Advice for the next 3 years: recognize yourself, invest in yourself, and stabilize yourself
Advice for the next 3 years: recognize yourself, invest in yourself, and stabilize yourself
No matter how the future changes, there will be more choices in a prepared life.

some people say that the only constant in the world is change.

Yes, in this rapidly changing world, nothing lasts forever.

No one can accurately predict what the future will look like, nor can he keep a firm grip on his or her own life.

so, how should we deal with the uncertainty of our future life?

here are a few pieces of advice for the next 3 years, which I hope will make you think:

recognize yourself

I have heard a sentence:

you can never earn money beyond your knowledge, unless you rely on luck, but the money earned by luck will often be lost due to lack of strength in the end.

you will find:

every penny we earn is, to a large extent, a realization of our perception of the world;

and every penny we lose is most likely because we have a defective understanding of the world.

the lack of understanding here includes two aspects: overestimating oneself or underestimating the environment.

but either way, you don't really recognize yourself.

fail to recognize the boundaries of their abilities, blindly optimistic about the external environment, rush into areas where they do not understand or have little knowledge, and the result of losing money can be imagined.

someone on the Internet asked: "what do you know about the poor experience of investing in stocks?"

one of the netizens said something like this:

I find that people who do well in stocks and big businesses all have one thing in common:

they are all honest with themselves.

I don't know if they lie to others, but they basically don't lie to themselves.

what is your position, a few jin or two, your own strategy, risk tolerance, cash flow planning, on the whole, the logic must be self-consistent.

everyone wants to make a lot of money, make quick money, and give their families and themselves a comfortable living environment.

but not everyone has the luck to get rich overnight, and they don't have the capital and strength to keep making a lot of money.

the correct way for a person to walk in the world is to recognize the boundaries of his own abilities, to understand how many pounds he is, and not to do things beyond his cognition and ability.

as the writer Yang Jiang said:

"No matter where you go up in life, there are people looking up at you, and there are people looking down at you."

you look up with inferiority and complacency.

only by looking at yourself can you see who you really are.

people are self-aware.

see the world clearly, recognize yourself clearly, neither overestimate yourself nor belittle yourself.

when you do your best, you should also do what you can.

because looking up at the starry sky is based on being down-to-earth.

and the premise of making money is to keep the money first.

stabilize yourself

I like a passage in People's Daily very much:

when you are so stressed that you are about to collapse, don't tell others, and don't feel aggrieved. No one will love you.

as Yu Hua said: in the dead of night, take out your heart, sew and mend it yourself, and then sleep and wake up full of confidence.

whether no one is interested or not, you should try to calm down and do what you have to do, instead of letting worry and anxiety destroy your lack of enthusiasm and concentration.

the heart can be broken, the hand can not stop, what to do, in the collapse to move on, this is the accomplishment of an adult.

in this strange world, no one can live a smooth life.

grievances will be encountered at work, and there will be all kinds of sadness and sadness in life.

but no matter how hard the days are and how our hearts break down, we still have to stand firm, quietly dry our tears and move on.

because we are the support of our parents and the backing of our children, we have no choice but to turn back.

therefore, we can only hold on, endure, stabilize ourselves in panic, and strive to move forward in the midst of collapse.

and steady, which means everything behind it.

backstage received a reader message:

at the age of 14, she was 44.

the subsidiaries were merged and reorganized, and her position was adjusted from manager to supervisor.

it's just an after-service life, and it's not as smooth as you thought.

leaving the workplace that she has been familiar with for more than 20 years and starting looking for a job again, coupled with the age of 44, she has repeatedly hit a brick wall.

in the days when she couldn't find a job, she was depressed, lost morale, sleepless all night, and was full of confusion about life.

this state lasted for 3 months.

later, she was determined to make a change, starting with a shopping guide in a service supermarket, a cashier and a tallyman, and engaged in heavy manual labor.

over the past year and a half, she has improved her sleep and exercised her body and will.

, she went to a private school to apply for an executive principal. After two years, she jumped into the real estate industry.

now she, 52, has retired.

with a pension and the rent of several houses, the monthly income has already exceeded that of when I left that year.The income of the manager.

at the end of the message, she sighed:

Life can take twists and turns everywhere, as long as you constantly practice your soul, first ensure that you can live in good physical and mental health, keep your heart at peace, and keep your feet on the ground, everything will be possible.

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No one's life is plain sailing, we always go through several big winds and waves.

when the wind and waves hit, what we have to do is not to panic or be depressed, but to stabilize ourselves first.

the more difficult it is, the more you have to calm down and let yourself go.

believe that the stars shine when the sky is dark to a certain extent.

hold on, get through it, and everything will be all right.

invest in yourself

there is a concept called U-disk survival.

roughly means that once the working situation changes, you can plug into the next computer at any time, like a flash drive, and you can immediately put it into the new working state without buffering.

admit it, there are no stable jobs in this world, only stable ability to make a living.

the real stability is not that you work in a company until you retire, but that you have the ability to make a living no matter where you live.

when the tide of survival strikes, your ability to make a living is your lifebuoy.

so, what I want to say is:

there is no absolute stability in life. Your knowledge, experience, experience, skills and so on are the foundation for you to settle down.

setting up the concept of lifelong learning, constantly investing in yourself and giving yourself the ability to make a stable living is the strongest way for a person to cope with the future.

there is a good saying on the Internet:

"the best investment in life is not the house, not the stock, but yourself."

investing in yourself is the only business in the world that can break even.

whether it is work or life, they are their own best backing, the greatest capital.

only by constantly improving and improving ourselves can we shoulder our responsibilities to our family and withstand the ups and downs of life.

remember that in the movie 1942, there is a line:

Fan Dianyuan, the former employer played by Zhang Guoli, said to his foreman when his family broke up and died:

when I get to Shaanxi and stand on my feet, it will be easy.

in less than ten years, your uncle and I are still the owner, and then we'll come back.

you see, people who have the ability to make a stable living are so confident.

despite the changes in the outside world, wind and rain, I have the courage and strength to cope with the future.

the only thing we can do is to keep investing in ourselves and add value to ourselves.

make yourself strong and unassailable.

at this point, I want to share

sentence award words:

"We have 1 million reasons to be vigilant, but not one to enjoy peace."

risks and uncertainties will always exist in the next 3 years or 10 years.

while enjoying the comfort and beauty of life, we should also open up more possibilities for the future and life.

Don't let life teach you to grow, but take the initiative to do something that is conducive to long-term development and sustained value-added.

there is a saying like this:

"what you expect will often not happen if you don't make every effort;

things you worry about will always come if you are not prepared. "

but please believe:

No matter how the future changes, there will be more choices in a prepared life.

encourage each other!