the children and exclaimed, "it's so cute, how can it be so cute?"

"because of love, he lived in Shanghai, ate light and healthy food, tried to go to bed early and get up early, do exercise together, and pick up the children."

he is changing all the time, for his family.

now we go to bed early and get up early every day, drink Pu'er together, he reads, I write, bask in the sun, and talk about ideals. He likes to be a director, and I like the ideal life of being an actor. "

the personalities and habits of the two are so different,



even the opposite.

they never asked each other to change, but before they knew it, they both lived to appreciate each other the most.

she can catch his funny humor.

Sun Li, with a cold personality, is becoming more and more smiling now.

her self-discipline and health care gradually changed him.

Deng Chao, who used to live a "mole" life, also began to work and rest regularly.

think of the way couples get along with each other written by the writer Gibran:

"Love each other, but do not make the chains of love; surrender your heart, but not in the custody of the other person."

there has never been a perfect relationship in the world. If marriage wants to go long, it needs understanding, tolerance and growth besides love.

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, bless Deng Chao and Sun Li, hope their happiness has been blooming like flowers, and hope everyone can meet their own happiness.